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Your Morning Dump… Where the final shot was designed for Kevin Garnett

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I should have taken the lay-up,” Rondo said. “But I tried to make a plant and just slipped.”

Said Garnett: “I thought he had the lay-up. It was just unfortunate. I was indecisive. I should have been more aggressive in that situation.”

After the game, C’s coach Doc Rivers said that Garnett was the player the Celtics wanted to take that final shot.

“But he saw Rondo cutting,” Rivers said. “I didn’t see it yet, so I don’t really know what happened because it looked like Kevin had the shot. We had him deep, right where we wanted him.”

“He should probably always shoot it,” Rivers said of Garnett. “But if he thought a guy had a lay-up, then he made the right decision. Tough loss, though. I thought we played hard all game. Didn’t necessarily play well, but we played hard, and I’ll take that.”


Like Donny Marshall, I  don’t have a problem with KG passing off to Rajon Rondo on last night’s final play. Rondo was open. Garnett had a good defensive player – Lavoy Allen – on his back. A turnaround by KG would have been closely contested.

I also don’t have a problem with Rondo taking the final shot in regulation. He’s fairly consistent from that range. I hear a lot of people chirping that Paul Pierce should be the one to take that shot. The Truth has made his fair share of game winners, but he’s also missed a ton.

I prefer the Celtics have options on potentially game-winning and game-tying possessions. They have a lot of weapons. Use them.

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Courtney Lee continues to be a like-able guy, even though he’s laying bricks all over the court. Last night, he airballed a wide-open 23-footer that would have sealed the win:

“I know Doc [Rivers] talked to the media and probably said it was unfair that I was sitting like 12 minutes [before the shot], but it doesn’t matter,” Lee said. “NBA players get paid to play this game. At least, I should have hit the rim and given us a chance to get the offensive rebound. I didn’t do that so I’m very disappointed in myself.

“I know when I took the shot, I was stiff so I overshot it to try to make sure it got there. But I put a little too much oomph in it. I have to be able to make the shot or hit the rim, at least.”

Lee shot 40% from three the past two seasons. He’s shooting 26% this season.

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  • DD

    I continue to see a lot of good signs. Little things here and there that will pay off in time. I’ve watched to much basketball over the past 30 yrs to think it won’t come together. Gorman said 30 games and I agree.

  • andyPR

    I liked Celtics defense last night…tough loss..but hey! JET 1/12 and we still managed to come to a TO and to a last wining shot decision…
    I see this Celtics team with a much better chance than last year’s…fun game to watch though!

  • Brick James

    why is no one talking about the play at the end of regulation? another Rondo jumper. it shouldn’t have even gone to OT.

  • Drew

    I have a huge problem with Pierce not taking the last shot. People are over analyzing this. It’s very simple. Pierce is known for last possession/game winning shots, Rondo isn’t. Don’t fix something that’s not broken.

    • Brick James


    • DD

      So basically never have anyone else take the last shot. So that way teams can game plan against it and make sure Pierce doesn’t get his iso. Question? If Rondo get going and scored the game winner on a layup would you be railing against the play call?

      • Brick James

        Pierce has been taking the final shot for 13 years. No one has figured out a way to stop him from getting his looks yet.

        The hypothetical argument is bogus. Rondo missed not one but two opportunities to end the game. Of course no one would be complaining if we won, but we didn’t. What’s your point?

      • Drew

        Yes, never have anyone else take the last shot. Rondo is now 0-3 when trying to win the game with a jump shot. It doesn’t work.

        • LAF

          But Rondo is a BEAST, Drew! A triple double machine! MVP!

          • Drew

            It’s not Rondos job to win games on last possession shots. If you can make an argument as to why he should be taking them, I’m all ears. Some people’s games aren’t highlighted by being able to make last second shots. Sounds to me like you’re holding him to a Jordan/Kobe standard.

          • LAF

            Given that one of the greatest shotmakers of our time left the team largely because Rondo backstabbed him, and given that it was Rondo who touted the Terry/Lee combo as being better for the team than “That Guy” yet is still unable to mesh their games with his own, and given that Rondo thinks this is his team, that he’s the best player, that he’s an MVP candidate, OF COURSE Rondo should be held accountable for everything!

            If LeBron James had completely botched the last plays the way Rondo did, I believe you’d be listing 100 reasons why he’s a loser right about now.

            No. I’m not defending That Queen. Just saying we have our own Queen on the C’s. This era’s Antoine Walker if you will. The frontrunner of our generation.

          • LAF

            Oh. What did I tell you about those jumpers Rondo’s burying this year? Didn’t I tell you that he scores when it’s not needed but completely DISAPPEARS when the game’s on the line? Uh huh. FRONTRUNNER!

          • Drew

            Any knowledgable basketball fan realizes Rondo won’t win an MVP. Like I’ve said before, he’d have to average 18/7/13 to even get consideration. You need to quit with the sarcastic MVP chants man, it’s the most annoying troll crap I can think of. There are a lot of basketball half wits that comment on this blog who watch too much ESPN and hero worship flashy players. For the most part, Reds Army viewers aren’t dumb and can see past what ESPN tells you to think. We don’t need a troll reminding us every 5 seconds of flaws we can CLEARLY see ourselves. Give it a rest already. Rondo is a diamond in the rough. He’s 26 years old. His jump shot is getting better, his assist numbers are up(which is what a pg does). Do you want him to wake up and be a complete player over night?

      • Drew

        And yeah, like Brick James said, that’s a bogus argument. He didn’t make the lay up. He slipped, then failed.

  • It’ll be interesting to see how the Celtics will perform tonight, there’ll be some tired legs in KG, Terry & especially in Pierce, he played a ton of minutes last night. Also, I like what I’m seeing from Green, if I’m not mistaken I think it’s the 3rd time in the last 4 games that he has scored in double digits, hopefully he can keep that consistency.

    • LAF

      Like Magic mentioned on ESPN last night, Green should be scoring double digits in transition alone. But that’s hard to do when you have a fatally flawed PG who won’t advance the ball. Dribble dribble dribble.

      At least Rondo’s got another 10+assist streak going. Last night was his two in a row!

      Rondo is a beast, y’all!

  • Jaedre

    I like Rondo an im all for him having the confidence of taking the last shot but he missed the last shot of regulation so why not let someone else take the last shot of OT? Smh and what about that AIR BALL!!!?!

    • Jason Zimelman

      Unbelievable. Pierce is great, but I’d like to see his % on end of half and end of game opportunities. I’m sure it’s not good. I love that doc drew up a play for kg. I love that kg saw a better opportunity fo rondo. Just need to finish.