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Your Morning Dump…Where the Celtics smell what the Doc is cookin’

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The players credit head coach Doc Rivers, who apparently stressed the importance of roles during the team’s Friday morning shootaround. Rivers didn’t discuss the meeting after the game — the players alluded to it after his press conference was already over — but he apparently lined up his entire team and, man-by-man, went down the line and reasserted to everybody what their respective roles are. It was a sequence that really resonated with the players and it showed on the court Friday night.

“Each guy is finding their role,” said Rondo. “Doc had a speech today about guys’ roles and I think tonight showed what guys took from it. A lot of guys responded well from it. You can go another way, but everyone in this locker room took it very well.”

Kevin Garnett was quick to echo Rondo’s thoughts.

“Doc kind of set us aside as a group today and kind of broke us down as a team and what he was expecting from each individual, and I thought it was very helpful,” he said. “It kind of clarified the air on guys’ responsibilities, roles, etcetera. And we came out and played like it. There wasn’t any hesitation on anything, guys played with confidence, played together, and there’s always that question mark of consistency, so we have to see if we can ride this momentum for a while.

ESPN Boston:  Doc to C’s: Know your role

Nice to see Doc channeling The Rock in his pre-game and practice speeches.  I hope that behind close doors, he also calls Jason Collins a “jabroni” and, when he’s stretching, gives him “the people’s elbow

It’s a lot like I was saying last night on the Celtics Talk Radio podcast when I was talking about the C’s pick-and-roll defense.   When guys trust each other and just do their jobs… they’ll be a pretty good defensive team.  If they’re worried about doing other people’s jobs… then everything breaks down because, ultimately, no one is doing his own job.

That, more than anything else, is the Celtics problem.  If everyone just does his job, and gets better at the job that’s been asked of him on this team, then this team will get much better.  These guys have to remember, they’re not on Houston, or Dallas, or Atlanta or anywhere else anymore.  They’re in Boston.  Whatever your job was is part of history.  Do your job now.

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  • Cal

    Talk is cheap. Celtics need to sniff for wins. Fans are tired of watching the Celtics play 24 min of bball instead of 48 min. Enough with the C’s play down to opponents. The fans wanna smell wins not talk.

    It was painful watching Tiago Splitter, of all people on the Spurs, break down the Celts defense. Just hope the Celts don’t play down to Orlando, but got a feeling they will.

  • CelticsKid34

    coming off of a loss to DETROIT but a good win against OKC im not so quick to buy in on this “were finding our roles” and talk of a better tomorrow. we are incosistant. we do not play hard or smart every game. not everyone is chipping in their 100%. i like seeing terry hit his shot FINALLY! but we are still looking for major pieces to show why they deserve there contract like Lee’s offense… he is horrible from 3 so far. Sullinger is a good rebounder and finisher right under the basket but i dont see his post game being put to use until he bulks up to NBA size. im happier now than the beggining of the season but we still have a long road ahead. i would really love if Danny made a move for Gortat in december. i say we keep Jeff Green and wait until he is truly 100%

    • Mike E

      I agree with most of your comments. I won’t be doing flips, because they beat OKC. It’s about consistency, beating good and bad teams is what contenders do.

      I’ve seen too much inconsistency from this team. They don’t or won’t try to defend or rebound. Doc’s small ball obsession is not working in my opinion. The Celts can add a player like Kenyon Martin instead of trading for Gortat. For some reason, Ainge and Doc have been stubborn on adding a guy like Martin.

  • andy

    they are putting it together. nobody is looking for flips and cartwheels. just a few less demands that they play like all stars day in and day out, 3 weeks into the season, with a whole new team.

    i’d be willing to wager big on my hunch that most folks posting this negative, pessimistic stuff do the same thing every other year, only to watch your team battle throughout the playoffs.

    the doc and danny bashing is unreal. it’s a marathon, not a sprint. have faith.

    c’s fans should NOT be tired of anything. we are a lucky, lucky bunch. what other team has watched entertaining ball year after year, without fail, since 2007?

  • SF Celts fan

    I have to say that barbosa is delivering offensively. Not sure why they don’t leverage him more…

  • SF Celts fan

    4 minutes — 11 points. Green 10 minutes — nothing.

  • SF Celts fan

    Green: 20 mins. 0/9