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Recap: Rondo gets tossed and Celtics lose again to Nets.


The Nets continue to be a bad matchup for the Celtics and tonight some of that frustration came out as Rajon Rondo gets involved in a scuffle and gets ejected and the Celtics lose an ugly game, 95-83.

It looked good early as Kevin Garnett started getting going early, with six points and three rebounds. But as soon as he leaves the game, the Nets go on a 19-6 run to make it a 28-20 lead. The second was just some ugly basketball to watch. Between the really aggressive defense by Brooklyn and some god awful offensive execution by the Celtics, the deficit grew as high as 22.

Then the little brouhaha happened. Kris Humphries fouled a flailing KG and Rajon Rondo took offense to it, giving the Hump a shove with his forearm, which led to Hump retaliating and pushing Rondo into the stands and a shoving match occurred. This led to Rondo’s night (and the much talked about streak) being over but it also ended the night for Hump and Gerald Wallace.

Now this will be talked about more than the atrocious effort the remaining Celtics put forth but let’s just call this what it was: a chain reaction of overreactions with each overreaction topping the previous one. KG flailed a bit which led to Rondo being angry and taking a page out of KG’s book by taking a cheap shot to stick up for his teammate. Hump’s reaction to Rondo is exactly how I pictured him freaking out the first time he listened to Kanye West’s “Theraflu“.  It was just all a chain reaction of suck that will definitely lead to some fines and probably some suspensions. It doesn’t make Rondo a punk or selfish, nor does it make him a great teammate. It was just a overreaction that will end up costing this team more than just this game, something that I’m sure Rondo will regret. And something that the detractors will point to and giving John and myself an aneurysm.

If you would’ve thought that the Rondo ejection would have led to the Celtics would’ve come out with a spark, you were awfully wrong. They could never really get it closer thansix and the second half was just chaos ball with Joe Johnson going Iso-Joe and the Rondo-less Celtics looking lost offensively. To top it all off, both Jeff Green & Courtney Lee got banged up with a knee & wrist injury. Now on the 4 G’s.

The Green:

Not much to be excited about. Kevin Garnett played well in the first half and made some shots in the second to make this game semi-interesting. He finished with 16 points & 10 rebounds. Brandon Bass also had 16.

The Gross:

The offensive execution was brutal for big chunks of the game. The Celtics only scored six points within the first seven minutes of the second and then just dropping 11 in the entire third quarter. Paul Pierce had himself a pretty rough night despite what the stats show: he went 14 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, but went  4-of 13 from the field, including 1-of-6 from downtown, and had five turnovers. He also ended up getting embarrassed again, this time by Joe Johnson who dribbled Truth to his knees and hit a ridiculous jumper.

Jerry Stackhouse went into NBA Hangtime mode and hit 5-of-6 from 3 point land tonight, all from the corners, leading a Nets bench that scored 52 points tonight, compared to the Celtics 18.

Andray Blatche had 17 points & 13 rebounds. ANDRAY F’N BLATCHE. That should tell you how this game went.

The Greenlights:


The Grid: (quick stats)

The rebounds were pretty close as the Nets edge the Celtics, 33-32, but the Nets killed the offensive glass tonight, getting 17 of them compared to the Celtics 8.

The Celtics actually had a better field goal percentage tonight (42.7% to BK’s 40.2%)…

..but the Nets made more threes (10) than the Celtics attempted (7).

Rondo nearly had as many points (6) as Deron Williams (8) despite playing less than half the minutes. Rondo only played 18 while Williams played 40.


Despite having an atrocious night, the Celtics still looked better than their next opponent, the Portland Trail Blazers, who just lost to the Washington Wizards. With the way Doc Rivers called them out in his press conference, hopefully they can make a statement Friday.

Box Score

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  • Mikey

    Not too sure about this team…

  • paul

    The mound of crap is your description of what happened, Ben. No, what actually happened was that Humphries took a midair shot at KG, long after the ball was gone, which knocked KG backwards to the floor, a very dangerous play. That should have been a flagrant call, but see, the refs didn’t at all mind Nets players taking shots at Celtics players. Then Rondo stood in front of Humphries, made it perfectly clear what was coming, and then shoved him. See, Ben, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE to a cheap shot, which is what you called it, right? Ben, how did you come to do that? How did you come to describe the exact opposite to a cheap shot as a cheap shot? Could it be that you are a hater? I wonder… i mean, it’s hard to misdescribe something so totally without doing it willfully.

    • Ben

      Me? A Hater? LOL.

      I watched it a few times before I wrote that. And what Rondo gave was a cheap shot much like the shot Hump took at KG. And know that I <3 Rondo & KG.

    • prefuse

      Why would the foul on Kris be a flagrant? Good foul in my opinion and Rondo did cheap shot him.

    • Mike Guo from China

      Totally agreed with Paul.

    • JR99

      Agree with Paul. Ben — if you watched it “a few times” then I respectfully suggest you get your vision checked. Humphries clearly smacked KG in and around the face and neck, AS KG WAS FALLING BACKWARDS ALREADY from the initial contact. That, according to the rules, is what is defined as a Flagrant 1: excessive and unnecessary contact. OBVIOUSLY so. You cannot miss that if you watch all the replays.

