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Recap: Slippage dooms Celtics in Philly

Is there something wrong with Rajon Rondo’s sneakers, or was the floor wet in Philly? Because it seemed like Rondo was slip-sliding all night.

Fatal slippage occurred in the final seconds of overtime as Rondo lost his footing as he launched the potential game winning shot.  The ball missed everything and the Celtics walked away losers, 95-94.

Props to Evan Turner (26 points, 10 rebounds) for wearing his big boy pants and making the 13-foot turnaround on the Sixers final possession.

The Green: Rajon Rondo’s first half stat line: 14 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists. (Any guess on the last player to achieve that? The answer at the bottom of the post.) Rajon finished with 16 pts, 14 assists, 13 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks. Credit him for a solid defensive job on Jrue Holiday (15 points, 4 assists, 6 fouls), too.

Jeff Green (19 points, 8 rebounds) was the only bench player to make an impact.

The Gross: Jason Terry was 1-for-12. The Celtics had 18 turnovers, 8 in the 3rd quarter. The Celtics shot 3-for-22 from 3. Paul Pierce was 1-8. Courtney Lee airmailed an open three with 25 seconds remaining that would have sealed the game. I’ll stop.

The Greenlights:

For those of us who thought Paul Pierce had dead legs, check out this drive and dunk:

Pierce had another doozy:

The Grid:

  • Philly shot 37% FG and 18% 3 FG
  • The Sixers outshot Boston by 18, note the 17 offensive rebounds
  • At one point in the 3rd quarter, Boston had 13 turnovers to Philly’s 2
  • Kevin Garnett finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds

Box score

Trivia answer: Kobe Bryant – 2002.

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  • Quest

    Com’on since when is Rondo the guy to make the clutch shot..if I remember correctly isn’t he the pass first pt guard…geesh…. celtics need to find their identity real soon.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Doc drew up a good play. Rondo was wide open. I have no problem with him getting that look. It’s not like anyone else was red hot.

      • Brick James

        I’m sorry Chuck, but I do have a problem with that. Rondo has yet to prove he can heat a buzzer beater. Not to say that he can’t ever do that, but why now? I’d rather feed a reeling KG who’s pissed at himself for missing a FT and being wet on a jumper with 7s left to tie the game.

        • LAF

          It was a great play. Rondo just inexplicably stopped, or tried to, and took a jumper when he should’ve taken it all the way to the cup. He had no one in his path.

        • paul

          How is Rondo going to become good at buzzerbeaters if he doesn’t take them? Let him miss them now and make them in June.

      • wil reyes

        Rondo just needs more experience, if pierce got that, he wouldve probably drawn the foul.

    • Jaedre

      Sad but true… After Lee AIR BALLED that 3 KG an Pierce should of gotten greedy

      • Brick James

        this too. what the hell. C Lee, you gotta hit SOMETHING dude.

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Scratch that. KG said final play was designed for him. He saw Rondo out of corner of his eye and made the pass.

    • Brick James

      If that’s true, shame on KG. Don’t put your PG in the position to miss a shot on a broken play and be subject to scrutiny.

    • Brick James

      wait hold on, in OT or regulation? I’m beefing over the regulation play call. OT was broke, but regulation was where to win it

  • Brick James

    (Cross posted from another thread)

    Man, I don’t know what to feel here.

    On one hand, I hear guys like Felger + Mazz (who I love listening to, for all things except basketball), say that Rondo is not among the top 20 players in the league.

    On the other hand, I see Rondo most likely see/hear/read that type of commentary, and come out in BEAST MODE for the…. first half. Rondo had a triple double basically at halftime. I feel like he was what, 12-10-8 at the half… and ended up 16-12-11 or some such?

    I mean, wtf is that? Why pull off the throttle? Why force the issue to Pierce with 20 seconds on the shot clock to jack a crap three? I don’t understand it. The C’s had the opportunity to drop the People’s Elbow, and instead scurried under the ropes out the ring.

    I’m beginning to understand the casual/layperson’s view of Rondo being ‘slightly above average’, about this team being weak and old. They’re capable of more, but they’re playing like a washed up, middle of the road girls squad.

    As far as the coaching goes too, what the hell is the play call at the end of regulation? I am not going to pick on the rest of the game – frankly, I didn’t notice much of the rest of it, which is probably a good thing – but Rondo for a 18 footer to win it? Really? Rajon has a particular set of skills, but hitting game winners is NOT one of them. When has he EVER done that? Let me clue you in – never. Doc knows this, so why does he make that play call? It’s fine if you want you build your future-franchise-player’s confidence, but not in a pivotal in-division game when you’re hunting for credibility.

    This game hurts to watch. The silver lining is that it makes me feel better about giving up my season tickets.

    • Cross posted? Like you copied/pasted this from another blog and posted it here?

      • Brick James

        I cross posted this from my comment on the “how we see it going down” post on this site, I was PO’d and posted a comment there before this post was published. I figure the convo here will be more viewed, so I copy/pasted my comment from the earlier post. Sorry, didn’t mean any disrespect. RA is the only Celtics’ site I visit.

