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Marcin Gortat has a man crush on Jermaine O’Neal

We’ve been following reports, rumors and blatant speculation about Suns center Marcin Gortat and the Celtics alleged interest in the big man.

Gortat is allegedly upset with his role in the Suns offense and that has him allegedly second-guessing his future in Phoenix. In a recent interview with the Arizona Republic, Gortat clarified his position:

Suns center Marcin Gortat said he turned down a multiyear contract extension offer in October from the Suns, clarifying what he told a Polish website,

“We just said we’re going to wait,” Gortat said. “I want to finish this contract, and we’ll see where I go from there. It didn’t even bother me or change anything in my attitude or performance. The thing I’m concentrating is coming back to dominating the game and getting back to being a defensive spark.”

Gortat is under contract thru 2014. If he truly is unhappy, Phoenix has plenty of time to trade him.

While I’d love to see Gortat in green (provided any trade excludes Avery Bradley), I’m starting to wonder about his mental stability:

Gortat would not mind negotiating on behalf of his backup center, Jermaine O’Neal. He said he told Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby that he would pay for another year’s salary for O’Neal if they don’t.

“He’s a tremendous player, an amazing teammate and a true leader,” Gortat said. “Playing with him has been my best experience from this year.”

Jermaine O’Neal a true leader?

This quote has to be some sort of secret SOS signal. Pick up the phone Danny, Gortat wants out now!

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  • Astarot

    Definitely it means something different maybe he’s giving signs who knows. JO’s not a true leader but he’s giving Gortat a hard time. JO has earned his time thanks to his D. Last night Gortat had problems on D overall again(he stopped Haws though). Despite scoring 18pts grabbing 7 boards he didn’t see the floor entire 4Q once again. No surprise he’s not happy. But just like he said he’s gotta be better on D gotta be a factor defensively by not only rebounding.

  • Curt

    I would really love to know why Gortat said that. Maybe it’s because he’s a follower. Maybe if he was on the court with KG, he’d change his tune and turn into a triple double threat (pts, rbs, blks) every night.

    • noche

      Right, turn into a triple double threat averaging double the record for blocked shots per game. Because people average 10 blocks a game all the time. Definitely going to happen.

  • eddysamson

    I’d like to see him on the team but theres not much I want to give up…if we can get him for CLee and Melo I’d be down with that. We need Kris Joseph if you ask me…if PP is injured do you guys really want JG getting all those minutes at the 3?

  • Noori

    I personally think Gortat said that statement to kind of let Phoenix know “Hey you don’t really need me, c’mon trade me!”

  • PicturePlanet

    He’s complained about coming off the bench in Orlando, now he’s bitching about number of touches he’s getting. Frankly, I don’t want him in Boston- too much me, my, I.

  • Flipfou

    I would gladly ship Fab Melo and next year’s #1 to Phoenix for Gortat. That would give the C’s a legit rebounder and backup to KG who can run with Rondo and spell Wilcox as the backup

    • kg215

      If we get Gortat we should put KG back at the 4 and start him with KG. We only run KG at the 5 because we don’t have a decent true center to start next to KG.

  • Flipfou

    Agree with this statement: we all know JO is lame. Gortat is trying to improve his stature on the Suns’ bench to make his exit out of the desert that much easier….good call Noori