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Enemy Chatter: Marquis Daniels and Mbah a Moute played tough defense on Pierce

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Milwaukee.

Marquis Daniels

Daniels played tough defense all night on Paul Pierce all game and gave the Bucks god versatility against the Pierce/Terry pick and roll late. He offers preciously little on the other end, but he knows his limitations very well and found Jennings on the three that put Milwaukee ahead for good.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Not bad for his first game back. Mbah a Moute made some open jumpers and most importantly ended up doing a pretty good job defending Paul Pierce on a HUGE possession for the Celtics with 37 seconds to get late. He made Pierce lose control, gather and then have to take a difficult fadeaway that he missed. In his first game back, to have to jump into that situation off the bench and handle it that well? That’s impressive.


Paul Pierce did have ten points in the 4th quarter, but he doesn’t look right. The mobility and lift just aren’t there. Could he be hurt? Or are we just witnessing the aging of our beloved Captain?

In the span of a week, he was embarrassed by Jameer Nelson and Joe Johnson.

One of our readers – RedsLoveChild – offered this analysis of Pierce’s game:

“I worship the ground Pierce walks on….but, he is now well beyond his expiration date.”

Oh man, I’m not ready for Pierce to be anything but himself.

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  • eddysamson

    I think hes got a nagging injury like he had in the post season. Probably from the Nelson cross-over.

    • eddysamson

      I mean you all cant deny his play for the first few games of the season…did you forget that?

      • LAF

        Give Pierce 35-40 games to get his legs under him. If he’s still struggling, we’re done. That said, I think Doc is giving Green every opportunity to take PP’s starting job like Avery did with Ray’s. Not saying it’s a plot or anything but I do believe Doc is waiting for PP to step aside or Green to wrestle PP’s job away from him, whichever happens first.

        • eddysamson

          If JG keeps this up I wouldnt mind the switch. Could only be a positive for us. PP would come out with fire!

          • LAF

            when AB returns, i hope doc starts RR, AB, PP, JG & KG. that’s a lot of O & D.

          • Curt

            I’d rather start Chris Wilcox (once he can play 30 minutes a game). Then I’d want to trade Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee for Gortat.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Reality Check :

    The Milwaukee Bucks are a lousy team. They`ve made the play-offs 1 time in the last 6 years, and they may or may not qualify this year.

    Last night, they got hit with a 17-0 bomb before spectators could even get to their seats.

    There is only 1 reason why they did not throw in the towel, only 1 reason why they were not demoralized, only 1 reason why their will was not broken right then and there….because they knew deep down, to a man, that the 2012-13 Boston Celtics are a weak, vulnerable, deeply flawed team that is every bit as crappy as they are!

    • 17rings

      If you think the celtics are the only team that blows a 17 point lead in the first half then you must not watch much nba. Reds army– please don’t encourage this guy.. He has no faith

      • RedsLoveChild

        You think OKC or Miami would have blown a 17-0 lead to Milwaukee???

        Stop listening to Tommy Heinsohn`s “pablum”. He knows damn well the Celtics are non-contenders, going nowhere.

        He`s also not a fool! He`s 78 years old, and he wants to keep his job. He`ll say what his bosses hope he will say…so he says it.

        • 17rings

          I saw the heat blow a 20 point lead against the warriors last year and they won the championship, so yes it’s entirely possible either one of those teams can blow a 17 point lead on the road..especially when it’s the earliest possible point in the game to lead by that much. It’s the nba, I’d say a 17 point lead in the first quarter is held for an entire game less than 50% of the time. Watch a game or two.

          I am not brainwashed by Tommy, I am perfectly capable of my own judgement. I see the same veteran core whose been uninterested in the regular season since the 2010 season. I also see the same veteran core that I know teams will fear playing a 7 game series against bc of their grit and balls and experience.. A team that has routinely slept thru the regular season and came alive enough in the playoffs for you to think banner 18 is a possibility. Except we have the deepest team since 08.

