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Video: absolutely, positively the worst free throw ever taken

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 9, 2012 Humor 4 Comments

Via Deadspin

Congratulations, Brian Okam.  That’s basketball’s worst ever serious free throw attempt.   It literally didn’t even make it half way there.

Just… horrible.

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  • Astarot

    WOW!! I mean WOW!!!!!. You’re right THE WORST EVER. Made you laugh but as you noticed ‘horrible’ absolutely horrible. Nowhere near half way maybe 1/3. Gotta have real talent to do something like that.

  • screaming jay

    My bet is that the guy did it on purpose trying to get a video to viral. If he sucks, he wouldn’t give a damn about looking bad, and if he is a good player the extra views he gets, for all of his game, would be worth having one REALLY bad video.

    No way anybody shoots that bad.

  • C’s#1Fan

    Wow i almost choke eating a grill chicken sandwich when i saw this. Omg in all my life watching Basketball i have never seeing anything like that…lol.

  • RedsLoveChild

    This looks intentional.

    The App State coach should have immediately pulled him from the game AND revoked his scholarship!