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Your Morning Dump….where Rondo has no regrets and took a vacation

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“I went to Mexico for a couple of days and watched the games,” a straightfaced Rondo said. “Why not?”

The whereabouts of the dazzling but perplexing point guard during his punishment probably won’t ever truly be known, but one thing for sure is there was no apologetic tone in his voice when pressed if he learned anything from his third NBA suspension in the past calendar year.

Boston Herald:No Apolgies, regrets

By now, we all know Rajon Rondo’s deal. Lets be honest…he is an extremely talented yet ornery point guard who can either be the reason the Celtics won, or a big piece as to why they lost any given game. His vision of the game and his sometimes little-to-risky passes make him a Jekyll. and Hyde of Point Guards. When he is Jekyll the word around the NBA spreads quickly and his name gets tossed around the NBA MVP arena for a few weeks, but when he is Hyde he can really leave Celtics fans scratching their heads and wondering if this is the guy they want to build around.

Rajon Rondo had a rare moment last week where he was both Jekyll and Hyde at the same time. Attacking the gnat that is Kris Humphries into the stands landing him a two game suspension. The initial reaction from most of us was that we would have done the same thing to that punk, but upon realization that it took the Celtics best player away from the team for an extended period of time made us all realize how foolish it may have been in a league that playoff seeds are often decided by one or two games down the stretch.

But it should come as no surprise to us all that Rajon Rondo has no regrets over his actions, heck he even took a vacation during his time away from the team. Rondo, admitting he went to Mexico during his suspension said “Why not” when asked why he chose to take a vacation. Should we expect that the ornery and tempermental Rondo would come back kissing our feet and begging for our forgiveness? Hardly so. Peel back the surface layer of this comment and you see what the subliminal message that Rondo was trying to get across to us all.  When it comes down to it, he is more than willing to take time away from the game if it means standing up for his teammates and defending his team. Personally, I like the approach. Opposing players know that when they come to Boston, if they are going to mess with anyone they are going to have to deal with Rondo now.



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  • Reggie35RIP

    Agreed with most of the article except for the last sentence.

    I don’t think Rondo is going to strike the fear of god in many players around the league. Rondo’s an awesome point guard, but he’s no enforcer, and doesn’t have any business masquerading as one.

  • JBcelticsFan

    I dont know why but I just have this feeling that Rondo is about to start torching teams. When he said, “I want to run off eight or nine wins straight.. I’m ready to go”, I just got chills. This dude wants to win. I’m hoping he starts to average 20ppg and 12apg, but if not I’d settle for some wins.

    • LA Flake

      the LAST thing i want is rondo counting his points and assist numbers (again). he just needs to play to win. and no. i’m not talking about the mvp. he needs to play to win games. otherwise, i’d ship his ass out of town for a real winner, not some petulant dickhead who talks and walks like an mvp but can’t make his new teammates better or make his free throws. or jump shots.

      i’d trade his ass in a heartbeat if we could get big al jefferson back.

      • Drew

        He’s hitting his jump shots. Open your eyes.

        • LA Flake

          it’s bad enough that rondo’s been dominating the ball which has severely curtailed our ball movement. i’m personally sick and tired of watching rondo waste 20 seconds on the shot clock dribbling the ball just to look for his next assist at the expense of everyone else touching the ball which everybody from bob ryan to cedrick maxwell has been pointing out as being detrimental to the team in the long run…

          let me ask you this:

          20 seconds to go, the c’s down by 1 or 2. do you want rondo to take a J? or do you want rondo to get to the line?

          what say you, mr. eyes wide open?

          • LA Flake

            rondo makes his jumpers when they don’t impact the outcome of the game but disappears when the game’s on the line. and he REFUSES to take it to the hole and get to the line.

            Rajon Rondo is a frontrunner just like another former Celtic who had an inflated ego and no game to backup his talk: ANTOINE WALKER.

          • Drew

            Why are you trying to make an argument that Rondo should take last second shots or get to the free throw line? Ever heard of Paul Pierce? That’s not Rondos job on this team. Why would you judge him on something he’s not even expected to do? Very moot point.

          • LA Flake

            The point I’m trying to make is that most of Rondo’s points are garbage points. He scores when the game is tied at 20-20 or when the score is 57-54. When we need scoring, especially in the fourth or when the other team’s going on a huge run and we need to stop their momentum, he either disappears or holds the ball for 20 seconds and launches a very Antoine Walkeresque 3.

            Rondo is garbage who’s only out to showboat. Trade his sorry ass before he loses any more value.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    Is he gunna punch out Dwight? no but remember when he stood up to Kobe in the Finals? He has no fear and will stand up to anyone regardless of their talent level if its called for

  • JR99

    Silliness. No one “fears” anyone in the NBA. Everyone knows all fights end in suspensions, and if you ever really hurt anyone, you could be out permanently. My only suggestion: proof-reading.

  • michael

    I think Rondo could genuinely take on guys well above his weight class. At the end of the day that’s not what hoops is about and not what wins games.

    I like what he did, but I don’t support him doing it often. It was a two for one deal in that game (Nets lost Humph and Wallace), but then there’s the suspension which may have cost us a win in Milwaukee. I much prefer we bring in K-Mart to be our enforcer because A. he’s bigger and B. he’s expendable!

    I like that Rondo took a mini-break and is now ready to kick butt on the court instead of in the stands 😉

  • Rippinstix

    “they are going to have to deal with Rondo now” ? Is this a serious sentence?

    Oh no not Rondo, he’s so scawy and big and tough and hard.

    Please not Rondo, Noooooooooo. What an enforcer. LMAO

  • Celtic Geezer

    This is an idiotic comment by Rondo and an idiotic post. Rondo had no business “standing up” for KG. Sure it was a rough, unnecessary foul. However, it is about a 3 on a scale of 10 as far as hard fouls are concerned. KG was not hurt and in no danger and certainly didn’t need Rondo to protect him. Rondo had no reason to push Humphries and that’s why he got suspended. The league had to suspend him. A player has to be mature enough to control his temper unless some flagrant action occurs. This was not one of them and the best thing that Rondo could have done to stand up for his team was to not push Humphries, not get suspended and not miss two games. And no one is going to say to themselves, I better not foul a Celtic or Rondo’s going to push me. Everyone needs to grow up.

  • Larry Legend

    Listen no one in NBA gives a shit about having to deal with Rondo. There are very few tough guys in NBA and he sure as hell ain’t one of them. He’s a punk kid. I’ve always defended the guy in the past, but he needs to stfu and just play bball. That goes for everyone on that team.

  • greenman

    Give the guy a break. The number 1 thing that should be pointed out is that he should not have served a suspension. The NBA blew that one. An ejected fit the crime. Nothing more.

    #2 We should have won both games he missed without him. Period.

    I like Rondo, I like his attitude, and I like that he stood up for KG.