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Report: Celtics prepping an offer for Marcin Gortat

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 23, 2012 Rumors 53 Comments on Report: Celtics prepping an offer for Marcin Gortat

The rumor mill is churning.  After an initial report that Gortat is unhappy in Phoenix and the Celtics have some interest… the story has progressed to the point where the Celtics are reportedly preparing to make an actual offer for him.

But, according to Przeglad Sportowy, it looks like they’ll be looking to upgrade their lack of size sooner rather than later.

“The Phoenix Suns are willing to exchange (Gortat to) the Boston Celtics, who are soon to submit a concrete proposal.”

If this report is correct, the Celtics would be filling a major hole in their roster by trading for the 6’11 Gortat.

Things to consider when trying to figure out of this is true:

  • Marcin Gortat makes $7.2 million.  The Celtics need to get within 125% of that to make the trade work.
  • All the guys that make that happen can’t be traded until December 15 at the earliest… and some later than that.  Courtney Lee and Jason Terry can’t be traded until December 15, and Jeff Green and Brandon Bass can’t be traded until January 15.
  • The Suns may want Jared Sullinger and/or Avery Bradley.

Can the C’s pull off a trade for Gortat?  Absolutely.  They have players to make that happen.  Will the Suns agree to a deal now that they can’t execute for three weeks?  Probably not.  That’d be a little awkward, wouldn’t you think?

And the January deadline means if there are any talks going on now, then you can forget the “trade Jeff Green” stuff… or even Bass… some of you guys are talking about.

Bradley makes $1.6 million and Sullinger makes $1.3.  So if the Celtics DID part with one of them, it’d be part of a bigger package.

I’m interested to see if the Celtics are, indeed, putting a package together.  It’d be an interesting negotiation.  But there’s enough working against them right where I think putting an actual package together right now will be very difficult.

(H/T: CelticsBlog)

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  • piecz

    Przeglad Sportowy used to be good source back in time but now it got little tabloided so don’t get too excited guys.

  • GreenCro

    This smells funny… Don’t like it…

  • Astarot

    Yeah the source is pretty reliable but I’d reather wait for some reports from Arizona directly. It’d interesting to see what Cs will offer but I don’t think anything is gonna happen until January deadline, that will oopen up more optons for Boston. And well one way or another putting Bradley into this package would be worst decision.


    YEAH DANNY!!! TRADE SULLY AND AVERY!!! OUR FUTURE AS A TEAM AND POTENTIAL ALL STARS!!! please god dont make this happen!!!!!! im gonna be pissed!!!

    • KY Celts fan

      I don’t want see Avery gone either, but neither one of those guys are ever gonna be All-Stars.

      • W_AMPARAN

        first team all- defense for avery is a lock in the future, and when the big 3 are long gone, he could be…

        • KWAPT

          Exactly…well said.

        • KY Celts fan

          Hey, I love Avery. The kid plays his heart out and is a team player. He’s world class defender. But Tony Allen is a world class defender also. Tony Allen is never gonna be an All-Star.

          • AB RR

            because tony was not a scorer he just defended very very well. AB can score fast, shoot the 3, and with rondo! i smell the best 1 2 in the league!

          • sev

            avery bradley’s defense is or at least will be better than tony allen’s defense. Bradley is still very young and is younger than Tony Allen was by the time he started to make an impact on defense. Also despite Tony being older, much of his defense was negated by his turnovers. Tough to trust TA late in games as his decision making was iffy at best, not to mention his handle was not as good as bradleys. Offensively TA was underrated, but I have no doubt that Bradley will eclipse TA’s offensive talent if he hasn’t already. I liked TA, but just because he’s another celtic who played good defense, does not mean he is an ideal player to compare to Avery….way too many variables that seem to favor Bradley now or at least in the future based on what we’ve seen despite battling several injuries in his young career, which has always had a higher ceiling than TA.

        • 70-celt

          2 years in did you think rondo would become an all-star?…..BIG al rookie year, did you think he’ll become a 20-10 guy? Do not let doc destroy this team future.

      • JR99

        Do NOT give Bradley away now. He’s got a unique talent, only one like him in the NBA. So we gotta get a whole hell of a lot more than his current salary indicates — to even THINK about moving him.

        I don’t know how it can be done, or when…. but please, please find a way to trade Jeff Green for somebody…. anybody….. any reliable body.

      • Jester00

        Sully may be just watch

  • Jester00

    On Jan 15th I’d trade Jeff Green for 3 magic beans and some baseball bats

  • KG21
    • Astarot

      Well said he’d be great with PG like Rondo (even better than he was with Nash) and KG on the team but he won’t be consistant on that level.

    • Curt

      Gortat sure didn’t respect Jermaine O’Neal that night, haha.

