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Your Morning Dump… Where The Celtics Have Bitter Beer Face From Old Milwaukee’s Best


CSNNE Screen Shot

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“Being that 14-year veteran, I can’t make that crucial mistake of leaving Brandon Jennings at the end,” Terry said. “So I told everybody I take this one on my shoulders, but this team is getting better and you can see it. You can see our focus. You can see our effort at both ends of the floor. Just a disappointing loss tonight.”

Their inability to score capped a frustrating offensive night where they were 23 of 60 in the final quarters and watched a 17-point lead disappear. Pierce led the Celtics with 19 points, but he missed 10 of 16 shots while Garnett added 17, but didn’t score in the final 6:32.

“We just didn’t keep the momentum going,” Garnett said. “Some of their veterans came in and got them back in the game. We give up 36 points [in the second quarter], that’s a lot of points for any team and we were in a dogfight from there on.”

And as usual, the Celtics were burned by a rebounding menace who changed the game. Sanders finished with 18 points and 16 rebounds off the bench. He made all four of his shots in the fourth quarter.

Gary Washburn, Boston Globe

Jason Terry is doing an admirable thing here by falling on the sword for this loss, but when the Celtics begin the game with aggressive-hyena like defense not seen around these parts since the days of 2008 and 2009-ish, resulting with an early 17-0 lead, it’s hardly one man’s fault it ends up in a loss.  According to a tweet   from radio play-by-play announcer Sean Grande, it’s only the second time in 411 (!) games since the KG Era that the Celtics lost a game where they led by as many as 17.  As an added bonus, Monta Ellis was on the opposing team both times.  Monta Ellis was hardly the main reason why the Celtics coughed up a 17-0 lead to start the game.

After the first quarter the Celtics held Milwaukee to just 11 points on 5-18 shooting, forced 7 turnovers and out-rebounded the Bucks 14-11.  After that, they got Bucked up all over the court.  Sure JET missed a couple of clutch threes, Pierce missed a bomb and KG didn’t score in the final 6 minutes, but losing a game after being up 17-0 to start takes a team effort, just as building that initial 17 point lead.  C’s have three days off now before Kevin Love and the Timberwolves make their annual trip to the Garden on Wednesday.  Hopefully that first quarter defense is maintained for the majority of the game.

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  • JR99

    If they want to win a championship, they have to maintain that kind of defense for whole games.

  • DD

    Insert over reactive comment about how 55 games isn’t enough to turn this around and they need to blow it up and trade for unattainable players because I don’t know anything about salary cap and no trade clauses.

    • 413murph

      Hahahaha. So true.

    • Arthur


  • zippittyay

    Blown lead aside, that was a hideous offensive foul call on Garnett in the final minute. He has an easy bucket that was going to put us up by 4. That phantom foul clearly changed the outcome.

    • Beantownfanatic2012

      ^^your absolutely right! That foul changes the game. Once again the officials decided the game and not the players! These officials suck fat balls. What a joke. So frustrating to watch basketball these days with the officials in place. That was a terrible call and so wasn’t the jump ball from Pierces rebound and that shitty call they made on Lee when he went for that rebound at the end. Us fans wanna see a game that’s decided on play not officiating, so if Stern is concerned about the fans not getting their money’s worth, he needs to get new officials and let the players decide these games not the refs!! What a joke

  • Garnett’s Grl

    I agree with all that has been said but I want to add just one thing, it never should have come down to those calls. You have a team at 0 half way through the the 1st on their home court and you have 17 how do you lose the game????????????

    • Collin

      @Garnett’s Grl

      You’re completely right. We all know the officiating is the worst in the NBA, but with that being said the Celtics have to play through bad calls. This is a veteran team and bad calls or blowing 17pt leads is unacceptable especially if you’re trying to establish an identity.

      Doc was right when he said this team is “soft”. They won’t step on the neck of their opponents. They’re not tough mentally or physically and that’s sad for Celtics team.

  • Collin

    These guys sure don’t play or look like a contender. Right now they look like a Star-studded mediocre team. If they can’t play 48 mins of energy to win games, then they’re not going far. It’s confusing as to why a team stacked with veterans can’t fix their flaws, which is rebounding and defending.

    This season’s Celtics have displayed the worst brand of Celtic basketball during the Garnett era. So far they’ve been a poor rebounding and defensive team. Guys don’t communicate on the floor. And they’ve displayed a lack of energy each game. I wonder if the team and coaching staff give pep-talks before games and during half-time?

    It’s like this team is not playing for something.

    • Alex

      Last year was much worse, I dunno what you are talking about.

  • Chris H

    A legit 7 footer who can play the majority of the game and clean glass is the biggest problem right now. There had better be a plan to get one off the scrap heap.

    • Chris

      Collins is a 7-footer. I’d rather have had Blatche, Birdman or Martin. JC’s offensive possessions make me ill.

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  • Cam

    Officials won that game for the Bucks.

    Story saying that we had a 17 point lead. That’s the same excuse officials and the league want you to make. The fact is it was a close game at the ens and we absolutely got robbed on a crucial play.

    We should be mad about that and stop making excuses for these officials. Its like Pierce missing a wide open lay up at the end of the game to win it. He should be blamed,not a couple random plays in the second quarter.