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Your Morning Dump… Where it took Rondo 2 seconds to get back into rhythm

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Rondo, who missed two games after jousting with the Nets’ Kris Humphries, provided the Celtics with an offensive spark, but didn’t care to elaborate much on his night. Here’s a sampling of the back-and-forth at the start of his postgame chat with reporters:

Q: How did it feel to be back out there?
Rondo: Good.

Q: Was your adrenaline pumping for this game?
Rondo: Nah.

Q: How long did it take you to get back into a rhythm?
Rondo: Only like two seconds.

Rondo certainly wasted little time picking up where he left off. He chipped in 17 points on 6-of-11 shooting to go along with 11 assists, a steal and a rebound over 37:42. He did show some signs of rust, turning the ball over five times, but fueled Boston’s offense by pushing the ball up the floor in transition.

“Having Rondo back was big for us, I thought he brought a lot of good energy,” Kevin Garnett said. “We were excited he was back and we probably fed off that.”

ESPN Boston

I finally found something in common with Rajon Rondo – we both need only two seconds. Nevermind…

I just love how this guys plays with the media. Sure, I’ve blasted him in the past for not facing the music following boneheaded actions or tough losses, but this is different. It’s playful, ball-busting Rajon, not petulant Rajon.

When he’s in a good mood and ballin’, we’re all better off.

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One other note, Avery Bradley is going to start practicing within 10 days:

“Avery is coming along really well,” C’s president of basketball operations Danny Ainge told “He has had no setbacks.”

“We thought about it, but made no decisiosn yet,” Ainge said. “We’ll see how his progression is. But [a D-League stint is] a consideration for sure. As of right now, we’re planning for him to come back to practice in the next week to 10 days.”

I can’t wait to see this kid pressure the ball again.

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  • Larry Legend

    The defense is still atrocious. It’s soft and guys constantly out of position. Celts ain’t gonna win anything playing like that. Very troubling…on positive side. Terry/KG looked great. Sully continues to impress me. And the rebounding has improved. Pierce looks awful tho.

    • LAF

      It would help some if Rondo ever started playing some D but I guess when you’re an MVP candidate you just don’t need to play that unglorious end of the floor. Or something like that.

      Rondo is a BEAST!

    • RedsLoveChild

      Sully`s confidence last night seemed higher than it`s ever been before, looks like he`s becoming more comfortable as a pro.

      Pierce`s legs have clearly lost their “explosiveness”. It is difficult for him to leap, as well as accelerate quickly. It is due either to him trying to play with a leg injury or age or both. With a 41% FG stat, he is rapidly becoming a “volume shooter”.

      Rondo has fully adopted Bill Belichick`s interview style. He`s a low-key guy off the court. You never read anything going on in his personal life. For him, it makes sense that he gives one word answers.

  • Jester00

    what is that poster of 46 behind Rondo

    • Mike

      Wasn’t 46 Shaq’s number when he was with the Celts?

      The text to the left and right of the body is probably detailing all the injuries he had that year.

      • Brick James

        Shaq, like Sheed, was 36.

    • o2

      I believe that poster is a guideline for players on what they can wear and what is allowed vs not allowed. Its pointing out the different gear and locations etc.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Yes, it does resemble a guideline chart of some sort. Nobody in Celtic history has ever worn #46.

  • Big Shot Bob

    I don’t understand the hate for Pierce at all. Is he not shooting well right now? Yes, but he is still getting to the free throw line, playing smart defense, and rebounding well. He is still a very productive scorer at 35. He does look a bit slower but his game has never been based on speed. His turnovers are down this year as well. His shooting percentage will definitely go back up as the year progresses.

    • Curt

      A LOT of people don’t like Paul Pierce before the All Star break. After the break a few more start appreciating him. Come playoffs…everyone’s back on board.

      • Big Shot Bob

        That’s why I get so pissed off because I feel like this always happens. After watching the guy for 14 years you would think that people would give him a break for having a bad month. If he continues to shoot his poorly all year, then people criticizing will have ground to stand on. It’s like people watch a few games and then make ridiculous judgments about a player. Give it some time people, it’s a very long season.

    • KY Celts fan

      I don’t get the calls to trade Pierce, especially after all he’s done for the organization over the years. But I can see people’s frustration with him. His shooting numbers are poor right now, and after looking at basketball-reference the other day, the defense can be considered a wash to slightly worse with him on the court vs. him off of it. The numbers are so minuscule that it doesn’t matter, but they are minuscule in the wrong direction.

      Pierce may bounce back, but at 35 he may not. This may be the beginning of a big decline in Pierce’s game.

      • KGino

        Anyone calling for Pierce to be traded right now isn’t a true celtics fan, plain and simple.

        • celtsfan


  • Larry Legend

    Turnovers are down?!!! Have you watched any games?!! He’s a turnover machine! I defend pierce as much as anyone, great player, but he’s been inconsistent at best this year. Very lazy too

    • Big Shot Bob

      Of course I watch the games, I wouldn’t be commenting otherwise, do you watch the games? You might want to check your facts before you question me. He’s averaging 2.6 turnovers per game which is .3 below his career average of 2.9. He’s had a couple of 4 and 5 turnover games recently but overall this season has been doing better job than his career average. Pierce has been inconsistant so far which I’ll admit but so has the team. I expect both to get better as the season goes on.

      • Larry Legend

        .3 turnovers huh? Please. Pierce has always had a problem with turnovers. So that is obviously continuing this year. Not to mention his turnovers almost always leads to points. Almost always! And don’t tell me turnovers almost always leads to points cuz they don’t. Paul Pierce is a great player. A great Celtic. Fact is he is playing poorly right now. I’m not saying trade him, I’m saying he looks bad right now. He constantly dribbles into dbl teams. Cross court passes that get picked off. Hero ball shots that kill momentum. He has lapses of laziness on defense which suck because he’s actually a very good defender. And his shot is off. Other than that he looks great Bob. Look, in crunch time/playoffs the guy is awesome. Again I really believe the guy is in the conversation of top 5 Celtics of all time. Right now tho he looks bad.

  • Drew

    Oyyyyy, I don’t like Rondos attitude. He needs media coaching.

  • Franklin

    Some of you complain way to much. We won, (which were not doing much of this season) so be happy.

    Outrebounded one of the best rebounding teams in the league. Held them under 100 for the first time in four game. Solid game if you ask me. Seems like you guys want to wake up and see perfection. Good game Cs

  • Brick James


    taking a page out of the Hooded One’s book. Awesome.