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Breaking: Rondo suspended two games

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 29, 2012 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 38 Comments on Breaking: Rondo suspended two games

If this is true, it’s definitely on the low side of what people were afraid of.  I saw people expecting up to 10 today.

In today’s NBA, a 2-game suspension for this is probably the best case scenario.

Update:  Danny Ainge confirms it:


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  • Curt

    That’s about the best we can hope for. Maybe this will give Terry or Lee some time to learn to play PG.

    We still need to drop Jeff Green and get Gortat.

  • Lakerhater

    They felt sorry for Humphries bottom line. Dumped on ass by a Kardashian and then by a 6’1″ point guard this guy gets emasculated on a regular basis.

  • 2 games. So he just misses Blazers tomorrow & Bucks Saturday. Portland is struggling, then we go to play a decent Milwaukee team in Wisc. Afterwards, we have 3 days off. So I’ll try and take the positive from this: Rajon gets 5 days rest, and comes back fresh as hell for a 3 games in 4 nights stretch next week that includes a back to back against Philly.

    • Certainly this is the best case scenario……if Humphries wasn’t such an db, it mighta been more. I hope Rondo and everyone else learns from this. I heard Wojo say it’s somebody else’s job to get in Kardashian’s face and I agree.

      This Portland team isn’t as weak as you might think, the rookie point guard is playing great. Hopefully they don’t press us too much, but they’re gonna be hungry after losing in DC.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Rondo got off very lightly!

      This is Rondo`s THIRD suspension in the last 10 months.

  • Brick James

    That is such bullshit I don’t even know where to begin.

    • Failticslol

      Maybe it’s because you’re a idiot and can’t put together a train of factual thought. Especially because Rajon “Ronda” was wrong to go after Kris after KG flopped. Maybe you should start on a over/under on when we will see Princess Pierce get out his trusty wheelchair. If there was ever a time for him to get the wheelchair out it was been these past few games. Talk about broken ankles… At one point Jameer shook him so hard that Princess thought it was nap time and fell back to take a nap.

      LETS GO FAILTICS! 2013 Champs of Suck

      • eddysamson

        Yo no lifer whose got nothin better to do than troll another teams blog check this:

        first .fig in the gallery.

        Watch that on repeat and tell me its a flop. (and because your a dbag I expect a response from you that says “its a flop idiot”)

        Wtf is someone 7 god damned feet tall supposed to do when he gets smacked mid air (already leaning back) and lands awkwardly on one foot?

        • eddysamson

          first .gif GIF god damnit give me an edit button RedsArmy!

        • Failticslol

          Umad bro? Everyone one Espn and NBA TV are calling it a flop. I only refrence them because they are going to be more objective than I am. So it’s a flop Douche. It was a flop period, you have your homer beer bottle glasses on so you only see OMFG Kris should have been given a flagrant 2. Sorry a flop is a flop and that was a flop. Thats why everyone outside of Boston is laughing at Ronda and the fact that she killed her chances to break Magics’ record with her overreaction gg Ronda….

          • eddysamson

            No I’m not mad, it actually seems you are. You seem to have a vendetta against the Cs. Enough to waste your day making yourself feel good by posting a bunch of trolling slander on a Celtics blog.

            I just dont see how its a flop. Hes falling backwards, only 1 leg hits the ground, and his mass of body weight is already falling over. HOW is someone supposed to land on that one foot at that angle? watch the god damned gif and stop being so fucking bias. I dont care what ANYONE ELSE says, I know what I see when I look at that .gif. Its someone falling over unable to stay up.

            And no I dont think it should be a flagrant on KH I never even said that.

      • Brick James

        Yes that’s exactly it. Imbecile.

        • Failticslol

          Nice comeback, too bad you need the help of someone else to make your nonexistant arguement moron….

          • Drew

            You spelled nonexistent and argument wrong, then called someone a moron.

  • lkk23

    I know that Rondo ‘started’ it but Kris pulled him into the stands, I don’t know if it was momentum or what but I feel like he should have gotten something fine/suspension whatever. It sucks to lose him for the next two games but maybe Doc calling them ‘soft’ and this episode will light a fire under them and hopefully flip a switch for the players…also, I knew I should’ve knocked on wood after I said that his streak would end last night, lol…oh well when he comes back maybe he will start a new one 🙂

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    …and KG’s elbow to Q-rich’s jaw was only a one game suspension LOL

    • Jester00

      Love the name I’d take them over lee green and Collins

  • Chris H

    I would accept this (KG and Wallaces fines to) if Humps was called for the very clear Flagrant 1 he committed. Why is that NOT being called. After KG’s shot, clear additional contact was made (where Humps left hand connected with KG’s shoulder after he stepped in to it).

