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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s might have miscalculated on Barbosa

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The Celtics are dealing with two big issues,” the scout said. “They’re waiting for Avery Bradley to come back [he’s expected to return later this month after undergoing surgery on both shoulders]. They need him because they don’t have a backup point guard. Instead of signing Leandro Barbosa, I was surprised they didn’t go for a guy like Jannero Pargo, who at least can handle the point. If [coach] Doc Rivers and [GM] Danny Ainge were being totally honest, I think they would admit they miscalculated on that one. There are nights when Rajon Rondo gives them 42 to 46 minutes, but there are other nights when they need to give him 10 minutes of rest — and that’s a lot of minutes to fill when you don’t have a true point guard to run your team. Teams have been taking advantage of that when Rondo has been on the bench.”

Sports Illustrated

We’ve seen a couple of different Leandro Barbosas so far this season.  There’s the Barbosa who stunned us by scoring 16 points in 16 minutes off the bench against Miami to start the season, making us think the Celtics got a steal with their last-minute offseason signing.  And there’s the Barbosa who was swarmed by the Nets, who attacked him and the Celtics with a full court press and blew a game open (prior to Rondo’s ejection).

Rajon Rondo went to the bench in that game with the Celtics down 24-20 with :48 left in the first quarter.  He returned at the 7:15 mark with the Nets up 41-26… which was a nice little 17-6 run for Brooklyn.  I’m not sure Jannero Pargo is the answer for all (or part) of what ails the Celtics, but there is little doubt that the Celtics see a serious drop off when Rondo leaves the floor.

Is Avery Bradley going to fix that?  I don’t think so.  I can’t wait to see what the Celtics are going to do to use Bradley as the back up.  The only thing I can think of is starting him, pulling him early, and then re-inserting him for Rondo later.  I’ve said a million times… I don’t want to see him on the bench as THE backup for Rondo.  That’s not where he’s been successful.  He should be a starter along side Rondo.  That’s what’s best for the team.

Since we’re here, let’s see what this scout’s second issue is for the Celtics:

“The other issue is Jeff Green. When he was playing great in the preseason, it was huge for them that he was carrying their second unit. The Celtics are trying to take pressure off Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but to do that they need their bench to be great. Green was supposed to be great and he hasn’t been so far. But I do think he’ll get better over the course of the year, and the Celtics will be a stronger team in the postseason than they’ll show during the regular season”

Green is showing some improvement lately.  He’s definitely a guy we need to be patient with.  We’re not even at the quarter pole of this NBA season… it’ll take time.

Follow the link to read this guy’s take on KG and Bass.  It’s interesting stuff.

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  • Curt

    So one team ran a full court press on them and all of a sudden Barbosa lost the game for us? I understand that Brooklyn whipped out asses, but does that really mean Barbosa shouldn’t be on the team?

    Think about Nate Robinson winning a game for us in the playoffs, or Big Baby before that (when KG was suspended against Miami). We need guys on the bench who can take over the game every once in a while (at least one). You’re telling me that between Lee and JET (if we still have them both) we can’t run a second string offense when a team is trapping and pressing?

    • If you read the rest of the post… I say there are 2 Barbosas, and one is the guy that got pressed and was bad.

      • Curt

        I read that, and appreciate your objectivity John. I really do. The post was still made, and it’s fine to question these issues. But even in the description of the first Barbosa you’re showing that you don’t think he isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. – “…making us think the Celtics got a steal…”

        If we trade Barbosa, then we HAVE to get a PG so that AB can do what he does with Rondo. I agree. I think most would agree that we need Gortat or someone like him more than a replacement for Barbosa.

        All I see here is a case that Barbosa isn’t getting it done. So Boston should replace him?

      • Garnett’s Grl

        I think we can all say that the whole team has two or more sides that we see each time they play so why single out one player???????

        • eddysamson

          KG is like the only one who you cant say that about. He puts down almost the same exact stats every night, its nuts.

          • Curt

            Darko was putting down the same stats every night too!

          • Garnett’s Grl

            Your right, KG’s on point most nights but sometimes he goes cold and can’t hit it in the ocean just like the rest of the team….I’m just sayn????

  • Cal

    Miscalculated on Barbosa? The Celtics have been dysfunctional thus far. Barbosa is not the problem of the Celtics many struggles. During the Garnett era the Celtics never had a legit back up pg, but they managed. Suddenly back-up PG issues is the problem. Avery Bradley is not going to solve the C’s PG hole. Bradley is a combo guard not a PG.

    The Celtics real issues are rebounding, size, interior defense and lack of urgency. The Celtics are small at every position and those issues have to be addressed or the C’s are in big trouble.

    • eddysamson

      Per HoopData, with a Defensive Rebound Rate of 74.27, the Celtics rank as the 5th best team in the NBA

      • eddysamson

        taken from the twitter thing over there ->

    • RedsLoveChild

      Barbosa is “instant offense” off the bench, well worth having around. Eddie House filled a similar role in 2008 with his 3-pointers.

      Instead of being so obsessed with replacing Ray Allen {bringing in Terry, Lee, Barbosa}….Ainge should have been more obsessed with replacing Perkins.

      Getting big men was the problem that should have been his main focus, but for some reason wasn`t.

  • Frank

    Ah excuse me but when Bradley comes back as a starter Jason Terry will be the back up point guard. He had 11 assists against the bucks during Rondos suspension.

    • Josh

      Correct. Lee/Terry combo turned out to be a great duo together. They will easily handle the second unit

  • Celtic Geezer

    What’s with you guys? We’re paying this guy the minimum salary. He isn’t costing us anything and has clearly given us a net plus. He was the last guy picked up to help us and he has. He gives us a scorer from the bench. He wasn’t really supposed to be another point guard. Two Barbosas? Of course, just like everyone else. What about the two Courtney Lees this season? The two Paul Pierces. The two Rondos (the one that drives the offense and doesn’t always play real defense)? The 1 1/2 and 1/2 Brandon Basses, Jared Sullengers and Jeff Greens? The zero Jason Collins? Give the guy a break. It’s been the best $ 850,000.00 that we spent this year. I love what Barbosa has done. Pargo is a dog!

    • Garnett’s Grl

      I couldn’t have said it better. For the most part he’s been the best pick this season. I love this team and hoping that things gets better real soon…….

  • KG21

    Rivers should have played him tonight instead of Terry who was 1/12! Whats up with Rivers going for Rondo with the last two shots? I know he’s been impressive lately with his perimeter shooting but Id still go for Pierce to take the last shot..