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Robert Parish’s 1986 championship ring is up for auction

The Chief is selling his 1986 championship ring. The current high-bid is $18K.

This size 13, 14k gold player’s ring weighs 39 grams. The top panel reads “BOSTON CELTICS WORLD CHAMPIONS” surrounding a green enameled shamrock logo and a diamond encrusted Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Fifteen smaller round-cut diamonds make up the base and a .33-carat round-cut diamond sits at the top. The ring has a total diamond weight of approximately .50 carats. The right panel reads “PARISH” in relief above a casted image of the Celtics leprechaun logo, “16 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS” and another banner that reads “PRIDE”. The left panel reads “1986” and features a laurelled and green enameled NBA logo along with another banner that reads “TEAMWORK”. The inside of the ring is stamped “LGB 14K”. The ring is in MINT condition and is accompanied by a LOA from Hall of Famer Robert Parish.

Parish auctioned his 1981 championship ring in May. It fetched $45K.

This is sad.  A legend like Robert Parish shouldn’t have to sell memorabilia.

Shouldn’t he have a job for life with the Celtics organization?

If you have $20K in cash to throw around, you’ll need to move quickly – the auction ends on Wednesday.

Here’s a closer look at the ring:

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  • LAF

    totally baffled here. how the hell does this happen?

    • Don’t Know Basket

      Easy…temptation and bad choices in life….

  • Astarot

    Yeah you’re right it’s sad. I know the contracts in the 80s were nowhere near today’s money but that should never happen. The franchise should take care of it’s legends maybe even the NBA should set up some kind of fund for the former players they got ton of money.

  • screaming jay

    any chance we can get the background story here? Is there some unusual reason for him selling his rings? I can’t believe the Chief has become impoverished. Some wealthy NBA player should buy it from him and let him keep the ring.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Parish got $45,000 for his 1981 ring.

  • RedsLoveChild

    It`s no great secret that Parish has had a long standing alcohol and marijuana problem.

    Maybe the price of Chivas Regal has gone up?

    Chief`s lack of conditioning was a key reason why an ancient 38 year old Abdul-Jabbar was able to average 26 PPG {61% FG} in the `85 Finals.

    • dk

      I was too young to watch that series but I always thought his conditioning, fitness martial arts etc. was the secret to his longevity…granted he wasn’t very fast but at least durable no?

    • screaming jay

      I’ve never heard he had a “problem.” I did hear that he got busted for weed once, that sure as hell doesn’t constitute a problem, other than legal. I never heard anything about Chief and alcohol.

      • RedsLoveChild

        In 1991, Parish was quoted in SI by saying, “It took me 15 years to realize that alcohol dehydrates the body.”

        Guys will sometimes sell rings/awards without necessarily needing the cash. Some jocks are not overly sentimental.

        They`ve looked at those items long enough, and would simply prefer turning them into cash.

    • J

      He played 1,611 games over 21 seasons. The most ever by any player in history. I think he was in great condition.

  • PicturePlanet

    I’ve heard marijuana isn’t too expensive.

    • screaming jay

      especially if you have a green thumb

  • Mike

    I always thought they start getting retirement at like age 55? How old is the chief?

  • Mike

    I just looked up my own question. NBA players start receiving pension at 50. They receive $306 for every month played in the NBA. Parish played 240 months which totals $73,440/yr in pension. An NBA player also has the option to start pension at 45yrs old but would only receive 2/3 of what would be received at age 50. If he started his pension at 45 he would be getting $49,000 per year. Either of those salaries should be plenty! Sad sad day

  • aaron

    he made $24.5 million in his career in contracts… no idea what his endorsements were, but lets add another $5mil over his career. agent and taxes take half. that means he still made $15 mil after taxes over 13 (?) seasons. no excuses why he should be broke unless he has a drug/gambling/alcohol problem.

  • jim

    Chris Wilcox middle finger the to philly kiss cam cost more then this, poor chief theres no reason you should be broke unless your stupid or a druggy

  • jim

    id buy it, melt it, and make a grill out of it .swag.

    • Drew

      It should be against the law for people like you to speak.

      • Handsome

        Negro’s..go figure

        • J

          Racist boston people as usual.

        • jim

          i blame the jews

  • joe

    The reason he was called Chief he was always with the peace pipe of the green

    • J

      He got his nickname after chief bromden from the movie one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Cedric maxwell gave it to him for his stoic nature.

  • Chief

    It would be a sad state of affairs if he’s selling it because he’s broke,I hope he’s not, would love to own it anyway.

  • tyler

    This is messed up. I smoke weed on Friday $ Saturday nights yet I still kick ass with my grades at Boston College as an undergrad student. You just gotta know time management.

  • They all make too much money and are catered to all their careers, I do not feel sorry form him he dug his own grave.

  • jim

    my man looks like tyrone hill now

  • Jester00

    I could buy it at 20 k but it would be like banging a hot midget prostitute sure you banged a hot migdet but you didn’t earn it

  • G Money

    Drinking and smoking was def an issue with him but he played a long time so i’d suspect it impacted his wallet more than his play. One thing not mentioned here is the woman…he had many many woman and we all know they are expensive. One young hottie from stockholm I happen to know well, she was a BU grad student at the time. He was a big spender on the ladies…