  • Celts17

    Wait until January and trade Green for him. The last piece of Ainge’s disastrous trade away of Perk, that has netted us nothing.


    If they trade Bradley as part of a deal for Gortat, I’ll be highly disappointed. The kid hasn’t even reached his full potential yet and is a huge key to our future..

    • Cam

      I love AB but a few things to consider.

      1. Most NBA players never reach their full potential.
      2. Bradley has been pretty injury prone in his short career.
      3. As good as AB was he only showed it for about a quarter of a normal season.
      4. We have a lot of depth and fairly quality depth at his position.
      5. Gortat fills a much larger need where we have a lot less depth.
      6. Gortat has a great contract and is in the middle of his prime.
      7. And the biggest reason for me is we are in win now mode. Give me a championship in the next 2 years instead of trying to half ass win now and in the future.

      • KWAPT

        Very good points..and I’d rather that banner now myself..just don’t think Gortat is the sole answer, and not sure he’s worth giving up 2 quality guys..good thing Ainge has to make the decisions & not me…

  • KG21

    He can definitely run with Rondo..23 pts and 7 blocks? Ill trade Sully and Green anyday..

    • Nate

      I wouldn’t mind trading Sully and Green either. We’d need Dudley in return though. I doubt Gortat will still be in Pheonix by January

    • Curt

      I think you also have to consider what it says to the players if you’re willing to give up one of the faces of the team – a guy who has put the Celtics on Sportscenter every night, someone who helped you make a trash season into an ECF Game 7 season – for the flavor of the month.

  • RedsLoveChild

    As bad as Boston needs size…there is NO way Ainge would trade either Bradley or Sully for Gortat.

    This would be almost as catastrophic as the Perkins-for-Green calamity of 2011!

    • Nate

      Sully’s a good rookie, but giving him up for a quality center in Gortat would be well worth it. Giving Bradley is debatable. I’d like to see him play first after his return before everyone raves like crazy about his potential. Thats a terrible excuse to not trade him

      I don’t want him to go either. But my opinion could definitely change in due time

      • RedsLoveChild

        Gortat would help…but, I don`t quite see him as being the answer to our problems.

        Gortat is just not enough of a “sure thing” to make this deal for Boston. He barely played with Orlando. His numbers with Phoenix are decent, but certainly nothing to go crazy over.

        Sully was an established, bona-fide college star, and those types almost always succeed in the NBA. He`s only 20 years old, and has already shown that he can play in the NBA after only a tiny sample of games.

  • CoachBo

    Can’t beat these comments for laughs. Bradley an All-Star with two bad shoulders? Trading Perkins “disastrous,” a “calamity.”

    At least Bradley’s cheap. Sam Presti is a moron paying the rotting, fetid corpse of Kendrick Perkisn $9 million a year.

    And for the record, if it takes a guy whose sample size of success is miniscule to land someone who’ll stand out with Rondo on the pick and roll and defend the rim, I’m all for it.

    • RedsLoveChild

      You think giving $36M to Jeff Green, instead of saving it for Perkins, was a “shrewd” move by Ainge????

      • Astarot

        Exactly. Nobody gonna convince me that giving 36M to Green was better choice than giving it to Perk. AB won’t be an All star and Perk trade wasn’t ‘calamity’ but it was bad move by Ainge it’s way they need someone like Gortat right now, they don’t have legitimate C and that’s problem as we all can see.

        • RedsLoveChild

          You positive AB will never be an All Star?

          AB will turn just 22 years old this week……his FG% was 50% last year…he shot 41% on 3-pointers…80% FT…his defense is unreal!

          I have nothing against seeing Gortat as a Celtic…but, not at the price of Bradley. Ainge will not do this.

          As for the trade with OKC…the Celts were leading the EC when it was made, winning over 73% of their games.

          Since the trade, they`ve won just 57% of their games. Perk and KG were their defensive anchors in the paint. They have not been the same team since…not even close!

          • Astarot

            Bradley showed all of this for only about quarter of the regular season and we still don’t know how it’s gonna look like after his rehab, fantastic work on D is never noticed on All Star voting but he’s gotta stay in Boston no doubt. As for the trade. You might notice in my last comment I’m not the fan of that trade at all I agree with what you said about KG and Perk on D I just wouldn’t use the word ‘calamity’ remember they were able to reach ECF without Perk and with ton of injuries but I would always prefer Perk on that team rather than Green.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I understand your concerns about Bradley`s health/rehab. It`s not a good sign to see a young player already dealing with serious injuries.

            As for last year…the Celtics were floundering until Rivers benched Allen in place of AB. That coincided with the team taking off. Getting to the ECF is a little misleading, since Chicago would have easily beaten Philly and Boston, before the ECF, if Rose was healthy. Also, an injured Bosh sitting out the first 4-5 games sort of offsets Bradley`s injury in the ECF.