  • Failticslol

    LMAO! Rondo is the dirtiest player in the NBA. He’s a thug and a scrub. He starts a fight with the softest Net on the floor after a KG FLOP. What a joke this whole franchise has become. Princess Pierce is getting her ankles broken by 2 over the hill scrubs in one week. God I love seeing the Celtics drowning in all their fail. Whats next? KG going to go after a PG again because we all know that he’s too much of a female to go after someone his own size.

    LETS GO FAILTICS!!! 2013 Champs of Suck 🙂

    • Chris H

      LOL, thanks for stopping by.

      Remember to change your Huggies late in the season when whatever your team is (Raptors?) are getting their asses handed to them by the C’s.

      • Failticslol

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry sweetheart my team has nothing to fear from this fail bunch of scrubs and that thug Ronda. WOW! lol at my team getting killed by the Failtics.

        FAILTICS 2013 CHAMPS OF SUCK! Just saying….

        • Chris H

          Good to know babydoll.

          Only one way to find out. Just saying…

          • Failticslol

            Right on cupcake, can’t wait to blow these scrubs out again.

            My team get blown out by the Failtics? LMFAO!

    • eddysamson

      Princess Pierce had a terrible game and still posted 14 pts 9 rebounds 7 assists and 2 steals…70% of the NBA would kill for those stats.

      • Failticslol

        Yes Sherlock, Princess Pierce was also 4-13, 6-11 FTM and had 5 TO’s= BAD GAME. It’s sad that some people say that Celtics fans know basketball when you have this idiot spewing stats at someone…. Go back to playing NBA2K…

        • eddysamson

          wow dude I feel sorry for you. theres more to life than the NBA.

  • greenman

    What a joke! Fur pushing someone? Either way it’s worth it. It’s early in the season and Humphries is a tool. I was happy to see some emotion from Rondo. I’m sure he was equally frustrated with his teams play as well as the joke that was the officiating up to that point. I usually don’t expect to see that kind of b.s. officiating till the playoffs. It’s clear, the NBA is progressivly getting worse.

    • Failticslol

      Blaming the refs for bad calls is the sign of your team sucking. Refs don’t stop your team from winning or losing. If the refs really wanted to stick it to your fail team, they would call KG on every moving screen he sets and what about when he hit players when getting back on defense? See the refs like your fail team too so stop crying about calls. Your team is 7-8 because they’re old and suck… Nothing else…

      • Drew

        We are 8-7.

      • Drew

        And why are you afraid to tell us what team you root for? Scared we might have more ammo on your team than you do on The Celtics?

      • Dave

        No, your team is 7-8. Also famous rapists and aids patients.

  • Astarot

    You’re right in today’s NBA it’s probably the best from everything what could’ve happend. Two games not the toughest one in the shedule. What about Hump and Wallace by the way?

  • It’s true…Ragin’ Rondo’s suspension could have been much worse (the sight of that young girl in the stands between all the players alone could have made Stern overreact) and I agree, Humphries should have been called for the flagrant 1 – anyone who has played ball knows that there are two things you don’t ever do, undercut someone who’s in the air for a rebound or hit em when they’re on the way down. The refs also rescinded the flagrant on Bogans against Leandro, so we’re seeing a trend here about which teams get what kinds of calls. In any case, Rondo was wrong to react and cost his team his services, but this is the best that could have happened and he should thank his lucky stars.

  • 17rings

    failtics is too embarrassed to reveal the identity of his fav nba team.. I feel sorry for you bro lol they must really suck.

    Refs definitely determine the outcomes of games, if you don’t know that, you must not even follow a team.

    Enjoy it now failtics, cuz we don’t even have our starting 5 out there yet lol

  • Anyone who says this deserves more than 2 games must have a very short memory. Artest somehow only got 7 games for his assault on Harden

  • Drew

    Another Ray Allen game winning three tonight assisted by LeBron. That’s 3 on the season, ALL ASSISTED BY LEBRON!!! I’m nauseous.

  • ME


  • TommyPoints

    Here’s the plain and simple: No way it was a flop! KG is a human steeple and an old one at that…Most cats wouldn’t land on their feet the way he was jolted. Also..Humph didn’t do anything intentional it just happened. Rondo is a fighter with heart, spirit, and passion…HUMPH has a horrible image and is known as the biggest douche in the league. That alone could have cost him getting struck by Rondo, but Rondo having that massive SWAT on him earlier in the game by Humph certainly didn’t help his frustration level. The suspension is fair and exactly where it should be.

    More plain and simple: Humphries is a queer who puts hair gel in his hair during competition. “Failtics” is a coward who seems to receive an Ego boost by subjecting himself to a one sided argument amongst the numbers of a strongly supported team (and credible team). “Failtics” should probably get away from the screen of his computer more often and is just disgruntled because whatever shit team he supports doesn’t have an online blog.

    Every team needs to “Storm” before they can Norm and the Celtics will grow from all of this bullshit…just wait HATERS its a long long season.