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Recap: Bucks spot Celtics 17 and still win

Well… that sucked. Following Friday night’s ass-kicking of Portland, I just knew – in my heart of hearts – the Celtics were ripe for a letdown loss in Milwaukee. And they didn’t disappoint. Bucks win, 91-88.

The Green: The Celtics raced out to a 17-0 lead and led 27-11 at the end of the first quarter. They nearly doubled Milwaukee’s shooting percentage and forced 7 turnovers. Unfortunately, it was downhill from there. Jeff Green had 18 points on 8-11 FG. If it wasn’t for Green’s abuse of Jeremy Doron Lamb in the 2nd quarter, the Celtics might have been blown out. And despite playing with Nike Air Cinder Blocks (props to Mr Triple Double for the line) Paul Pierce managed to drop 10 of his 19 points (6 assists, 5 rebounds) in the 4th quarter.

The Gross: The Celtics allowed 36 points in the second quarter. The high water mark for the season.

Grosser: We saw the worst of Leandro Barbosa tonight; 0 points, 0-4 FG, minus 11 in 13 minutes. That stat line doesn’t do him justice. He was awful.

Grossest: This goes to referee Marc Davis for his fucking ridiculous highly questionable offensive foul call on Kevin Garnett with 1:05 remaining in the game and the Celtics up 3. If I was the NBA’s head of officiating, I would have pulled Davis off the court immediately and fired him.

The Greenlights:

Brandon Jennings had this nifty dipsy-doo layup in the first half, but the play of the game was his dagger three  – a 26 footer with 24 seconds remaining.

Larry Sanders put on quite a show  (18 points, 16 rebounds and 5 blocks).

The Grid:

– Jason Terry had 11 assists in 40 minutes

– Courtney Lee had 9 of his 13 points in the 1st quarter

– Despite a strong performance, Jeff Green was minus 19

– This tidbit from Sean Grande, in 411 games since ’07, the Celtics have lost just two games when leading by 17. Monta Ellis was on the other side of both.

Box score

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  • Terek

    Doron Lamb* Jeremy Lamb plays for the Thunder.

    • a

      confused the hell out of me

  • Drew

    3 Ray Allen game winners this year and none for Pierce…….. 🙁 what a bummer 🙁 🙁 🙁 This is getting sad. Hard to watch.

  • Cal

    Blowing a 17pt lead on the road? This team has issues that has to be addressed and fixed, because right now they look the best mediocre team in the league. Blowing big leads against teams like the Bucks, is not considered contending.

    I can’t understand why this team plays 24 mins instead of 48, this makes no sense especially for a veteran team. The energy from this team has been poor thus far. They don’t rebound and can’t get stops on the defensive end. I’m starting to wonder will this be a trend all season long, because I don’t see this team getting it together until a roster shift comes.

  • Classless

    Ugh get Brandon Bass to the bench, please. His masquerade is over.

  • celtics33

    Hey it’s great that Doc and Danny criticizing the team served as motivation for a whopping FIVE quarters! 36 points given up in the 2nd quarter is pathetic.
    Will Doc EVER stop using the Pierce iso in late game situations? Just like against Orlando last week and so often the last couple years it FAILED.

    Thought one of the benefits to the new and improved Celtics offense was to have more options in crunch time.More ball movement and motion can still end with Pierce shooting but at least run a set.

    Sick and tired of watching Pierce dribble out the clock and put up a contested jumper while his teammates stand and watch.

    Terrible loss for this mediocre team which still cannot manage to play consistently good basketball…

  • Jb_Smoove_CelticsFan

    A 17pt lead in the first quarter is different from having one in the 4th quarter. Teams usually do lose early leads. it’s a long game. Stop overreacting, everybody played hard. Also, keep in mind Rindo would have made the difference down the stretch, getting them easier shots.

    • Cal

      Overreacting? People are not overreacting, but there’s a bit of frustration with this Celtics team. Obviously teams will struggle as the Celtics currently are, but their has to be consistency too. I think fans are fed up with this up and down Celtics team. I, myself is fed up, but I’m not jumping ship.

      This team has been inconsistent for 3 weeks now and everyone in and outside of Celtics Nation can see the inconsistency. The Celtics could of been 10-7, but now they’re 9-8, and will not play until Wed. The C’s flaws are evident. They can’t rebound, can’t defend or play with energy for 48 mins.