        • KWAPT

          Oh no..none taken-I get what you mean. Just didn’t understand at night my frustrating. Hoping we can salvage this weekend and dig deep for a win in the Jungle tomorrow night. Thanks Brick.

          • Brick James

            No worries KWAPT. Frustrating, indeed. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew what I meant in ‘cross-posted’. I can see how that might have been misinterpreted.

            The C’s better win tomorrow night. Like playoff atmosphere shiet. After the opening night let-down in Miami they’ve yet to really lay it down on anyone. I was at the OKC game, and frankly OKC played like crap, I wasn’t impressed with that win. I’m waiting for the Celts to go out and prove something – an in-division win after a junk loss will be a step in the right direction.

  • Mr. Curet

    KG should’ve taken the last shot with one of his fade away jumpers, he had a good look close to the basket.

    • Chris

      Last play was drawn for KG. Said he saw Rondo in his periphery and thought he was streaking to the basket. Shame he wasn’t. Green was solid, Terry and Bass were god-awful, Lee was worse than that. At least Pierce contributed a contender for this off-season’s greenlight madness.

  • Really thought KG was going to bury a turn around. But that is just one of many problems tonight. Bass was invisible, Terry just had an off night-period, you had KG & Jet missing bunnies, missed FT’s late…. but the real issue here is the turnovers. Philly had a stretch in the 4th where they simply couldn’t hit a shot-if C’s wouldn’t have turned ball over 18 times, we win this game by 7 or 8 in regulation. Oh and it could be Rondo’s shoes Chuck. He’s wearing Foamposites which really are more of a shoe to style in than hoop in. I hope he goes back to his Hyperfuse.

  • Quest

    celtics in the middle in the pack with their spotty defense and offense … this does not win banners…. Ainge needs to start thinking of adjustments to the roster …..

    • Brick James

      I understand the sentiment, but would stress the need for pragmatism. DA has proven he has that. What do you suggest? I wouldn’t mortgage our future trading talent we have now. The team now, on paper, is the deepest it’s been since DA took the helm. The results, on the other hand, of course leave much to be desired. But I’m in the school of thought of holding pat – the disruption to chemistry wouldn’t be one to recover from for a playoff run. It’s make it with this squad, or not make it at all. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for rebuilding mode (say, 1998-2007). Hate to break it to you, but outside this window, that’s what’s next.

  • dk33

    so depressing seeing KG/Pierce missing layups like that. how does KG not dunk that!

  • stephanie

    The 1 pt losses hurt the most because you keep saying If I would’ve done that. I’d rather a blow out than a very close game cuz it still results in a “L”

  • Joe E

    After watching 18 games so far, I’ve come to believe that the Celts have conceided HCA. This team is not going to improve. I just don’t see this team looking to establish an identity. They can’t defend or rebound effectively. Also, I haven’t been impressed with Doc’s coaching. I think Doc’s coaching has been subpar thus far.

    I just don’t like this roster and I’ve never felt like this during the Garnett era.

    • stephanie

      Boo hoo. They did some things WRONG tonight, but they did some things right as well. They played hard as a team, but made some individual mistakes. After 18 games, if you don’t think they have room for improvement with 64 games left then you really don’t have any type of faith in this team.

  • terlo

    on top of turnovers or anything else, how do you shoot 18-25 FT? this team is capable of 22/23-25. MINIMUM. and Pierce missing fts.. it is a free throw dammit you have no competition!!

  • celtics33

    Pierce was a game reminiscent of Allen Iverson – 27 pts but 24 shots. He had too many turnovers, missed free throws, a POINT BLANK layup and kept jacking up ill advised 3’s. Perfect example of how just looking at points scored doesn’t mean much.

    Jason Terry got so many open shots he simply has to make them to overcome his defensive liabilities. Courtney Lee can’t even hit the basket on a wide open 3 from the corner which is his favorite shot!

    This team is just mediocre right now it’s as simple as that. Tonight the defense was outstanding in the 2nd half/OT and guess what happens – the offense becomes awful with only 39 second half pts and 5 in OT.

    Rondo had a great game but the best option to win games should never him going one on one for a contested jumper. The OT play was all on KG. How does he not take that shot? He was hitting all night and got the ball in one of his favorite spots on the court. A simple turnaround jumper over Lavoy Allen who cannot block the shot — make or miss it was a great look which is all you can ask for in that situation.

    Game after game it’s always something different. One night it’s terrible defense, tonight it’s terrible offense especially in crunch time and turnovers.

    • JG

      I didn’t see this post before I wrote mine, sorry. Made the same points about Rondo so basically I agree.

  • Shane

    Blocking foul on green when he is in perfect position and turner is chargin into him. Allen misses a dunk with no one touching, foul on KG? Its hard to win games on the road when the refs have an agenda against you.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Terry and Lee have to hit those open 3’s
    its not like they’re contested looks, they’re wide open. I only miss Ray’s 3 point making ability.

