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The Celtics hold on in Orlando tonight to beat the Magic 116-110 in OT. Looked like the Celts would continue their stellar play from Friday night early, but a nightmare 3rd quarter where Boston’s defense vanished and Orlando shot the lights out made this a nail biter.

The Green: Rondo came out of the gate on a mission. He had 4 assists in the first 4 minutes of the game, 9 at halftime, and finished with 16 to go w/15 pts & 9 boards. Leandro Barbosa was huge in the first-half. Before getting into foul trouble, he notched 11 points in 4 minutes, including 2 from downtown. He tallied 15 on the night. Offensively, the usual suspects, Truth and KG combined for 47 points and notched big shots down the stretch. Brandon Bass struggled a bit, going 5 of 14 from the floor, but he had 12 boards, 5 of them offensive and a few huge rebounds late in the 4th and OT to keep the C’s in the game. Have to also mention Sully. He continues to shine off the bench. His 6 boards tonight were all on the O glass, and he also chipped in 11 points.

 The Gross: Celtics came out snoozing in the 3rd quarter. Missing assignments on D, leaving shooters like Redick wide-open and turning the ball over. Before a quick timeout by Doc at the 10:56 mark, the C’s opened the quarter with 3 straight turnovers. It only got worse from there. Jameer Nelson’s 12 3rd Q points propelled Orlando to win the quarter 34-22, and take the lead, 82-80 heading into the 4th. A very frustrating 12 minutes to watch for C’s fans. Sloppy, lazy basketball. Jeff Green was a shell of what we saw in the OKC game. He struggled mightily, going 0 of 9 for 1 point in 20 minutes.

This was a game that the C’s should have won easily, but a combination of poor execution, lackluster defense and Orlando’s 13-0 run in the 3rd (and the fact that they just couldn’t freaking miss) made this a grind out affair for Boston. But hey, a win is a win. Right?

 The GreenLights:

The Grid: (quick stats)

KG recorded his 800th career double-double. (h/t to KG Taught Me)

C’s had 60 points in the paint and held Orlando to 34. Probably helped that Orlando shot nothing but 3’s it seemed for the entire 2nd half.

Rondo tied John Stockton for 2nd all-time with 37 straight games of 10 assists or more.

Celtics had 17 offensive rebounds, of which Jared Sullinger grabbed 6. That’s their 3rd highest total in 3 years.

Some of you were asking on Twitter if Pierce tweaked his knee in the 4th. Fortunately, he did not. Unfortunately, Jameer Nelson crossed him over pretty badly.

Celtics now get 2 days off before facing the Brooklyn Nets at TD Garden on Wednesday. Tip-off is at 7:30pm EST.

Recap Boxscore

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  • Quest

    Rondo needs to shoot when he is open. Hope he is not just looking to pad his individual stats at the cost of scoring. Couple of plays he had a better angle to shoot than PP.
    Definitely a grind it out team.

    • KWAPT

      Agree. That one play where he tossed it aside instead of laying it in even baffled Mike Gorman. That was just ridiculous & dumb.

      • That’s the kind of shit he does that infuriates me.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Rondo`s wide-open airball, with 21 seconds remaining in OT, with Boston up only by 3….was also infuriating.

          Celtics should try having KG and Wilcox on the floor at the same time. It would make them more formidable in the paint.

          • LA Flake

            Matt Guokas, the Magic’s color analyst, commented all night long about how Rondo’s looking for his own numbers instead of just playing the game and how that is hurting the Celtics.

            Trick or Treat Rondo. The Antoine Walker of this generation. Thank God we have Avery Bradley to groom.

        • Gixr1

          That’s the kind of shit that His team loves. They know that he’s out there trying to get them going at all cost. Enough with the bitching and moaning already.

  • Drew

    What the hell was that play that was drawn up for Pierce to win the game? Why doesn’t he go iso on the right? That was frustrating to watch.

  • celtics33

    Celtics pulled out an OT win over a bad team.

    Rondo had some great play in the 2nd half but once again his opposition at PG was great also. His pass on the fast break instead of making an easy layup was terrible.

    SO all the Jeff Green fans who acted as if ONE great game showed him turning the corner. How did he do tonight in a huge test to show some consistency???

    Jeff Green – 20 minutes 0 for 9 from the field. No ability to finish inside and continually missing wide open jumpers. Great bounce back game to build some momentum Jeff…

  • Drew

    Jeff Green is just awful. Steamy, hot, funky garbage.

  • Jester00

    Just throwing this out there Jeff might suck

  • PicturePlanet

    I guess the “he’s alive!!” chants on Friday came a little too soon.