      I’ll ride with the C’s all day, but I have to be honest at some point, though it’s been 3 weeks into the regular season, the Celtics don’t look good. Until Ainge and Rivers realize this roster needs a little shake up, the Celtics will continue to struggle all season long.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We are only one quarter into the season, with lots of new players to get on the same page. Lets wait until after the all-star break to get worried.

    • ME


  • ewiz

    The most consistent inconsistent team right now.. If that makes sense haha

  • Roy Boy

    It is what it is at this point. If a team can’t play consistent basketball for 48 mins on a nightly basis, then that team will likely not go far. The Celtics are their record, 9-8, they’re a medicore team. Whether fans want to acknowledge the mediocrity is up to them.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Blow it up!!

    Keep : Bradley, Rondo, Sullinger
    Dump : Everyone else

    • Drew

      David Stern would hire a hit man to assassinate Danny Ainge if he ever traded away 2 key players(Pierce and KG) in the juiciest rivalry in the NBA today. I’m actually 100 percent positive Stern would veto a trade involving Pierce and KG. “basketball reasons”

    • mojojojo

      1) KG has a no trade clause so that’s not gonna happen
      2) Courtney Lee is the only guard who cares to get offensive rebounds
      3) Pigs are more likely to fly before you see Pierce out of Boston

      • ME


      • RedsLoveChild

        I worship the ground Pierce walks on….but, he is now well beyond his expiration date.

        KG has been an awsome Celtic…but, it is depressingly sad to see this lone, elderly, underfed man go to war each night against a 2-3 big, young, energetic, hungry studs.

        • Drew

          Eh, I’d rather see Pierce ride it out in Boston. I don’t care if we get a championship while keeping him around. I’d rather let our old men do victory laps for a couple of years and keep my fingers crossed that the Heat and Lakers’ big stars just die or something. There I go dreaming out loud again.

          • RedsLoveChild

            That`s probably what will happen.

            Last year he still had trade value, he still had skills.

            This year, at his salary…he can only be viewed as an “expiring contract-type asset”.

  • Nojar

    Josh Smith

    Danny, trade to get this starting lineup.

    • Quinn


      I know the Celtics suck at the moment and I feel your pain, but your trade ideas are bit premature. First off, the trades will never happen, as far as Josh Smith. I don’t think u want Smith playing SF. Anyway It seems Ainge wasn’t cautious when reconstructing this roster. He went too small and too offensive minded instead of the traditional roster with size and defensive minded players.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Ainge was too obsessed with replacing Allen {Lee, Terry, Barbosa….when he should have been far more obsessed with replacing Perkins.

    • Kash

      Can’t have your cake and eat it too. I, for one, would much rather see Rondo, Bradley, pierce(or Jeff), Smith and KG, rather than the let down I believe gortat would be.

      • ME


  • PicturePlanet

    Gortat benefits from padded stats on a shit

    • ME


  • mojojojo

    This really blows! I haven’t been this sad about the Celtics since the 2006-2007 season. We win every other game, is this going to be a trend?

    • 17rings

      Yes it is. Watch a season.

  • Chris

    I really wish Danny had made a play for Illyasova. He’s hungry for rebounds, can shoot it pretty well, and doesn’t get used as much as he’d probably like in Milwaukee. Here, he’d be a starting PF. I like Bass, but he’s not a starting PF, just a good bench PF who was able to hold up last year when he was needed.

    Speaking of our bench, good on Green for performing. At full strength, our bench could be handy with Terry, Lee and Green. If you’d said to me that two of those 3 were starting and we were still going to get 20 bench points, I’d take it.

    As far as considering guys as trade bait, who else wouldn’t mind offering Barbosa? Once Avery returns and Lee finds his shot, he becomes pretty redundant.

  • Pogmohone

    Green minus19. Ridiculous. This stat means nothing, nada, zilch, zero. On one of the few days he shows up, and I hope he does it more often, he gets-19. If the team does badly, everyone gets tagged with a poor score, deserved or not. It needs to go.

