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Doc says Rondo is “a grown man”

On his weekly interview with WEEI, Doc got into the chat that he and Rajon had last week after his beef with Kris Humphries.

Chris Forsberg writes:

“Rondo understands that we need him,” said Rivers. “And Rondo almost said the same thing. He said, ‘Coach, I didn’t go in there to have a fight. I went in there to push [Humphries] off Kevin [Garnett] and, the next thing you know, he grabs my arm and then I pushed back and it escalated. He said, ‘I never intended to fight, that’s not what I did. I was just trying to push him off Kevin.’ The worst you get is a [technical foul] out of that.”

Rondo joked earlier this week that he escaped to Mexico during his suspension and Rivers said he couldn’t entirely rule out the possibility.

“I have no idea [where he went], I really don’t,” said Rivers. “I don’t ever check. He’s a grown man. He wasn’t in our locker room. I did say, ‘Go where you want, do what you want, just keep working out and watching us play.’ And he did those things.

Doc also noted that Rondo never “shuts up”:

“Rondo with his teammates, he never shuts up,” said Rivers. “He’s loud, they laugh, they argue all the time — sports arguments are what you’d call them, debates where they are laughing. He has a very good personality, then he has the personality that you see as well. He has both of those.”

So I guess the media and public get the quiet Rondo, while his teammates/coaches get the more “personable” side of him. Either way, he definitely is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in another enigma. As long as he performs well on the court I guess.

You can listen to Doc’s entire segment on WEEI here: Doc on WEEI 12/6/2012

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  • He talks crazy to the media because they always fine something negative to say about him, then you turn around and want to interview him and want him to laugh and play with you. I dont blame Rondo, I wouldnt be fake with the media either, and I wouldnt laugh and talk with people that spoke negatively about me, so way to go Rondo, and everybody knows that if speaking with the media wasnt a part of his job he would not do it.

  • JBcelticsFan

    Rondo just keeps it real and his primary focus is basketball. Clearly he doesnt care what the media says. Definitely one of the funniest dudes in the NBA. Celtics fans understand where he’s coming from. Those on the outside dont and thats why they criticize him for his actions off the court. My favorite incident was when he shoved the camera man’s camera in the tunnel after a game haha. Definitely one of he players I want to meet one day.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    I love the way Rondo handles the press, you never know what to expect but you know it’s going to be good….lol

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  • tim

    tell him to shut his mouth and play his game and start finishing with his left hand on the left side