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Rondo is one of the NBA’s best mid-range shooters

Bleacher Report’s Jared Wade researched the NBA’s best shooters from each area on the court.

Three Celtics make the Top 10 in the mid-range category (10 – 23 feet); Jason Terry (not surprised), Courtney Lee (mildly suprised considering his rough start to season) and… Rajon Rondo.

The Mid-Range (minimum 20 makes)

1. Chris Bosh, 48-for-85 (56.5 percent)
2. Beno Udrih, 28-for-51 (54.9)
3. Jason Terry, 29-for-53 (54.7)
4. Serge Ibaka, 48-for-90 (53.3)
5. Luke Ridnour, 37-for-70 (52.9)
6. Anderson Varejao, 29-for-55 (52.7)
7. Courtney Lee, 21-for-33 (51.5)
8. Marc Gasol, 23-for-45 (51.1)
9. Damian Lillard, 30-for-60 (50.0)
10. Rajon Rondo, 26-for-53 (49.1)

I’m willing to bet not all of the 26 makes are standard jumpers. Rondo gets very creative with his offense; floaters, leaners, you name it. But this is just another stat disproving the perception that Rajon Rondo can’t shoot. If you need more evidence, check out John’s column on Sheridan Hoops.

No other Celtics players made the top-10 in shooting by area.

Why do I find it hysterical that Jermaine O’Neal is the 6th best (11-21, 52.4%) from inside the paint?

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  • Curt

    I’m very surprised that KG didn’t make a list…even with the few bad games he’s had. I feel like he’s a better shooter than Courtney Lee.

    • eddysamson

      I swear he hits that long range jumper at least 50% of the time

  • JBcelticsFan

    This just goes to show how much work Rondo puts in. In my opinion, Rondo’s shot is no worse than Wade or Derrick Rose’s shot. They just shoot more. Also, NO MORE STREAK. Lets just focus on winning and nothing else.

    • JG

      I respect that you prefaced with “in my opinion”, but I’d have to agree to disagree about Rose. You might be right about Wade, though it’s tough to tell because most of his shots are contested and Rondo’s are wide open. However, both of those guards you named are also WAY better at getting to the rim and finishing than Rondo.

      Some might say, “well Rondo’s job is to distribute”. True, but what about when this team goes through it’s typical offensive lulls? That’s why I don’t necessarily buy into this whole “Rondo is amazing, best PG in the league” stuff. People act like he can turn it on whenever he feels like it, but then I just have to wonder why the Celtics offense goes through so many terrible stretches. I think it is in large part do to Rondo walking the ball up the court, trying to make the big play, rather than advancing it with a pass so that people can attack in transition.

      This whole post was in no way directed at you, btw, this is just to anyone.

  • I can’t wait to see this list at the end of the season. I fully expect Terry to be joined by Paul Pierce and KG, and I’m dying to see where Rondo is.

    • Most of Pierce’s midrange shots are contested

  • Normally, KG and Bass would be on the list. Pushing Rondo out, that would have been 4 C’s in the top 10

  • SimoneB

    Courtney’s 21-for 33 is almost 64 percent, where is the mistake?

    • eddysamson

      wow yeah wtf? he should be #1 if 21 for 33 is correct

  • Drew

    Where is LA Flake for this one? I’d love to hear what he has to say.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Who did this list?!

    Not having KG or even BB among the first Celtics in this field is just insane.

  • wil reyes

    Rondo hasnt even hit his stride yet. If he starts to get more scoring done, he’ll likely boost his percentage if he does shoot more.

  • ME