    • eddysamson

      I feel the same. I missed the game but checked the stats after and my eyes popped out when I saw that +/-

  • Shane

    Is it just me or the NBA hates the celtics? Every game it feels like the refs have it in for us so far, on top of all those favourable calls, that bogus KG offensive foul at the most crucial point of the game, determined the outcome. Pathetic…

    • eddysamson

      I notice it too. I TRY to look for it happening to other teams (although admittedly thats usually the team playing against the Cs not a different game) and we get the bad side of it sooooo much more often. It was pretty blatant to me against the Nets that the refs wanted to Nets to win. Also the first 3 games of the ECF were atrocious.

  • Jb_Smoove_CelticsFan

    I speak for myself when I say this team is great. 3 weeks and you guys are complaining? It was WORSE last year. This team had a problem with effort at first. The past 2 games they’ve played with effort and its been 2 games in a row where green and lee were aggressive. When Rondo returns he’ll know how to use them down the stretch. I do agree though we need rebounding but please NO TRADES. Just add Kenyon Martin, he’ll add toughness and rebounding. he would guard a player like sanders or Evans or haslem.

    • Nojar

      This team is great? What’s wrong with you?

  • NateB

    They’re not making it past the first round of the playoffs this season if they don’t add a quality big man — they just don’t have the interior defense and rebounding to be an elite team.

  • 17rings


    Jesus Christ I can’t stand reading some of these comments. You guys should just watch another team if you can’t handle it. Seriously.

    I’m not even close to worried yet. We don’t even have our starting 5 in tact yet, give it a fuckin rest.

    • NateB

      I don’t know why you’d assume that past seasons are 100 percent accurate predictors of this team’s likely performance this season; address the substance of the commenters critiques instead of getting angry at the the commenters for criticizing the team; do you really fail to see an issue with the quality and size of the “big men” on this year’s roster, especially given KG’s minutes limitations and the improvements that other teams in their division and conference have made?

      • 17rings

        NateB.. you’re right, that was an angry comment.. I just can’t take the overreactions to this team losing anymore.

        I don’t assume that past seasons are 100% accurate, but it’s the best thing for us to go off of. Anyone who has watched this core of veterans play for the last 3 years should see a back to back on the road loss coming.. they shouldn’t be overreacting calling for DA to blow it up.. It’s abundantly clear that these “fans” haven’t watched a full regular season of late if they’re already calling for DA to trade everyone.

        I don’t fail to see the Celtics lack of size as a problem, it is without a doubt their biggest weakness. That being said, we were close to dead last in rebounding last year and almost made the finals.. so it’s not like it can’t happen.

        I also don’t fail to see their improvements.. their bench is improved, they are less of a jumpshooting team, and they get to the line a lot more.

        I also don’t fail to see that their starting 5 has yet to play a game together this season.

        Comments like “they won’t make it out of the first round this season” are IGNORANT and PREMATURE… how can anyone come to that judgement with a team that made it to within one game of the finals, without their starting 5, AND IMPROVED THEIR TEAM (and had the same rebounding issues)?? That makes no sense.

        • 17rings

          also, KG’s minute limitations are so that we can SAVE HIM FOR THE PLAYOFFS. It’s not like Doc is going to restrict KG to 27 mins a game for playoff games that actually matter.

          The playoffs are a different breed of basketball.. one that favors the celtics. This team isn’t built to go over 55+ wins in the regular season… so everyone should stop expecting us to.

  • 17rings

    If you don’t expect the Cs to lose a back to back n the road w this team you clearly haven’t been watching the last 3 seasons. Go away posers.

    • Sheets

      I’ve been watching the C’s a lot longer than the last 3 seasons and they shouldn’t be this bad with this line up. they signed players that look great on paper but it was all designed to beat the heat that’s where they failed. they cant beat the hest because they suck. Pierce is awful now too many turnovers, KG is still dominant but only 5 minutes at a time. They need to blow it up and build around Rondo and Bradley they are the future of this ball club.

      • 17rings

        Why would you blow up a team that was a win away from the finals last year WITHOUT one of their starters and a much improved bench????

        You must be retarded. You don’t step backwards until its proven that it won’t work. This team looks better than it did last year thru 17 games… Oh wait, you probably wanted to blow it up then too.

        Anyone calling for danny to blow it up is incredibly unintelligent when it comes to the nba.

        • Double a neezy fo nuccckkka

          Tell em bubba

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