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Jason Terry rips Kris Humphries

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 29, 2012 Celtics News, Jason Terry 10 Comments on Jason Terry rips Kris Humphries

“Some guys are tough. Some guys pretend to be. He’s one of those that pretends to be,” Terry told reporters. “I played with him (on the 2009-10 Dallas Mavericks). Maybe that’s the role Avery (Johnson) wants him to have, but he could leave that to somebody else.”

Terry continued jab at Humphries, calling him “soft.”

When told Doc Rivers called his entire team soft for its effort in Wednesday’s 95-83 loss to the Nets, Terry took that nugget and redirected it at Humphries.

“Well, Humphries might as well play with us if that’s the case.”

NY Daily News (h/t: Sheridan Hoops)

Nice recovery, JET…. I think.

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  • Rippinstix

    The Celtic brain trust in full effect….

  • Astarot

    Yeah nice one from Terry, he knows Hump cuz how do you call 6-10 big man taking 6-1 PG into the stands for pushing him a bit?

  • Humphries is a jackass, Rondo is a hot-head, and the C’s got their asses kicked (at home) (again) Did I miss anything?

    • eddysamson

      You missed the fact that the refs clearly wanted the Nets to win. Ghost T on Doc, bunch of no calls on over-aggressive Nets D, ghost calls on the Cs. And thats all I saw in the first quarter and half of the second because I stopped watching it was so bad (missed the fight)

      Sure the Cs played bad but theres not much you can do when the other team is free to defend as aggressively as they want while you cant.

      • I agree with you on the Doc technical, but the refs job isnt to call fouls evenly on both sides. If you take the ball into the paint, you’re gonna get foul calls. The Nets had a lay-up drill going at times last night. And everytime there was a rebound- it seemed like there were 3 or 4 black jerseys around the basket. The C’s took a bunch of jumpers.

        I’m not sayin the refs did a great job last night, but they certainly didn’t cost us the game. The C’s sucked last night.

        Thankfully, the Little General didn’t use that full-court press after Rondo got ejected…

        • eddysamson

          I said they played bad man, I am well aware of it, its why I stopped watching.

          But your point on taking the ball to the paint is completely wrong here. Rondo takes it to the paint all the time, gets sent hard to floor on a decent amount of those, and rarely goes to the line despite fighting through hands.

          Did you see the foul called on Collins when the replay clearly showed that there was no only ZERO contact but that the ref who called the foul was in plain view to see the no contact.

          • I saw the whole game, I actually sat through it. And yes, there’s one guy on the C’s who consistantly drives, and that’s Rondo, and yes. there are times when he doesn’t get the calls most stars get….. But I can’t have a serious conversation with anyone who thinks the refs cost us that game.

          • eddysamson

            Well you’re not having one so I dont see why thats relevant. Thats not something I’ve ever said. I said the refs wanted the Nets to win. And I used bad calls as evidence. That doesnt mean the Cs couldnt play well and win.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    Exactly Eddie! Refs clearly favored Brooklyn. At the end of the first half Brooklyn went to the line 17 times as opposed to the Celts going 3. Leads me to believe the refs are being bought! What a joke, those refs should be embarrassed for what they did. They can’t sit back and say they did a good job cause they clearly didn’t! It was so one sided and it was obvious! What a disgrace those officials are to the NBA and they aren’t the only ones!

  • Grix

    Can’t blame that loss on anyone but the “C”‘s. They stunk the place up last night. To many fast three’s, and still no rebounding. I understand the need to get back on D, but it was obvious they were “NOT” back. The defense did not show up again last night. your not going to win many allowing teams to drop that many points in the paint.