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Celtkicks: Anta KG “Beat the Heat” shirt

Just before the Celtics opened-up the season against the Miami Heat, Anta held a contest to win limited edition KG t-shirts. All you had to do was follow Anta Basketball’s Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) account, and comment on a pic of KG donning a fireman’s suit with “Beat the Heat” in the background. Anta would then randomly pick 3 winners.

Well, out of close to 1,000 comments, I was actually chosen! It’s no secret to anyone who read’s RedsArmy or follows me on Twitter that I’m rabid for Anta stuff and really dig the “KG” series of kicks. So when I got home this afternoon to find the shirt on my doorstep, I was thrilled.

Each shirt features the great “fireman” pic of Garnett, with his Anta “KG3” on, and has the winner’s screen name on it. On one arm is a fire extinguisher with the “KG” logo on it, and the Anta logo is on the other. I’m especially fond of the “KWAPT” on the back collar, with a fireman’s helmet on it. This shirt is perfect for my trip to the Garden on 1/27/13 to watch the Celtics and KG beat the Heat!

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  • John Doe

    Dear KWAPT, have you ever had any sunbath ?

    • KWAPT

      I’m Irish & it’s winter-I’m pasty.

  • terlo

    story of KWAPT becoming KWEPT 🙂
    for a second, i thought now you are giving it away.

    • KWAPT

      Are you asking what KWAPT means? KobeWearsAPurpleThong.

  • lkk23

    That is awesome!!! You’re so luck to be able to see them on a pretty consistent basis living up there…I’m hoping that I’ll get to see them this season whether it be against the Hawks or Bobcats :/ I just wanna see Rondo live and in action just once….

  • Drew

    I’d definitely be thrown out of that game if I went. KWAPT, it’s your duty as a Celtics fan to be a nasty, classless person on that night.

    • KWAPT

      It’s on like popcorn. 1/27/13. #BeatTheHeat



  • Well done brother!

  • Roy

    Dope shirt! I want to score a pair of the kicks when they come out. Hoping I can get them in time for the game against the warriors here in the bay area