    Rondo’s ankle wobbled on that last shot, GRRRRRRRRRRR! i punched so many objects in the hoouse

  • mannie

    lots of traveling violation on th sixers that weren’t called. Lebron would be proud.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Terry – ble.

  • Drew

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the ffffffffffffuuuuuuuu?!?!?! Give the ball to PAUL PIERCE in last possession situations. What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!!

  • Drew

    Is Pierce in huddles saying “I don’t have the confidence/skill to take these shots anymore, give it to Rondo.” I hate Rondo right now. Am I out of my mind for wanting the ball to be in a guys hands whose career has been built on clutch shots!!??!?! WTF!!!!!????

  • Art

    Jumpshot after jumpshot after jumpshot. Not gonna win any titles . The defense is looking better, but this team needs better passing, better play calling, and get to the rim a lot more.

  • RedsLoveChild

    If the Celtics can`t beat Philadelphia now…what happens when a healthy Andrew Bynum returns???

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      There’s no such thing as a healthy Andrew Bynum.

  • Quest

    The East is scary good this year so the Celtics better figure out their problems soon and break out of this middle of this pack. Its about getting wins now as it might be too late to play catch up later in the season. And how many yrs now is it about having “faith” they will get it together. As a fan I think I have a right to expect more from these guys and organization. We are back to the Big 3 being responsible for carrying the team and you can’t do that for the next 67 games and expect to be in the playoffs with the East being what it is. Yea I know have ‘faith”.

  • Jb_Smoove_CelticsFan

    The defense was great in the 4th quarter. If terry just hit a couple shots… I feel like they played well enough to win but bad enough to lose. The defense and rebounding was good down the stretch but the TOs really killed them. I bet the Celtics blow them out tonight at the Garden. Terry won’t be that cold 2 nights in a row. My only concern is Pierce played alot of minutes last night.

  • Quest

    Reading the blogs and found a great question “Is Danny Ainge getting in Doc’s way?” to build a successful team.

  • JG

    The play call at the end of regulation is inexcusable. Rondo should never, ever go 1 on 1 for a pull up jumper for the win. Ever. To those who say he “needs more experience”, just stop. Seriously. Enough with the excuses. The guy is in the prime of his career. That’s just not the type of player he is, you need to accept that.

    As for the OT play. That actually wasn’t rondos fault. Well drawn up play for Garnett who was just too unselfish. What is Rondo going to do from mid range off of an awkward close pass from Garnett at the buzzer? Even if he didnt slip, I don’t like the play from KG. Not rondos fault though in this case. For those who said he had a lane to the hoop, he really didn’t. Go look again. It looked like he did before he got the ball but it was a pretty good close-out.

    On a more important note, this team is having serious problems. It continues to be the defense. Like some have said, the D will undoubtedly get better as the season progresses. The problem is that I doubt it will get to be the best in the league, which is what it needs to be if this team were to win it all. They would literally need to finish in the top 1 or 2 defensively. I hope I’m wrong but don’t see it happening. Last year they got away with the rebounding problem because they were still lock-down defensively. No such luck this year. How is it that EVAN TURNER continues to torch this team? It seems like a different no name player has a career night against Boston.

  • Ubuntu

    Last night was was extremely frustrating to watch but I felt like there were some highlights as well. Everyone on here has already torn apart the Celtics for last night so here are some good things I noticed.

    First, off the defense was better. I know that the Sixers aren’t the best (currently 26th) in PPG but still we held them to 37% FG. Even more than the numbers I definitely saw glimpses of the old championship defense. The bigs were playing well on screens, Rondo kept Holiday in check, and there wasn’t a great amount of dribble penetration. All of those are good signs to me.

    Second, the bench all posted a positive +/-. I know that none of them were a huge +/- (Sully and Lee best with +5) but still that is a great improvement from earlier this season and especially last year. Also Green is actually becoming consistent. Has anyone else noticed that he is nearly automatic from the left corner 3? Another improvement was shown in the 3rd and 4th when KG was out we didn’t completely fall apart on D and actually kept the game close.

    Third, we are seeing the evolution of the team. This is Rajon Rondo’s team people. He is going to have to start taking the last shot eventually. We can’t always rely on KG and the Truth every game. Was it the best shot we could have had at end of regulation? No. I am glad though that Rondo was will to step up and start taking those shots.

    We lost this game because we gave up 17 offensive boards, Evan Turner, and we missed a few shots. The rebounds are something that needs to change and the Celtics are improving in that regard slowly. Evan Turner is just a guy who went off just like every team will have every night. That is going to have to live with it. Lebron is going to do the same when we meet them in the playoffs. We have to contain everyone else which we did last night. Now for missing all those shots (see: Terry’s shots, Lee’s three, KG’s putback, Rondo’s OT shot) that is something that I can live with. As Doc always says it is miss or make league. Any other night most of those shots fall. I was frustrated with our loss of course but we are definitely improving in the key areas of defense, bench play, and RR’s leadership of this team. I can take this loss in December because I know it will be better come April.

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