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The most Joey Crawford foul call ever

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 28, 2012 Around the NBA, Videos 14 Comments on The most Joey Crawford foul call ever

Man… Joey Crawford really loves the spotlight.  You never know when or where he’s suddenly going to feel the need to be seen and heard in a game.

Last night was a doozy.  With the Lakers and Pacers tied at 74, David West drove and ran straight into Chris Duhon.  Joey Crawford saw it as a blocking foul… and boy did he let everyone know about it.  He went from the baseline to beyond the 3 point line to sell the blocking call.  It was a high stepping showcase worthy of a marching band showdown competition.

I guarantee you… if you’d asked me or any other regular observer of the NBA “did you see the ref that highstepped out to the 3-point line to make a foul call last night?”… I’ll bet you 100% of us would have asked “was it Joey Crawford?”

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  • Coobs

    Just Joey being Joey.

    Lakers fan have been pointing to this call (should have been a non-call in my opinion, there really wasn’t much contact) as the reason they lost the game last night, yet earlier Joey called a technical on Kobe while the Pacers were in the midst of a 4-on-none breakaway, thus nullifying a sure 2 points.

    Not to mention that West only hit one of the two FTs here, and then LAL had 4 consecutive free throws (Howard and Artest) to tie or take the lead, and they missed them all. The only reason this even came down to the wire is because of Kobe’s dagger 3-pt shot.

  • side show mel

    good one joe!
    but still this down here is my all time favorite:

    • Astarot

      Hold on a sec am I missing something here? Did he really call Camby’s foul (away from the ball at that time) and Nash (with the ball, beyond the 3pt line at that time) went to the line? They were in the penalty but the call must have been on Nash in order to send him to the line come on. Not to mention what kind of a foul it was. That’s “Joey Crawford foul” beats everything I’ve seen.

  • adam

    looks like a good call to me. Duhon’s feet weren’t planted.

  • PicturePlanet

    I’ve had I with that guy- for real. What a piece of shit

  • Lupo

    after he gets past the 3 point line, he kind of claps his hand like it was a good move on his part.

    • KY Celts fan

      I think he was switching his whistle from his left hand to his right. I don’t think it was a clap.

  • Astarot

    He’s a clown no the ref just the clown. He should go to shrink and do some tests. As for the call it looks good (maybe non-call but there was contact) and defender’s legs wern’t in place (he moved his feet just before the contact) so good call but he should be out of the league long time ago.

  • Mr Curet

    Lakers fans are hilarious, Duhon was clearly moving his feet in that blocking call, also they conveniently forget to mention when Kobe got the tech & Indiana was in transition & that should’ve been 2 points. They try to blame the refs, but Joey Crawford didn’t make LA shoot 31% from the field or miss 22 free throws. Or cause the Lakers to lose. It’s just the Lakers fault, nobody else’s. LA just plain sucks!

  • TommyPoints

    I haven’t even watched the clip and I am not going to…I just simply wanted to comment on the SCUM that is Joey Crawford…or should I say Porky Pig…that oink oink S.O.B. who stands out as the biggest pinhead on the floor. He resembles the red ass hairs of the king of ASSCLOWNS.

  • tim

    Ive been wondering this for a long time. Who rates whether reffing squads are good or bad. Is there a number system and is this information public?

  • Celtic Geezer

    Joey Crawford is, hands down, the worst referee in the history of basketball. He cost us the 2010 championship with his 4th quarter Game 7 shenanigans. He hates certain teams and players and takes it out on them. Last night’s Lakers’ game was a debacle by the whole crew. I saw numerous clear fouls that were not called and then they would step in and call the unclear ones. He brings the whole crew down whenever he steps on the court. I can’t wait until he retires because, for some reason, the NBA will never fire his ass and actually gives him the significant games.

  • terlo

    still, this can’t beat duhon travel dance, who is involved funny enught. oh, hai barbo

  • OlSkool

    I’m laughing Tim Duncan style