    • celtsfan

      think about this from the suns perspective. are they gonna accept a trade with bradley if he’s not good?

      • Curt

        Very wise comment.

  • If somehow they could pull this off in January, I’d say trade Bass & Lee (I rather keep Barbosa he’s instant offense) to Phoenix for Gortat, & give them Melo too if they want him. Gortat & KG at C/PF with Wilcox & Sullinger backing them up. I’d sign K Mart too as an insurance in case Sullinger gets eaten alive. Shit! I’d take that any day.

    • KY Celts fan

      If we trade Bass and Lee, we’d need another player coming back to make the salaries work. Jared Dudley is the best option for us, which is the exact trade I proposed a few days ago. But it can’t happen til January.

  • CelticsKid34

    that would be cool to see… two old friends in D12 and Gortat squaring off in the LAL vs BOS rivalry. i would be willing to give lee, sully, melo, green, and bass (IF WE HAVE TO) not all of them but saying i wouldnt be disappointed to see any of them go except bass. honestly get rid of one of our gaurds and we can sign Delonte West. we know the kid can ball and we can sign him next to nothing because he is poor. bring in K-Mart (this is every teams fantasy at this point… go look at espn.) if we have to give up bass, Kmart will fill in just fine. and put k.joseph on the red claws and bring in dudley.. i know all of that wont work out but a combination of any 2 of those moves will bring our team up in power rankings.

  • RA_PapaIrish

    Wouldn’t give up Bradley for Gortat. For 1 I think you could get him without trading Bradley and building a package around Bass/Lee/Melo/Sully/1st rounder instead. 2nd I just don’t think Gortat is a good enough player to give up Bradley for, especially since he is already 28.

  • Brick James

    Gortat isn’t good enough to put us over the top. Not worth the salary and trading one or two potential young studs. Much more sound to go with KMart over the free agent wire.

  • nyceltic

    We’ve got plenty of nonproducing players to trade and Gortat is an “A” hole (that should please KG).

  • Tyler

    I would trade Bradley, Green & Bass for Gordat. The Celtics have no size and always get beat on the boards. Thgis is a serious flaw and if the C’s don’t address it, it will become a fatal flaw.


    i’d rather take anderson varejao, rather than that bald gortat, gortat can’t stop lbj, pick and roll with rondo might help and so is jason terry but, i don’t see gortat helpful to the celtics team, maybe he can score 22 points a game but 4 or 6 or 6 rebounds + 2 or 3 or 4 blocks a game wont help

  • Gary

    If the cs can get gortat, they have to make that trade. We are getting killed every night in the paint. We dont have one true center playing minutes right now (kg and wilcox both are pf’s). Gortat is a plus in every category:plus defender,plus rebounder, plus scorer, with a very reasonalbe contract at a position of need. Hes only 28, in his prime. We have a glut of pf’s and sg’s. I am a big avery bradley fan but for gortat id be willing to include him.

  • s

    dont really want to see jeff or sully go. give them a few years to see the potential. jeff has yet to play a full year of basketball in green. bradley and rondo make for a fantastic 1-2 punch in the backcourt. lee, bass, melo , joseph, collins just seem the most expendable. im fine with any of them going for gortat and dudley or another big.

    • s

      ps. i’d much rather see big al back in green. thats just me though.

  • Grandad434

    Look, we have a ton of back court players. AB proved his worth quickly when he jumped ahead of the busted Jesus to take the 2 spot with Rondo.
    But the truth is that AB is young and very injury prone, like Eric Gordon for instance. With the way Barbosa is playing and if Lee/Terry can solidify their comfort in Doc’s system (IF) then AB is very expendable.

    No need to jump the gun here for Gortat at all when there haven’t been any word of other teams seriously pursuing him yet anyway. A guy saying he’s unhappy can change if PHX, mostly made up of a new roster, start clicking OR they wake up and hire a real coach like Stan Ron Jeremy Van Gundy or Nate Dog McMillian. Things can change, and PHX won’t be making any serious moves since they don’t exactly have a strong guy to take Gortat’s place either. Boston should target Big Al in Utah. Utah is loaded with front court and Boston is loaded with back court. Sounds like the 2 could strike a deal to bring him back to Beantown?

    Either way, the fact that Jeff Green is playing worse than Derrick Williams is pretty insane.
    Big Al or broke!

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  • Chris H

    Doubt that this happens. If we tie together a string of wins, they will wait for the waiver wire scrap heap and pull someone off it. Too much still to be determined with players on the roster and not enough value coming back. There will be teams desperate later on with horrible records and we will get better value.

    Also, I’m not on the “Jeff Green sucks” bandwagon. I’m on the “I don’t know what’s normal when you almost leave the planet and then come back the next season to judge yet” bandwagon.

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