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Your Morning Dump… Where all the guys love Rondo

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 30, 2012 The Morning Dump 12 Comments on Your Morning Dump… Where all the guys love Rondo

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Brandon Bass took a seat in the upper level of the Celtics practice facility to watch his new team on the court below. He had been traded from the Orlando Magic days earlier and was getting his first glimpse of the Celtics system in action. Bass was observing the X’s and O’s when he was handed a basketball.

“Someone brought me a ball from Rondo,” Bass recalled to “He threw a ball up to me just letting me know be ready, that he’s going to be getting me the ball. It made me feel more welcome knowing that my teammates were excited to have me. That was cool. He definitely makes it easier on me by finding me (on the court). It wasn’t hard for him to find me — he knew I liked my shot within a 15 to 17-foot range. It didn’t take long.”

CSNNE:  An inside look at Rondo:  To play with him is to know him

A lot of people are saying… or rehashing… a lot of things when it comes to Rajon Rondo and his suspension.  This piece is a nice reminder that a lot of what we think outside of that locker room is wrong.

Those guys in that locker room all love Rondo.  Go ahead and read that piece and you’ll see how they feel about him.  The Bass story I excerpted is the first I’ve heard of that, and it’s a spectacular example of what kind of teammate Rondo can be.  He goes out of his way for his teammates.

Some of what we see is a show for the media.  He won’t let anyone outside of that locker room in to his world.  The big where Rondo told reporters “I don’t mess with him anymore,” when he was asked about Perkins was obvious BS… especially when Perk’s wife is tweeting pictures of Rondo holding Perk’s son… who happens to be his God son.

It’s definitely a piece worth reading… and realizing that very few people know who Rondo really is.  And that’s not to say that you have to like him as a person or a player.  Whether you do or don’t is up to you.  But don’t call him a bad teammate… because there are 14 guys that share a locker room with him every day that will disagree.

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Bonus link:  I wrote about Rajon’s shooting for  It was mostly written before the fight, so the top and the headline had to be tweaked, but this is entirely a story about how his shooting is helping his passing .

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Any player whose entire role is designed to get the ball to scorers, in scoring position, which not only helps the team but the scorer as well at contract time….is going to be labeled a “good teammate”.

    However, before Rondo can get the ball to scorers, the Celtics need players who can get the ball to Rondo, in other words….guys who can rebound!

  • Larry Legend

    There may be 14 guys now, but it wasn’t always that way…guy named Ray wasn’t his biggest fan. Still so glad that mfer is gone.

    • KY Celts fan

      Though it’s pretty painful watching him nail go-ahead three’s night after night, last night being a perfect example.

      • eddysamson

        If he shines in the post-season then we can be sad/pissed/whatever, but I’m guessing it all wont matter in a few months.

      • Drew

        Did you watch the fans reactions to that 3 last night? Bunch of wiggers with hats turned every which way but forward or backwards jumping up and down like retards. And half the seats were empty. They have a championship product on the floor and can’t fill those seats. How can Miami players actually say that those fans are “great” with a straight face? This has been my running reason why I hate Miami more than The Lakers. Too much to respect about The Lakers Organization. Miami is just one big pathetic eye roll after another night in night out. Not to mention that David Stern hand picked such an easy schedule for them this year. What a crock, makes me sick.

        • LAF

          yeah because the lakers fans are some of the best! they are vastly superior to a bunch of “wiggers” in miami! they show up during the 2nd quarter and leave before the 4th! so smart snd dedicated those lakers fans…moron.

          • Drew

            If you say that Miami fans are on the same level as Laker fans, you’re either delirious or too stubborn to admit you’re wrong.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Other than their intense hatred of the Celtics, the Lakers have plenty of loyal long-standing fans.

            I lived there for 25 years…Los Angeles is a very good sports town, despite the perception.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    Drew you nailed it!! I think the Celtics have more fans in the stands when they practice at the garden! If Miami didn’t have James they wouldn’t have fans at all and they still don’t have fans, they got band wagoners. Your right about Stern too, it’s pretty clear that Stern doesn’t let the teams decide their fate in the NBA, he does and I’m glad Pop sat his starters, he has every right to. How sweet would that of been forthr Heat to lose against the Spurs 2nd unit. Then Stern says its not fair to the fans??? As a fan what’s not fair is the refs calling games fair, they clearly decide whose gonna get the calls before the game even starts! It totally kills the NBA. This guy is like Stalin from WW2! Can’t wait til he’s gone!

    • eddysamson

      Just goes to show how terrible of a commissioner Stern is. I would have loved to watch that game. I know the Spurs bench is good, I remember last year the starters sat from like halfway through the 3rd until the game was over and bench was just KILLING it!

      I just dont see how you can sanction Pop for it…they still played an exciting basketball game. No one is crying they couldnt see old vets that have been around forever!

      • Drew

        I hate to go all conspiracy on this, but the evidence looks like Stern wants to wear down San Antonio’s big three and possibly get them injured. We all know Manu and Parker get hurt all the time. Could it be that a San Antonio Finals would get crappy ratings and Stern will have none of that?

        • Chris H

          That’s interesting and well, very Stern-ish. He wants to cap it all off with a big ratings bang before he walks off into the sunset. I could see that. Maybe that has to do with the crap calls the C’s are getting?

          He is trying to engineer say an LA-Miami showdown with 8-9 superstars?