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Enemy Chatter: Rondo is like a mosquito in your face

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Brooklyn.

Reggie Evans likened Rondo to an annoying bug. Rondo is eight inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than Humphries.

“That’s just like a mosquito in your face. Eventually, you are going to swat at the mosquito, right?” Evans told reporters. “You aren’t going to let mosquitos in your face. You are going to get bumps all over your face. So you have to knock the mosquito down.”

NY Daily News

My only question to Reggie Evans is… Who knocked down Rondo?

It wasn’t your boy Hump, because he was backpedaling faster than a cat can lick its ass.

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  • screaming jay

    Rondo kicks ass…in each and every way. I respect Rondo for what he did last night, I disagree with those who say he “lost control.” I think he was in control but decided that defending his team mate was the most important thing at that point.

    He shouldn’t get suspended…he pushed Humphries, and Humphries grabbed him and pulled him into the stands. Like others have said, this happens at half court and it looks completely different.

    I tell ya what…KG’s talking to his lawyer today and putting Rondo in his will. What Rondo did last night coming to KG’s defense is exactly the kind of thing that is important to KG.

    Rondo’s “got your back” behavior last night will do great things for the team’s chemistry building for the future of this team. It was worth it.

    • Brick James

      150% agreed on all counts

    • Forever_green

      Another 150% agree

      • CelticsKid34

        another 150

  • eddysamson

    Does anyone know where I can see a different angle of the fight? I missed it live last night but when I turned it back on late in the 3rd they showed a replay from a higher angle than the floor cam which is all I’ve seen today.

    In the other angle you could clearly see the intricacies of the fight like the arms flailing around and questionable punches.

  • paul

    The problem is that we have a team where Rondo is our toughest guy and becomes our de facto enforcer. Wojnowrowski touches on this. It makes no sense, yet there we are.

  • Danie

    Wish somebody would mention the previous play where it looked like Miss Humphries stepped on Rondo when he was laying on the floor, out of bounds…this was more than reacting to a foul on KG.

    We all know that it takes a “non-call’ pile up for Rondo to react on the Refs so last night was no different.

    He pushed Miss Humphries then tried to throw his hands up….but was pulled into the stands. There was no need for him to ejected, if the Refs would have played it back like they did for Thabeet, he would’ve just been T’d up for the push. And, the others, ejected.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    It’s called Loyalty!! It’s a characteristic many say they have but few only actually have it! Screw the streak, I’m glad it’s over. Now maybe he can focus more on basketball instead of a streak! People are saying Rondo initiated it but all he did was give him a little push. It’s alright to give KG a defenseless player a nice shove midair and not give a shit what happens to him but as soon as rondo gives him a little push he goes right for him! That kid Humphriez is a pussy, he shouldn’t be worried about a tetanus shot, he should be worried more about Drs finding a cure for Herpes!! Loser

  • Chulinho

    I love it when a “nobody” will slander a great player in the safety of their locker room. Especially when that “nobody” is renowned flopper and was on the outside of the altercation.

    I respect Reggie Evans grit, but he doesn’t have any balls.

    • Lakerhater

      Renowned nut grabber.

      • kg215

        Lol he doesn’t have his own so he has to grab someone else’s.

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  • DJ Bento Box

    Gotta love those whiny Celtic fans. Any fans of a team that employs KG have zero leg to stand on when they call any players from another team out for not having “balls” or backpedaling.

    Look at KG flopping like a little bitch from almost no contact on the Hump “push” and then pushing with Crash for about a second as the scrum starts before he realizes Crash has no problem engaging and then he immediately turns his back on him. No balls, sir.

    And if KG had any sense, he’d realize he’s on a team with a point guard who doesn’t have a brain in his head or any control over his emotions and would avoid the desperate flop knowing there’s a better chance than not Rondo will react like a pickup game idiot and start with the shoving and bitch slapping, resulting in him getting suspended…….. again.

    But no, really, the refs are out to get the Celtics, wannabe tough guy antics are the way to go and the Nets just lucked out in beating you twice.

    Doc got it right, for a change. Your team is SOFT. Soft in the head, soft in the heart.

    Gotta love those Celtics fans.

    • B

      Ok buddy you are clearly not a Celtics fan but you troll comments on a Celtics Fan Site – maybe take your “little bitch” comments elsewhere.

      Oh and try saying what you said to KG’s face – your ass would be kicked so hard

    • CelticsKid34

      your fuccin retarded. i would beat your ass let alone KG or any Celtic that you might talk crap about. you and all the other sensitive little bitches like the ones that control the league are loosing site of what humans used to and deep down, still are and thats barbarians. we have a fightning spirit. take all the players from the 80’s and put them in a fight against modern day and there wouldnt be a single matchup that was won by todays players. david stern has taken the violence and hate out of the sport. when you play a sport you play to win. you want to win because you want to show that you are better and dominant. you cant show that on the court if you cant even touch the guy without even getting a tech. if this was the 80’s rondo would get a personal and maybe even a fist to the face from a “non pussy 80’s” version of humphries. and to all the people saying that rondo would get his ass beat by hump off court. YOUR RETARDED thats like saying deron williams would get owned by KG… we all know that, what are you trying to prove. teams are like a gang when you fight or hurt one you have to handle them all. NBA = boys sport… not a man’s sport

      • CelticsKid34

        not a man’s sport anymore that is.

      • Chief

        Awesome post couldn’t have said it better