    • KWAPT

      It’s going to take time. I fall victim to it myself, and fell victim during preseason. I have to remember he just had his chest cavity cut open not too long and mentally prob has a ways to go. Whole team is pulling for him and I hope he recovers to be a productive player. He’s a good guy..would be different if he was an a$$hole…lol..I wouldn’t be as patient.

  • PicturePlanet

    I hear you there. My original post read something to the effect of “do you feel better about bitching?” turns out I do- I guess.

    I really want Green to find a place in Boston. So much potential and such a nice guy.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Before going through the bother of acquiring a player…maybe Ainge should first ask Rivers if he would want him on the team.

    That might prevent Rivers from wasting a roster spot by “awkwardly ostracizing” the new at the end of the bench!

    Example : Jason Collins is still stuck at 8 minutes played this year…while Darko`s 5 minutes of play certainly made his decision to return to Poland that much easier.

  • jon

    I honestly expect Green to be on and off this yr and perhaps levelling off at 11 pts. Per game ave by the end of the season, he was out for a yr and doc really rarely calls out plays for the guy. Maybe its really just me but somehow he will eventually find his nitch once PP retires but that aint happening soon since the way PP plays looks as if he still has 2 productive yrs ahead and 2 role playin yrs if he still wants to off the bench.

    • Jester00

      If he averages 11 this year I will quit drinking fact

  • terlo

    btw, rondo was a rebound short to his first triple-double. and C’s had 3 double-doubles in total. good stats for a poor second half.

  • andy

    ugly at times but another W – i will take it. games like these, where doc leaves kg, pierce, and rondo on the bench when down a handful in the 4th, and we pull off the W, are the types of games that lead to a squad who is a major force every postseason. it’s a long road.

    @LA FLAKE – sounds like you should be rooting for another team man. are you serious with that stuff? an announcer for the magic is talking bad about someone on the opposite team!? that’s not very surprising. surprising is a celtics fan saying stuff like ‘thank god we have bradley to groom’ – can hardly believe you’re serious with that sentiment.

    • Alex

      LA Flake is not a Celtics fan. The kid is obviously delirious and full of hate to the point where he probably doesn’t realize the amount of shit that spews out of his mouth. The fact that the Red’s Army staff hasn’t banned his ass makes me question their management. I understand allowing people to share their thoughts and opinions, but LA Flake is clearly a hater on EVERYTHING and it’s coming off as troll bait.

      There are ways to respectfully display your thoughts and opinions and LA Flake doesn’t do this.

      • Celtic Geezer

        Goukas was over the top on his “padding” comments but Rondo should NEVER give up an open layup to stop, turn around and pass back to his teammate. That’s bad basketball and could only be explained by someone padding his assist total. Red would be furious with that. You don’t give up an uncontested layup on a fast break. You score. It resulted in a turnover in this game and is inexcusable. Plus, he holds the ball too long at the end of clocks, resulting too often in his having to take the crucial shot. Would much rather have Paul, KG or Terry taking that final stroke. Overall, he still played a good game but you have to see him realistically.

        • Mike

          I can’t imagine what legit criticism was being targeted at Rondo until that play. Rondo played a pretty much perfect first half and completely shredded the Magic D.

          If Goukas was criticizing Rondo before the play were speaking about, then that is completely unfair. With that said the play in question was very stupid, but did not result in a turnover (terry got the bass miss and hit a jumper), but definitely rondo deserves the criticism for that play.

  • Mike

    Last night was the first game all year Rondo’s jumper reverted back to years past. It just looked off, and culminated when he hit nothing but air in the final minutes of the 4th.

    He’s made GREAT strides with that shot this year, and I hope last night’s game doesn’t hurt his confidence. he needs to keep taking that shot with confidence, as he has all year.

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  • justin

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster. Need some help. I no longer have NBATV (thanks recession) and i NEED my celtics fix. i live in Pheonix, is there a way for me to get the celtics live radio of the game way out here in the desert? ive looked around and cannot find anything without paying NBA x amount of dollars for their app or whatever. Any help would be appreciated fellas, thanks! GO GREEN!

    • KWAPT

      Hey Justin-Email me at with your return email address. I’ll get you the info you need to listen and/or watch for free. -KWAPT

      • justin

        Your Amazing. THANKS!!!!!!

  • JETson

    If Gortat is really available, we should going at him full steam with combinations involving Lee, Green, Melo, Joseph, Collins, or even Sullinger

    Playoff Roster:


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