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Enemy Chatter: Rajon Rondo is a tremendous, outstanding player but…

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from OKC.

Rajon Rondo with his 36th consecutive 10+ assist game. I’m not going to say that Rondo is not a tremendous, outstanding player, but let me say this: His assisting is incredible and there’s no denying he’s an unreal point guard. But shouldn’t players be evaluated to a degree by what kind of team offense they help produce? Make what you will about Westbrook, but he’s running one of the NBA’s very best offenses. Boston’s is mid-pack, if that. Point is, when you’re judging Westbrook this season, I think it might be wise to start with the Thunder’s offensive efficiency. I think that might tell the best story about his season.

Daily Thunder

I’m not saying team offensive efficiency is the way to judge point guards, but let’s play this scenario out.

The Thunder rank 3rd in offensive efficiency, while the Celtics rank 11th.

The difference in points per possession from 3rd to 11th is… 0.035 ppp. I believe that’s three hundredths of a point.

That number blows my mind. I just can’t fathom how such a statistic is the best measure of point guard play.

Assessing individual performance of point guards is difficult because their success is directly dependent on the success of other players. Would Rajon Rondo average 13.5 apg if he played for Charlotte? No. Same goes for Westbrook. Hell, he would likely score 30 ppg playing for the Bobcats.

Call me old-fashioned but I think one should include assists, turnovers, and shooting percentage, along with team stats when analyzing individual performance.

With that said, who’s better – Rondo or Westbrook?

Westbrook is a better scorer and Rondo is the better facilitator. Who you pick depends on what the team needs.

How’s that for straddling the fence?

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  • Drew

    Westbrook is Durants ball and chain. You can’t have your point guard take more shots than the best scorer in the league. Westbrook completely sabotages that team every year. He is notorious for those 2 assist 30 point games. He’s the most out of position player I can think of. The ideal scenerio for OKC would be to find a point guard and move Westbrook to the 2. Point guards pass the ball, that’s just how it goes.

  • Yogesh

    Haha having Kevin Durant and Kevin Martin helps a little considering they will be the two best scorers in the entire Celtics team. If Westbrook rant he Celtics Offense they would be less efficient and Westbrook would be Derrick Rose.

    • LAF

      wow…kmart > pp???

  • PicturePlanet

    Rajon Rondo is one of the most heavily critiqued and dismissed players in the association. Who else gets called “tremendous” and “outstanding” and then is given a but modifier?

    • Ray Rice

      Seems like sour grapes from that OKC beat writer. Sure, Westbrook puts up points, but most intelligent basketball minds know Rondo is the better PG. Yes, Rondo has his flaws, but so does every other superstar in the association.

      Westbrook is a reckless, shoot first pg. Rondo is pass first pg that makes others better. It’s too bad in this day in age, people think one sided. That’s like saying Melo is better than Lebron, because Melo is more of an efficient scorer. Anyone with a brain knows Lebron isbetter, because he does more than just score, he
      makes his team better.

      • LAF

        did you just write “rondo” and “superstar” in the same sentence??? and did you just say rondo makes other players better??? wow…that explains why green, lee, terry and others are having a career year…OOPS. NEVERMIND!

  • Aussie Celtics Fan

    Rondo is clearly the better ‘true’ point guard. Westbrook is a scoring guard trapped in a PG’s body.

    The Thunder have the better scoring efficiency, but that to me is more a measure of their field goal percentage as a team, and not Westbrook’s offensive leadership.

    Celtics beat the Thunder, and deserve the credit, as does Rajon Rondo.

  • Chief

    Whose better?? Imagine if OKC had Rondo as their starting PG…..and as Drew and Aussie celtic mentioned westerbrook is more of a SG in reality, in any case I’d rather have rondo, he just makes his teammates better.

    • LAF

      lol…although both westbrook and rondo are garbage, i doubt okc would take rondo for westbrook straight up.

      rondo makes his teammates better, huh? that explains all of our new players having a career year thus far…/sarc off

      • Chief

        Yeah Sam presti would hate having a point guard who actually passes to durant…..

  • colaroaster?

  • RedsLoveChild

    Like anything else in life…your eyes, brain, and “gut” will accurately tell you who is the best point guard in the NBA.

    That would be the point guard who strikes the maximum amount of fear inside you whenever he goes up against your favorite team.

    If this “survey” had been taken six months, and you selected anyone other than Derrick Rose…you`d be a fool!

    • LAF

      rose is hands down the best pg in the league when healthy. might be the best player in the league. period. then cp3, dwill and kyrie irving. that’s the cream of the crop. rondo and westbrook are in the same group as lawson, rubio, wall, curry and maybe another pg or two. and all these players have higher ceilings than rondo and westbrook.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I definitely agree 100% with your Top 5 or 6 rankings, in the exact same order.

        I would put Westbrook/Rondo/Parker above the group consisting of Wall/Lawon/Rubio/Lin/Curry

      • Nike Shoes

        LAF, not sure if you’re trolling, bandwagon or cynic, but clearly u don’t watch many Celtics games, because if u did u wouldn’t be writing stupid comments.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Can’t we just keep Rondo, get Kevin Durant and close the discussion? 😉

  • polomat

    Rondo is the better point guard..
    The reason why is Rondo has a ring in his first final against the Lakers…
    Russell not exactly.. I know the Heats!!!! Lol

  • Ian

    Westbrook is shooting 41% from the field this year. I dont think hes helping their effeciency too much. Kevin Durant is on their team as well so they should be top 3 in effeciency.
    The Celtics are actually 9th in offensive effeciency with a team that hasnt completely gelled yet nor has even hit their stride.
    Not very good points made by you, sir.

  • 70-celt

    Doc Rivers holds him back, the real Rondo is the playoff Rondo…. put him on the thunder, he’ll average 20-10 a game.

  • Spursfan-1977

    If I’m starting a team today and need a point guard. I’m not even inviting Westbrook to a tryout. I’d take Rondo over Westbrook every time.