          So don’t give me shit about how they’re not a contender bc they lost a back to back on the road (which they’ve done what seems like hundreds of times over the past few seasons). They don’t even have their starting 5 in tact yet. Until they lose a 7 game series to someone other than Miami or the western Conf champs, I refuse to say they’re non contenders.

          I’ll be sure to remind you if your lack of faith when we’re back in the ecf playing for a spot in the finals… You know, when youll be all up on the celtics bandwagon saying you believed all along.. go find a new team to root for poser

          • RedsLoveChild

            Who the hell cares that you refuse to acknowledge that they are non-contenders…unless someone other than Miami eliminates them???

            The mere fact that you actually think the Celtics remain a threat to accomplish anything in the playoffs tells me that you are living in the past!

            I`m sure you think Paul Pierce is still a super-star at 35…that KG, at 36, is all we need to “dominate the paint”…that Jeff Green is about to turn into an all-star any day now.

            Keep dreaming…enjoy your sleep!

          • eddysamson

            The dudes got a point, you have absolutely no faith despite how all signs are pointing to a season similar to last season. Its actually kind of pathetic considering your username on here. Get a grip. Quit crying. And Redsarmy quit quoting this dude and making him feel special.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Give me something to have faith in, and I`ll have faith.

            Nice to know you have unshakable faith in a team that gets demolished on the boards every night…and their two super-stars are 35 & 36 years old.

            Now, go join your buddy 17Rings…and the two of you can pop a DVD of the 2008 Finals, and pretend it is happening today!

          • 17rings

            The difference between my comments and your’s lovechild.. is that mine include factual statements and extrapolates based on history (which is about all you can do), as well as refute your bad arguments. Yours are just all unproven hearsay.

            Citing that Pierce and KG are old isn’t a good argument, it’s one that haters have used for the last 4-5 years. It didn’t stop them last year.

            I’m not saying Pierce is a superstar or Jeff Green will be an all star, so don’t put words in my mouth. I’m saying THIS team, that made it to within ONE GAME of the Finals last year, WITHOUT their starting 5, WITH an IMPROVED bench, should not be considered a NON-contender. Anyone who disagrees with that statement isn’t worth arguing with and should pretend to stop liking the celtics.

            Red’sLoveChild = closet lakers fan.

          • 17rings

            should stop pretending to like the celtics*

            BTW your original argument was basically that the only reason the bucks came back from 17 down was cuz they were playing the C’s.. which I OWNED you on with examples of why that’s not true.. so maybe you should consider that you’re just not that big of an NBA fan.

          • RedsLoveChild

            You “owned” me?

            By throwing a blind comment that Miami blew a big lead a year ago? Give me the date of this game, I want to look it up.

            The Celts came within a game of going to the Finals in 2012…is this where your strong faith lies this years` team? That Celtic team {when PP and KG were a year younger} would`ve been swept in 4 straight if Derrick Rose had not destroyed his knee vs. Philly.

            Your definition of being a “Loyal” Celtic fan is to be BLIND to all of their deficiencies….Celtic fans who can see clearly and speak the truth {while wishing for the best} you define as “Laker fans”!

          • Curt

            While I generally agree with you, 17rings, without someone else on the team that is as big as KG (Gortat), how do you think we’ll beat a team that goes big? How can we possibly contend in the paint right now with the teams we’ll face in the playoffs? We have to match up with Al Horford, Josh Smith, Tyson Chandler, and Brook Lopez just to get to the ECF. I think we can beat Miami with the team we have, but Ray Allen has really hot hands and ice cold blood again after getting his ankles healthy. Then to win in the finals we have to beat Tim Ducan, Dwight Howard, Serge Ibaka, Perk, etc. Who is going to do all that?

            If Pierce is slow/injured now, how’s he going to get through the playoffs as a starter? KG is getting over used, PP is being overrated, and we don’t even know who the second string PG is going to be. This is causing our bench to get destroyed by teams like MIlwaukee.

            I think the Celtics will make it to the ECF, and I think they’ll be a different team entirely come April (hopefully not due to injuries). However, they will not make it that far as the team they currently are. But I DO recall that they made it last year with 7 players dealing with injuries.

