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RedsArmy presents Fan Friday #32: “#TeamCeltics”

Anytime I log on to Twitter, it’s not long until ” #TeamCeltics ” comes across my timeline. That’s because I follow a young die-hard from NYC who goes by the Twitter handle @NyPDCeltics_34. His real name is Richard F. Richard is a 17 year old student from Brooklyn, NY who reps the Boston Celtics to the fullest. And as you can imagine, being a Boston Celtics fan in NYC is not exactly easy..

The Celtics are a big part of Richard’s family. His father and grandfather both grew-up rooting for the men in green. Richard’s Dad witnessed the great Celtics dynasties of the 1980’s and his grandfather the glory days of Russell, Cousy, Heinsohn and the like. Despite only being 17, Richard is quite the Celtics historian. I am always impressed at the amount of knowledge that he has about Celtics, past & present. Need to know something about the C’s? He’s your go to guy…

Richard tells me that his favorite Celtic is Paul Pierce. And not just because of what he does night in and night out on the floor:

Paul Pierce is my favorite player. I grew up watching him grow and lead this franchise to another NBA Championship. With my life story he has influenced me in many ways and both of us were actually close to death (believe it or not).

Richard with Larry Legend at the Basketball H.O.F.

You can follow Richard on Twitter for non-stop updates about everything Celtics, and he also has a fantastic Tumbler page. It features great photos, videos and Celtics news. And if you’re big on the rich history of the franchise, he always provides lots of posts featuring some of the all-time greats. I want to thank Richard for his participation this week, and thank all of you for reading. UBUNTU.


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  • Nice to see a C’s fan in Brooklyn!

    Keep up the good work, Richard!

  • Jester00

    Love fan friday keep up KWAPT I still remember when u were just a reader great job man. Richard you are the man!!!!!!

    • Thanks Jes-as always, thew pleasure is all mine.

      • Jester00

        you drinking you looked like me typing there LOL

  • Richard Ferrer

    Thank You

  • Josh Fontaine

    Great article. Id love to be featured on here sometime ! follow me on facebook or twitter: bleedCELTSgreen. Celtics basketball is my life.

  • Henri Thomas

    You should Coach the Celtics after doc rivers lol