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C’s interested in Dampier, haven’t called KMart

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 5, 2012 Rumors 28 Comments on C’s interested in Dampier, haven’t called KMart

We all know the situation… Darko’s departure has left the Celtics with an open spot, and they are considering adding a big man to help their glaring need for some productive height that can help defend the rim and maybe… possibly… grab a freakin’ rebound.

Everyone keeps bringing up Kenyon Martin’s name…

Well… everyone except the Celtics.

“At this stage, I think Kenyon’s perspective is more of if people are questioning certain aspects of my game or me personally that I just want an opportunity to show that all of these critics and naysayers are wrong. We’ve widened the net of this and had discussions on that level.

“Be that as it may, we’ve had absolutely no conversations with the Celtics. They’ve not reached out at all. If there with issues with concerns regarding his commitment as far as how focused and how passionate he is about playing and competing with his team, quite frankly, my phone is working.”

That’s KMart’s agent… practically begging the Celtics to call him.   He’s doing everything short of buying a pre-paid phone and mailing it to Danny Ainge with his number already entered.

But frankly, the market for Martin has dried up right now.  But…

Martin is one of many veterans — including Mike Bibby, Gilbert Arenas, Erick Dampier, and Troy Murphy — waiting for another NBA chance. According to an NBA source, the Celtics have considered bringing in Dampier for a look.

I know… I’m giddy too!!  Who WOULDN’T want to add a 37 year-old center years past his expiration date??

I don’t want to over-simplify this, but there’s a reason why certain players are still available.  In a league where just being 7 feet tall gets you a ton of money, not getting paid to play basketball at this stage, at that height, is telling.


The Celtics are playing Jason Collins right now… so… I suppose working the guy out might not be such a bad thing.

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  • michael

    Dampier = no
    K-Mart = why not?

    Maybe KG or Pierce have issues with him…

  • Curt

    Dampier is terrible. I live in Dallas. I am not a Mavericks fan (because I will always be a Celtics fan), but I do keep up with Mavericks news. Dampier is terrible. The Mavs got rid of him, and the very next season they won the championship. To win this championship they had to beat Miami in the Finals. Eric Dampier played for Miami that year.

    The lesson: Don’t sign Eric Dampier (ED).

  • Double P

    Dampier is so bad. Literally zero impact… The guy has never been a contributor even when he was younger. Would be a complete waste of a roster spot. If darko couldn’t crack the rotation, no chance Ericka Dampier does

    • Curt

      Negative impact, P Double…negative. 0 would be acceptable.

  • Curt

    Just to be clear…I’d rather sign Shawn Bradley than Eric Dampier.

  • KG21

    No to Dampier! He cant catch a ball! He will just waste Rondos passes… I hated him when he was playing here in the bay area..hated him when he was in dallas (wifes fave team) so happy when he was in heat coz i know he wont be a help to lebron…please celtics dont sign him..trade bass for varejao…or bass for big al.. Id rather have mozgev than old dampier..

  • JBcelticsFan


  • KG21

    Btw,where is Fesenko now?

  • Jester00

    um pass please, sign Kevin Pittsongle tall, tats, and shoots of course he might be rusty right now

    • KG21

      Lol he’s an overweight teacher now

  • Double P

    If big al Jeff is in fact available, then I would prefer him to any of the names floating around including varejao and gortat.. would be a perfect fit next to Kg

    • LA Flake

      Totally agreed 1,000,000%.

      Rondo and Bass for Al Jefferson and Eric Watson or Mo Williams. Get it done, Danny!

      • Rdawg

        are you high?

        • LAF

          of course NOT!

  • Grandad434

    Wow. Seriously? C’mon, Danny… I’d rather an injured Erden back than a guy that hasn’t been effective in a decade.

  • Jayfox

    Why do I feel like our team is the retirement home for player past their prime? Time and time again the same problem keeps appearing. Danny always seems to get big guys who are either worthless (Darko, Murphy) or guys who are too old and cant produce( Both O’Neals, Collins).

    • LA Flake

      Danny hasn’t brought in the “right” veteran in awhile but PJ Brown was a key signing in 08. And let’s not underestimate the value of bringing in a wily veteran. Just look at what Stackhouse has done for BKN, not to mention a former Celtic who used to wear #20.

  • GreenCro

    I’m 6’2 and 36.
    (white, also…)
    And can rebound more than ED! Sign me up C’s!
    Hell, I would even play pro bono
    With the way you have been “crashing” the boards, I wouldn’t have a heart to charge for my service
    Cmon wtf?!?!?!
    Bring someone decent, or just wait until ASG for a trade

    • Jayfox

      Sign this guy to a max contract! LOL

      • GreenCro

        Easy tiger
        Although I appreciate your love
        (& I’m a least known to be one tough SOB on the court, D-wise)
        I wouldn’t take a cent
        My blood’s green enough!

  • aaron

    the celtics are quickly becoming how the Redskins were years ago in football… signing “big name players” who were all 36-37 years old…

  • Why would the Celtics bring a Dampier who most likely is gonna sit on the bench the rest of the yr instead of Martin who can actually contribute in rebounds, energy & defense??? Nonsense. Smh

  • ray

    Is there bad blood between Garnett, Pierce and Martin that we don’t know about or is Martin’s reputation just horrific around the league? I have nothing against Dampier, but he doesn’t help this team’s defensive and rebound issues. Dampier has butter-fingers, because the guy couldn’t catch a pass if his life depended on it.

    Again, time after time Danny Ainge has made some questionable decisions regarding this team. He’s done more damage than good. It’s no wonder why the Celtics have struggled the past 2 seasons.

  • KG21

    Looks like Gasol will be on the trading block.. His career average is 9.2 rebounds per game..not bad…if we want to win the 18th now then Pau would be a big help..better than Dampier..I know he’s soft or whatever but he can rebound..

    • kg215

      Who would the Lakers want from us that we want to give them? Btw Gasol makes 19 million a year so we would have to give around 13 million at least. And trading with the Lakers? Not gonna happen.

  • Big George

    We already had a guy with a tattoo on his neck and it didn’t work out. We have to wait this one out.

  • Chris

    What happened to Birdman? He’s an inch shorter, but at least he’s 3 years younger, produces more per 48 mins over his career and and has played decent basketball much more recently than Dampier

  • Reggie35RIP

    Great, just what we need. Another seven foot waste of space…