        • eddysamson

          #1 you people do realize that theres an open roster spot and we can and probably will sign or trade for a decent big.

          #2 in regards to RedsLoveChild all it comes down to is that he is a shitty fan. I think we should all just leave it at that. Negativity never got anyone anywhere.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Continue sticking your head deep in the sand, like an Ostrich….It makes it that much easier to trick yourself into believing that this Celtic team is a “power-house”.

          • 17rings

            @curt .. thank you for coming in with a rational argument and valid questions unlike others.

            While I agree that other teams will have an edge in the paint, I don’t think it is something that we can’t overcome. Who did we have last year that was any better, Steimsma?

            One major thing everyone is overlooking is that our defense is around 20th in the league right now and our offense in considerably better than last yr in terms of rank.. I think AB makes us a top 5 defense again almost instantly. He made us number 1 last year with the same starting 5, so I don’t think this is a lofty expectation. We were also 20-6 in the regular season with a starting 5 of RR AB PP BB and KG.

            You said it best, you think we can beat Miami. They don’t have as large of an advantage in the paint on us as other teams.. But Cs fans shouldn’t be too worried about other teams. The only other team in the east I feel can beat us in a 7 game series is the bulls when rose is healthy.

            We squash the hawks every year, nets have the talent but I think they don’t have the experience, Knicks live and die by the 3.. 6ers and pacers sure as hell can’t beat us.. So the only point id be seriously worried about our paint problems is the finals or against a healthy bulls team..bc whoever comes out of the west will be large in the front court.

            lovechild — if I were blind to their deficiencies I’d say things like they’re a lock for nba champs. A team with the same deficiencies, a much worse bench, and an injured starter made it to within a game of the finals last year. Your argument is that they are a non-contender…anyone who calls them a non contender based on those facts is a joke, and not worth anymore of my time.

          • eddysamson

            Theres no where I have said the Cs were a guarenteed lock for a championship. I have this thing called faith. Another thing called a memory (shitty start to last season). And yet another thing called a positive outlook.

            Having said that you are still a terrible, negative, Cs fan with no faith.

          • 17rings

            @ eddysamson .. lovechild has already concluded that the Celtics have a 0% chance to contend in the playoffs this year.. let’s make sure we remind him what a shitty fan he is in May.

          • eddysamson

            Oh I wont forget!

          • RedsLoveChild

            Seriously, I`d be ecstatic if you two were to get the “last laugh” on me this coming Spring!

            However, after carefully considering the in-depth analysis set forth by 17 & Eddy, my concerns for this current Celtic team remains at the “Code Red” level.

  • zippittyay

    Rest Pierce more (even to the extent of giving him certain games off, like B2Bs) and play JG more and force him to either step up or not.

    • Curt

      Rest Pierce and face fines from David Stern???

  • Pierce’s handle is terrible….also Doc needs to start Lee again over Terry

    • swissflix

      totally agree with you on that. Pierce is fine but his dribbling is hard to watch sometimes…so is his passing.

  • Drew

    I’m not worried at all about Pierce. He’ll be fine.

  • Dan White

    Where theres a will theres a way. Pierce is getting old and its showing. Hopefully we can continue to limit his minutes. Come playoff time, my expectations for Pierce wil be as high as ever because he is the ultimate competitor.

  • nateb34

    Every year we get doubted that we will ever get anywhere and every year we prove them wrong. Its plain as day as to see the similarities in this season in comparison to last season. We do have that open roster spot which will be used wisely. Yes pierce is struggling at the moment but he’s not called the truth for no reason. He will come good just like the team will. We are tje celtics. You can never count us out. Im all the way in australia and even i can see these things logically.

  • ghoulbuns

    RedsLoveChild why do you even post here? KG would punk you to your face until youre crying on the bench if you came at him with your “we’re old & pussywhipped” rhetoric. These guys are right, youll be all over the C’s nuts when theyre rolling through teams in the last half of the season. Man up ya lil sissified bootch, and be a fan and supporter, or get gone.