      So yes… Humphries should have received a Flagrant. And yes, the refs absolutely SUCKED in this game, as they whistled the Cs for NO contact, and would not call a foul on the Nets for some very clear and egregious contact.

      As for Rondo hitting Humphries… there is no legal excuse. So Rondo got thrown out — which I think is already excessive punishment, considering no punch was thrown. And he might get suspended for a game — also overkill. But what RR did to Humphries was NOT dirty, and NOT dangerous — which cannot be said of what Humphries did to KG.

      • Rip strawberry

        agreed with jr99 and paul. hump flagrantly fouled KG on the face while Rondo was front and center of hump when he initiated contact to stand up for KG to show hump’s crap wouldn’t fly here without retaliation. What rondo did wasn’t a cheap shot like what wade does or what kg did to channing before. Rondo’s never been one to do cheap shots before. He simply wanted to throw down with hump for the dangerous flagrant foul that wasn’t called a flagrant by the refs (obvious anti-celts bias again.)

        • Reggie35RIP

          Flagrant WTF? Jesus, that would have to be the softest flagrant in the history of the game.

          Anyone that thinks that foul classifies as a flagrant needs to go watch some games from the eighties.

          It was a weak nothing foul that I agree Rondo overreacted to. You can tell there was nothing in it because KG didn’t do shit after the play.

          You guys need to learn the rules.

          • Jester00


      • Ben

        I never said that KG didn’t get hit. He got hit in the collarbone and fell. I said he flailed a bit, trying to sell the foul. Rondo reacting the same way KG would have, with a cheap little push.

        Hump freaked out and decided to push Rondo into the stands. It was exactly what I said it was: a chain reactions of overreactions with one topping the other. Both Rondo & Hump are at fault for it and because Rondo initiated it with him, it’s going to cost him.

    • paul


      • eddysamson

        lmao havnt seen this comment in awhile

  • celtics33

    Once again Andray Blatche proving to be one of the best free agent pick ups in the NBA this season.

    Have mentioned this before, can’t believe Danny didn’t sign him. Blatche is big, young, talented, can rebound and score inside. There was almost no risk in signing him for the VET MINIMUM. Best case he flourishes under Doc and the Celtic’s veteran leadership – worst case he goes crazy so the C’s just CUT HIM. The potential upside was so worth the risk yet Danny decided to go for has beens like Jason Collins.

    Meanwhile Jeff Green continues to flounder along with another invisible game tonight.

    Andray Blatche is averaging more points, rebounds in LESS minutes than Green. All for about ONE TENTH of the salary Green is getting for FOUR years.

    So now Doc and Danny are out looking for a big that can pass, rebound, score and back up KG. Yet they passed on one for the vet minimum who at least is young and talented with potential.


    • Chris

      I’m still giving Green time, but totally agree with you on Blatche. He ticked every box on our needs list – I don’t get the shock at his rebounding numbers. He’s always gone hard at the glass.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Ever since I saw him in the preseason I was wondering why the fuck we didn’t grab him. Or at least bring him in for a workout.

      Instead we got Darko and Collins… :\

  • stephanie

    Maybe you’re looking at the foul wrong, but I don’t think KG flopped. Even Doc said that it was a hard mid-air foul that could’ve been dangerous. Rondo just channeled his emotions in the wrong way which I really hate. But the Rondo detractors are going to have a field day and make him look like the leader of the Crips or something.

    • Ben

      I didn’t think KG flopped but I do think he sold it a bit. And you’re absolutely right. They’re going from being obsessed to the assist streak to the shove. I also think Hump is a punk for overreacting by tossing Rondo in the stands. Just shove back, get your techs & carry on with the game.

      • JR99

        It’s obvious that you only watched the replays cursorily. KG didn’t “sell” anything. He was sent flying backwards by the initial contact, and then Humphries HIT HIM ON THE FACE AND NECK as he was falling. Dangerous, dirty, and unnecessary….. and definitely a Flagrant.

  • Last yr the funk was busted by moving KG to 5 and putting Bradley at starting SG. Perhaps sliding Pierce to the 4 would spark them? Bass is good but that was true off pine too. Shame Jeff Green hasn’t forced the issue by playing better. Its worked so well for Knicks and Heat maybe PP would thrive there.

  • paul

    If folks want to talk about something in relation to this incident, how about the fact that we haven’t had anyone tough on this team since Perk was so stupidly sent off by Ainge? When your enforcer is Rajon Rondo, you have a problem. Who do we have who goes out and knocks someone down after they try to hurt our second best player in KG, or our best in Rondo? WHO DO WE HAVE THAT DOES THAT? And you wonder why we are getting pushed around more and more?

  • paul

    And it’s amazing that folks want to call what happened a flop by KG. Who intentionally falls onto their back? KG was deliberately hammered in midair, after the ball was gone, by Humphries, yet no one seems to think there was anything wrong about that.

    • JR99

      Not “no one.” I agree with you, because you speak the truth, and because it is OBVIOUSLY that.


