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Your Morning Dump..Where Courtney Lee is making ends meet

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Looks like the talk Doc Rivers had with Courtney Lee last week made a difference. The Globe’s Amalie Benjamin explains:

WALTHAM — About a week ago Doc Rivers and Courtney Lee sat down for a conversation. The coach wanted Lee not to think so much, to be more aggressive, and so he made sure the 27-year-old knew that.

In the ensuing week, Lee has put up some of his best performances in a Celtics uniform, including an exceptional all-around game against the Trail Blazers Friday, crucial with Rajon Rondo serving the first game of his two-game suspension.

“He said, ‘We know you’re going to play hard on the defensive end, we just need you to play with the same energy and focus on the offensive end,’ ” Lee said after practice Monday. “That was enough said there.”

Sometimes that’s all it can take for a player to finally “get it”. But I think we’d all like to see some more consistency from Lee before being completely sold. He’s looked hesitant much of the season, and some of that can surely be blamed on not knowing if he’ll start or come off the bench from time to time-especially at the very beginning of the season.

Rondo’s absence has helped Lee take Rivers’s advice to heart, giving him additional minutes in which to put it into effect. But with Rondo returning to practice this week, and back in the lineup for Wednesday night’s game against the Timberwolves, Lee will have to figure out how to continue to contribute in a lesser role.

“It’s not hard at all,” Lee said. “Just whenever you get out there, the minutes that you get, you’ve just got to perform. That’s my mind-set when I get out there, just be as aggressive as possible.”

When Avery Bradley comes back, who knows exactly what Lee’s role will be. But I guess Doc could have worse problems than having too many talented young guards on the roster. Some fans have even said they think Lee could be used to help Danny Ainge facilitate a trade for a big man at some point. What do the readers think? Is Lee just hanging around until Bradley comes back? Or is he a key cog to the Banner 18 machine?

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  • Nathan1

    I’d rather move barbosa

  • Matt in Maine

    Thing you need to remember is no one signed or wanted Barbosa this year so its pretty hard to trade someone with very little trade value. I would be all for the C’s trading Lee and Barbosa for a big that can actually REBOUND. Something for Gortat would be nice, and I hear that Varejao might be on the trade block soon…he is a beast on the boards and even though his stupid haircut irritates me I would love to have him on the team. Danny is always looking…he would trade his own mother if he thought it would make the team better so who knows what could happen.

    • Chris

      Cleveland sends: Andersen Varejao

      Boston sends: 2013 first round pick, cash considerations, Mrs. Ainge

  • Sheets

    Goodbye Lee, Bass and Green.

  • Noori

    I would think its hard to trade Lee considering he took less to come here and was wooed by the Doc and Rondo.

    Bass is actually one I am willing to part with, I know he has a lot of value but we need size and his value can help facilatate a trade.

    Green has done well recently but if he doesn’t keep it up I’m all for dumping him because he has a fat contract.

    Barbosa, I love the explosive scoring he brings off the bench so I want him to stay.

    • Joe

      “I would think its hard to trade Lee considering he took less to come here and was wooed by the Doc and Rondo. ”

      -I think this is something a lot of people seem to forget. Courtney and Doc are very close and I think Doc would be hard pressed to part with Courtney unless it was a no-brainer. Sad to say but I think Bradley will be the one moved.

      • sev

        not a chance….there not going to move a player that brings that much talent to the defense(which fuels the whole team), when defense is supposed to be their identity. He is the only real young player we have whose ceiling could be very high as we all witnessed his offense coming together pretty quickly after gaining confidence from playing and realizing his importance to the team. Not to mention Rondo’s game becomes a lot easier as Bradley guards the other team’s pg many nights, which gives Rondo more energy for offense, but more importantly for defense, as I saw many more spurts of great D from Rondo while Bradley was getting heavy minutes. He just turned 22 and his offensive potential is much higher than I think most people realize(ridiculous athlete), not to mention his defense will prob improve too(getting stronger/understanding the game better) which is scary. Unless there are recurring injuries, I actually think Bradley is just as untouchable as anyone else on the team. Lets not forget his character which by all accounts is exactly what you want in a player. With good health, this kid is gonna wrk to be the best(not saying he will be….i do think all star though) because that’s his mindset.

        • sev

          Sullinger is also really young and talented and I expect him to have a very good career, but the difference between him and Bradley is prob the idea that Sullinger’s ceiling is more predictable. So if any young talent is traded, I would expect it to be Sullinger(Fab doesn’t hold nearly as much value as he is more of a gamble).

  • PicturePlanet

    I wouldn’t be upset with flipping Lee and Bass
    Bass for say Al Jefferson

  • JBcelticsFan

    Keep Jeff Green. You have to understand, hes the only backups we have for Pierce. Hes still getting into basketball shape, By All Star break hes gonna be a lethal weapon off the bench. It would be dumb to trade him. Also, I personally dont want them to trade anybody. I like the team, I like the players. They are capable of rebounding better, they just have to go out and do it. If they just boxed out they wouldnt get killed on the glass so much. Too many people just looking around.

    Rebounding didnt kill the Celtics last year in the post-season, not being able to score did. With better defense, rebounding wont be as noticeable.

    Bass needs to use all that strength to box out. Rondo is the best rebounding pg in the league. KG with his length should rebound and Lee attacks the ofensive glass. Also, JEff Green, as athletic as he is and at 6’8, he should average ATLEAST 6 boards a game.

    • Curt

      I like all the players too, but if we don’t trade some of them to get Gortat or Varejao…you will see less of this team when they bow out early in the playoffs.

    • Chris

      thank you for your sense towards Jeff Green. No one seems to get that if – say – we flip Green for Varejao, 2 weeks later we’ll be complaining about Pierce playing too many minutes and there being no-one to back him up.

      Having said that, Danny will pull the trigger on a trade for a big if he only has to give up a PF and/or a SG. We’re very deep at both positions.

  • Double P

    Yeah I love all these guy but our lack of size will be our downfall in the playoffs.. its a major need. Varejao or hiergortat would fit in perfect. I would take issue with trading Bradley though.

    Pierce and bass for pau gasol??

    • Mac1995

      Bass+Green for Varejao+Booby Gibson+picks
      I dont think Green would be enough for Varejao, we’ll have to throw in Bass as well and Gibson to make the salaries work.

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  • ME

    bass + melo + joseph + 2 rounds picks is enough

    • Chris

      thats the consensus, but i’d see if we couldnt get that down to 1 first rounder or otherwise trying to hold onto at least 1 of the rookies