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League execs predict 2-3 game suspension for Rondo

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski got some feedback from league executives about the length of Rajon Rondo’s likely suspension:

Before the league hands down its suspension, Rivers has to be careful how harshly he publicly judges his point guard. He doesn’t want to make the league case for a significant suspension easier.

The consensus of NBA executives on Thursday morning was a two- or three-game suspension for Rondo. “I think the internal argument will be to make it three, because it spilled into the stands,” one longtime GM said Thursday morning.

I predicted a 2-3 game suspension in the Morning Dump.

As always, we’ll keep you updated.

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  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Hump tweeted pictures of the scratches he received… Shaq said that snitches get stitches, lmao.

    Maybe K. Joseph will get some playing time with the shortage of guards.

    When Rondo is reinstated, I think Barbosa should start at SG until Bradley comes back.

  • 17rings

    ugh, i think 1 game would suffice considering there’d be no suspension if this same altercation happened anywhere but in the stands.

  • DK

    I would say that losing out on the assist streak and being ejected that early should count as one game. With that being said, I would suspend him for one more game.

    In conclusion, just the next game.

    ….I really thought Rondo had turned a corner but who doesnt want to punch the male NBA Kris Kardashian?

  • RedsLoveChild

    2-3 Games?

    It will be more like 5-10 Games!

    • Are you kidding me? Remember Artest’s elbow on Harden? He didn’t get nearly enough games for putting Harden’s career in jeopardy. If Rondo gets any more than 2 for this, this league is a fucking hypocritical joke

  • I usually don’t like Wojo , but his column today was spot-on.

    Doc better get to work with the remaining guards on how to beat the press.

  • Brick James

    You get suspended for pushing someone?

    What kind of panzy-ass league has this become?


    • 17rings

      agreed. The pussification of America.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I was in attendance, saw this in person, at The Forum, in 1984.

      Prior this : Lakers were up, 76-70
      After this : Celtics outscored them, 59-49

      • Brick James

        I’m reading the latest Jackie Mac book on Bird/Magic. She does a great job depicting how this moment was the turning point not only in that game, but in that Finals series.

        Here’s hoping the slapfest yesterday actually gives the Celtics some momentum this season.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Is this a brand new Jackie Mac book on Bird/Magic…or the one she wrote a few years ago?

          The title was something like…”When The Game Was Ours”

    • Chief

      Yep have to agree with you

  • Astarot

    Well considering how NBA looks these days how ‘sensitive” executives are and that this is about Boston and Rondo I bet you it’s gonna be at least 3 games and they’ll always put it into some nice words justifying it. I wouldn’t be surprise if it’d be 5 or even more – 90s are gone.