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Your Morning Dump…where Avery Bradley continues to impress, even off the court

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 Unable to do many physical activities with his upper body, Bradley focused on the mental approach to the game. He studied film — a lot of

gamefilm — after watching Rondo do the same over the years. Soon he began seeing the court differently, comparing the realization to solving a Magic Eye puzzle. By shifting the way he watched the action, he opened his eyes to a completely different point of view.

“There were some of those things (head coach) Doc (Rivers) would yell at us about,” Bradley said. “[He would] look at us like, ‘Are you serious? You don’t see that? You don’t see what I see?’ We’d be like, ‘No, we don’t.’

“Now I see those things and I look at people that way, like, ‘Why aren’t you doing things that way?’ I look at the game completely different, it’s weird. It’s like once you know the plays and you feel comfortable, you know all the other teams’ sets, it’s like you know everything and it’s just easier. I know Paul (Pierce) and them can say the same thing, too.”

CSNNE: Celtics’ Bradley overcoming bumps in road to recovery

Take away the fact that Avery Bradley is a Longhorn and my long fueled passion for the Longhorns made Bradley an instant favorite for me upon joining the Celtics, Avery Bradley is really impressive both on and off the court. Last season, Bradley enjoyed a breakout season where he landed as the Celtics starting two guard, unseating future Hall of Famer Ray Allen. Thanks to his tenacious defense and improving offensive attack, Bradley started to look like a guy that would be a part of the rebuilding process and quite the asset to have on your side. Unfortunately as we all know by now a double shoulder surgery took Bradley out of the playoffs and on the path to recovery again (He missed part of his rookie season due to ankle surgery).

Those who read the article stand to be mightily impressed with the effort that Bradley is putting in to doing what he can to improve his game despite his limitations as he continues to recover. He is spending more time learning the game through film, studying tendencies of his team and opponents. Rare is it that you will find a young player in the league dedicate themselves to studying film in this manner, and it can only stand to help boost Bradley to whole different pantheon should he be able to take that film knowledge and translate it onto the court.

The two biggest criticisms of Bradley when he entered the league were that he had an inconsistent game on the offensive end of the floor, and that he lacked the court vision and ball handling skills to be a true Point Guard. Studying film will obviously give Bradley a shot at improving the court vision aspect of things, and his offensive has steadily improved since entering the league. Combine those two aspects with his elite level defensive ability and Bradley may quickly become a household name outside of Boston. But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets remember that we may not reap these benefits right away, bear in mind that much of the time Bradley will spend in the regular season will be spent trying to re-acclimate himself to playing at the NBA level, but come playoff time it is fair to expect that Bradley will be hitting his stride and we can all hope that it is then that we will see the hard work that Bradley put in during his time away from the game. Next to Rondo, Bradley has quickly become one of the members of the short “Do not trade” list in my books.


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  • Jester00

    I wouldn’t trade Sully either he just going to get better and better his numbers are ready better than Jeff Green this year and he gets less mins.

    Jeff Green

    21.9.402 .263 .722 .40 2.40 2.70 0.7 0.43
    0.43 1.43 1.21 8.1

    17.9 .516 1.000 1.000 1.60 2.80 4.40 0.6 0.29
    0.43 0.43 2.64 5.4

    look at Jeff Green’s 3 point shooting

    Scal lifetime 3pt% .344
    Larry Hughes .309
    Walter McCarty .346
    Sir Charles .266

    Manute Bol shot better during 92-93 season and he had a claw for a hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!read below .313

    And yet Bol tended to be an embarrassment on offense. He’d played only a single year of Division II college ball and struggled with the most routine plays, missing layups, bricking free throws, dropping the ball or allowing it to roll away between his legs. Several fingers on his right, shooting hand were disfigured, the result of a birth defect. “It looked like a claw,” Bob Ferry, the general manager of the Bullets who drafted Bol, says. “He couldn’t straighten his fingers, and that really hurt him.”

    • juan

      that’s funny about manute’s “claws” but green’s career 3p% is .337

      • Drew

        I don’t think making fun of a dead mans birth defects is funny at all. You’re sick in the head.

        • juan

          it’s funny that he is comparing a 3p% of a 7’7 center with “claws” for hands to jeff green’s 3p%…u guys are obviously over sensitive, was manute your dad? christ

          • Drew

            So you’d only defend someone from being made fun of if they were your dad? You seem like a stand up guy!

          • juan

            yes you are correct, i will only defend my father – darth vader

          • BamaCeltic

            Juan ….u sir r hilarious …almost fell out my chair !! RLOF ,and come on now Drew …seriously ….this is a sports Blog … sensitive thugs ..u all need hugs !

          • Jester00

            Juan thank you made me laugh and that is no easy task

  • juan

    i wish people would stop the hating on jeff green and give the guy a chance – we’ve seen what he can do and we’ve seen him have bad games

    the more minutes he plays – the better the stats, just give him some time and if by the end of the year he’s still inconsistent, then we can start all the trade talk

    if we trade jeff green, who is gonna back up paul? i almost want paul to turn an ankle and miss a couple weeks just so we can see green get some minutes and see how he performs

    jeff green = avery bradley last year

    oh and i stand corrected his 3p% is .335

  • RedsLoveChild

    Assuming AB fully recovers, and with experience/maturity becomes the player we all have good reason to believe he will become…that means he will be a major NBA star.

    How will Rondo react to having his younger, high scoring, more likable backcourt mate become a star? Will we see drama from RR?

    It`s one thing for RR to come here and defer to greats like Pierce/KG. AB`s emergence would be in a different category altogether from RR`s perspective.

    • Sheets

      What are you talking about??? Why would Rondo care if AB scores more points than him, isn’t that what a shooting guard is supposed to do? Its just more assists for him. I’m sure Rondo will be ok with having one of the best backcourt a in the league. Relax pal.

  • What? Unless Bradley suddenly becomes an awesome passer, the gap between him and Rondo will stay pretty big.

    Bradley isn’t someone you can build around like Rondo

    • RedsLoveChild

      Trying to build around a 6`1″ point guard who still can`t shoot FT`s…will send you straight to the lottery. Size matters…you must always start building with “bigs”.

      RR is a quiet guy…but, that doesn`t mean he lacks a big ego. He loves the attention. If AB starts getting tons of attention, hard to say how RR will react.

      • Sheets

        You moan

  • ME