    I love what Max said tonight-that assist streak was hella fun to watch, but kind of glad it’s over too. Time for Rajon to focus on being the leader of this team and scoring when he needs to score…blah..blah, blah.
    Doc was so right in his press conference-no one fears the C’s anymore. Not even in their own building. Has to change if this team wants any chance of success. Still have faith in this team though. Sometimes things have to just get GOD awful before they can get better…hope this one of those times.

    • mannie

      He’s just going to start another one…

  • Classless

    The Celtics fight worse than they rebound.

    Also, the Bass/Green combo is killing them. Bass isn’t a starter and Green isn’t seizing the minutes that are there for him. It’s been a disappointment thus far.

  • Drew

    Here’s what really happened. Kim Kardashian texted Rondo before the game and said if you push Kris, I’ll give you a blowie next time you’re in LA. They are sexting as we speak. I’d say Rondo wins.

  • Rondon’t

    Hahahahaha…,,Rondo is your “enforcer”!!! Pathetic.

    • JR99

      My hat is tipped to Rajon… he did not hesitate to take it to a guy who is easily 150% his weight.

  • Quest

    The truth of the matter is that KG PP and Rondo are the only players on this team worth anything and it just took a spark to set off the frustrations. The C’s may be battling just to make the 7th playoff spot if they keep playing like this. It appears what looked good on paper is not translating on the floor. So when are those trade deadlines? Perhaps that might motivate some of these role players. Being a good fan does not mean I should have to accept this kind of play.


    KG on the Humphries foul via the official Celtics Twitter:

    “It was just a hard foul…we back each other up here…We have to protect each other. We’re a family around here.”

    • SF Celts fan

      Hope this serves as motivation to turn this ship around. Gotta figure that the league is going to look a lot different in the second half.

    • Rondon’t

      Water is wet, KG. Every team does the same thing. Dimbass.

      • John G

        It’s “dumbass”. Dumbass.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Thank you Danny for choosing Jason Collins over other FA’s in the summer.

    Thank you Doc for presenting the team in such conditions (a bunch of guys meeting for the first time) after almost 20 games already.

    Thank you Doc and Rondo for running the same 2-3 offensive plays forever and ever with KG or BB, the rest is pure improvisation.

    Thank you PP and Jet for NEVER being ready for a three open look; Ray Allen couldn’t get the ball from Rondo, but at least he was running his ass off screens to get in the position.

    • terlo

      i think you are being a little bit unjust for PP. he actually had two bodies on him every time he got the ball. nets had solid precautions on that area.

      as for collins, it was a poor and hopeless decision from doc. he probably wanted to get a big man inside. collins averages 10 minutes this season and 9 of them are dead endgame minutes. so he really has been idle for a long time.

  • terlo

    btw, there was a debate about whether knicks or nets is more concerning for boston. i did not respond then but what i thought was nets’ inside and knicks’ outside domination will really bother us this season.
    so yes, first part happened last night.
    still, neither nets or knicks aint shit. we just didnt click is all.

  • adan

    I can’t wait for this team to start clicking. Might take until all-star break but when they do they will be nasty. Too much talent here. Their offense is mediocre and their defense is horrid right now. The nets defense actually impressed me (just a little bit) for the time I watched last night.

  • tyler

    The Celtics need to make a trade. They can’t rebound!!!!

  • Reggie35RIP

    I hate our D. Most frustrating thing for me at the moment.

    They unnecessarily double and help all over the shop which means everyone needs to switch and rotate and then the other team just hits the open man for an uncontested jump shot or dunk under the basket.

    Everyone needs to stay at home unless it’s a pick and roll. Or show and go back to your man. There’s too much helping and switching going on and it’s leading to easy buckets for the other team.

    We’ve got a long way to go on both ends of the court.

  • W2.

    Assist Streak was stupid. Celtics measure success by wins. Period. I find the streak more frustrating than Rondo’s chippiness. I can put the chippiness in perspective. Dude is spicey.

    Matching up against the Nets is the bigger issue. Hiding Jason Terry on Gerald Wallace is no good at all.

  • Noori

    Having youth for a change is nice and all, but it looks like the youth of today are total pu***es. Man up gentlemen and find your toughness!

  • Aaron

    We couldn’t beat new jersey w rondo out but they will also missing their best defender and best rebounder and dwill only had 8 points. Fact.
    This team is a joke and is starting to look like bitter old vets

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  • 17rings

    still not giving up on this team..

    its been less than a full month of games.. and we don’t even have our starting lineup in tact yet.


    • Chief

      Yep I’d rather be peaking at playoff time not in November

  • Chris H

    No flopping on KG’s part, he was already falling back. The extra and unneeded push from Humps was dangerous and should be flagrant 1. If KG feel funny, you’d have a bad situation.

    Don’t blame Rondo for doing what he did, respect it somewhat, but ultimately dumb. Make them pay on the court, embarass him with a fake or something.

    Also agree the C’s need time to get it right, but the time for kid gloves is also over. Doc seems to have realized that. Bring it or Danny will find a new place for you.