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Rondo, unapologetic for scuffle, awaits league’s decision

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media today, and was not apologetic for his action.  He declared “I’m not a dirty player,” adding “I didn’t try to start a riot, I didn’t think it was more than jut a pushing war.

“I thought the play on Kevin was a malicious play,” Rondo said.  “I pushed Humphries.  After that, it was a pushing war.”

Rondo was his usual stoic self when addressing the media, and there was a running theme to his comments:

“I know I have to be out there for my teammates, ” Rondo said.  “But I was trying to stick up for my teammates.  I didn’t try to start a fight, I didn’t try to be a bully.”

He did admit to letting his emotions get the best of him, and said he spoke to the league about it this morning.  So we’ll have to wait and see what the league says.

Personally, I didn’t think anyone involved deserved to be kicked out of the game.  But I’m an old school guy, and this is not the old school NBA.  I would have been happy to see a few techs called, and have everyone move on.

You can watch the entire video of his comments here, courtesy of ESPN Boston’s Greg Payne.


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  • kc

    After the malice in the palace ref’s can’t allow fighting that spills into stands to go unpunished. Ejections deserved. Based on precedent for fights (or shoving matches) that spill into stands suspensions will be forth coming. I think it is lame of Doc to be such a Rondo apologist saying he doesn’t deserve a suspension. Get in a guys face, sure, but the shove was as un-tough as it gets. Tough would have been making a comeback. Weak to let frustration with blowout boil over then try and say you did it to defend a team mate. If Doc want this team to get it right he’d better start holding mister temper tantrum accountable. You can’t call out a HOF’er like Ray Allen and then let Rondo get a pass when he hurts your team. Combined with the assist baloney in DET Celtics organization is looking pretty misguided right now.

  • DJ Bento Box

    Ahhh…. good to see Rondo is maturing, learning from his mistakes and understanding that the tough guy pushing and shoving doesn’t help your team.

    Or not.

    It makes me feel good to see that the future Celtic franchise player has all the maturity and sense of an 8 year old girl.

    Back to your 21 year drought, Celtic fan.

  • Mike

    Pretty hypocritical to blame someone for over reacting and then do the same yourself with your post but I don’t blame you. Our society does not teach patience and forgiveness.

  • Mike

    Kc’s comment I was commenting on, sorry

    • kc

      Mike- can you clarify what part of my post was over reaction? To summarize, I think the NBA rules clearly required ejections and suspensions. My opinion is it was a bone head play. Doc went out of his way to back up RR publicly, I don’t like that either.

      I’m not flushing the future of the franchise down the drain like DJ above. I’m stating I don’t like they way the C’s (mainly Doc & RR) have handled 2 things lately. Just my opinion. You may disagree but I just don’t see how my opinion here is an over-reaction. It’s not like I said Danny should fire Doc and trade Rondo or that we are now going no where as a team.

  • dyu

    As what John implied through his tweets, this team needs an enforcer, too bad Darko left town…
    Someone needs to keep the opposing players in check when they deliver unnecessary and hard fouls, with the way the league’s has changed from what we were used to back in the good ole days, someone as important as Rondo can’t do the same stuff that Bird or Mchale did, he’s too important. When Rondo dislocated his elbow against Wade, I don’t remember anyone from our team getting back at Dwade and that’s a shame

  • DJH

    Did anyone call Bird imature in all his fights