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Recap: Celtics salvage season with huge victory over Thunder

So I may have reached a bit with my headline, but I needed that win.

Fueled by Paul Pierce and Jeff Green, the Celtics beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, 108-100. While Pierce and Green deserve credit for strong individual performances, this truly was a team effort. The Celtics had 8 offensive rebounds. The bench cranked out 35 points. The defense came alive (specifically in the 2nd and 3rd quarters).

The Green:

Pierce had 22 of his 27 points in the 2nd half.  He was 4-of-6 from three. He was in “professional scorer” mode. Jeff Green had 17 points in 25 minutes. And we might be wallowing in tears right now if not for Jason Terry’s dagger three-pointer with 36 seconds remaining.

The Gross:

I hate to single out anyone in particular but Brandon Bass had a tough night: 3-12 FG, -9 +/-.  He did make up for the poor shooting night by grabbing a couple of key offensive rebounds late in the game.

The GreenLights:

The Grid (Quick stats):

  • Boston won the battle of the benches; 35 – 13
  • The Celtics had 8 offensive rebounds. I repeat, 8 offensive rebounds.
  • OKC was ranked #1 in transition offense; tonight just 9 fast break points
  • The Celtics made 9 of 17 3 pointers (53%)
  • Rajon Rondo had 16 assists and 8 rebounds, but was a minus 9

Box score

(h/t to Terlo for the video)

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  • terlo


  • Lkk23

    Maybe this win will be the turning point this year like their loss to OKC was a turning point in the season last year.

  • MJ

    This team is still changing but things are getting better. The C’s needed this win tonight because it gives them confidence. The offense for once is the one aspect that looks great. It’s just the D that needs some work, but it actually looked great barring that 4th quarter surge the Thunder had. Greatly encouraged, but Jeff Green, DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE AGGRESSIVE?!

  • KY Celts fan

    Rondo a -9? Just another example of why +/- is a stupid stat.

    Great job all around. Jeff Green shows up big. If Jester00 says anything about him tonight, then he’s just trolling.

    Feeling good. Feel-ing good.

    • MJ_KN

      if you watch the game carefully enough, Neither O nor D is real droping when RR goes off. BBS is a attacker, and the team runs play from other players. Same for D, RR’s D really droped ALOT since last mid-seaon, and I doubt if he can bring it back on the same level. The real true impact is basically what KG means the team, and Major D

    • Jester00

      I’m not a Troll I am in the Hall of Fame Jeff Green played well last he has played 3 good now all season

    • Ace-One

      If you just look at +/- in isolation, from a single game, it can be misleading. But over a longer span, it can be helpful when comparing teammates’ impact.

      Now Adjusted +/-, that is a very meaningful stat, esp. in comparing players of different teams

  • LAF

    This game shows that when The Truth gets mad, he goes out and destroys opponents. And I hope tonight was a harbinger of things to come for #8.

    Dear Rondo,
    to be considered the best PG or an elite one, you need to make your teammates better, not worry sbout padding your own stats or blowing your own horn. Until then, you’re not even a top 5 PG in the league. Hell, you may not even be top 10.

    Rondo + filler for Deron Williams. Get it done, Ainge!

    • Drew

      So rebounding is stat padding? Dishing to the open man is stat padding? You are the absolute worst troll on this site. Go away.

      • LAF

        rondo is garbage.

        so he’s been dishing to a bunch of HOFers his whole career while bitching about not having any young legs to run with. so ainge goes out and signs several thoroghbreds and what does he do? not a goddamn thing through the first dozen games or so while proclaiming himself an MVP candidate and playing through garbage minutes of an embarassing loss in a pathetic attempt to prolong his own little streak. and then has the gall to thank his coach afterward. AFTER A DEMORALIZING LOSS. you know who used to do that kinda shit around here, you dumb shit? ANTOINE WALKER.

        keep sucking rondo’s *****, you retard. i’m not an imbecile homer like you. i know garbage when i see it.

        • SF Celts fan

          Was Rondo stat padding when he played with only one arm to get us a playoff win against the heat?!

          Your abrasive language is totally inappropriate. Pretty weak to talk tough on a blog!!!

          • LAF

            look. i’ve NEVER questioned rondo’s toughness. but he is a selfish and fatally flawed player who will never lead this team anywhere. at his absolute best, rondo is quite good but those games are way too far and in between. we need to get rid of rondo and bring in someone who’s not a 6’1 version of antoine walker because that’s exactly what he is.

        • Esther

          Sports fans can make some of the most classless, irrational, malicious, brainless comments. Enough said.

          I suppose Beethoven was padding his own stat when he wrote his symphonies.

        • Chuck – Red’s Army

          As always, we welcome dissenting opinions. But this is a friendly reminder to keep the language somewhat clean.

    • bop

      some rondo hate you have?

      • LAF

        rondo is garbage. a fool’s gold.

    • Joseph

      Haha Deron Williams – the ultimate stat padder, putting up meaningless numbers in losses on a shitty team for his whole career. Ichiro Suzuki of basketball.

      • LAF

        he alone kept utah relevant post stockton & malone, you idiot. who was his best teammate there? carlos boozer. when the western conference had 10 of the top 12 teams every year.

        how the hell do you think rondo would’ve fared?

        you gotta be a dumb SOB to even think rondo’s in the same class as dwill. one guy cares about winning. the other only cares about himself and thinks he’s MVP five games into the season. jesus christ you are stupid…

    • Jp

      I get how people believe Rondo is a stat padder. Seems he has aknack for passing when we all want him to take the shot, and there are games when he does take the shot AND pass. But I think to understand his actions we need to think like him (I know, hard, right?). I truly believe some of the passes, many of the passes, are in an attempt to reward his team, to get his team touches when he feels they need touches. He’s not perfect, but he’s damn good at getting the ball in the hands of the players who need it.

    • Gunit

      U are retarded

      Rondo > dwill all day

    • Celtsfan#1

      I don’t think Rondo is bad point guard, in fact I think he’s a very special point guard and the best player on the Celtics right now. Here is my rub with him: for someone who is leading the league in assists he is selfish. Before I get too attacked for that let me explain what I mean.
      When Rondo is in the game, the offense is a 1 pass offense with guys coming off of screens and curling for an open jump shot, or an on ball pick and pop. The offense ALWAYS runs through Rondo, and if nothing materializes they give the ball to Pierce to try and save the day (one of the reasons his FG% is a little down this year).
      Some of this seems to be RR trying to be the “best passer in the game”, and some can be attributed to Doc. When Rondo isn’t on the floor the offensive flow is a lot more natural and the ball moves around the court more and players like JG and CL attack more. You aren’t going to win many chess matches attacking with only your queen, but that doesn’t diminish the value of that piece.


    This was my 4th game of the year (at TD Garden) and by far the most fun I’ve had. It was fantastic to be able to scream my lungs out & get behind these guys as they played a full 48. Almost lost it on a few of the awful calls that were made, but thankfully they won. I was most impressed by the clutch free-throw shooting down the stretch. KG buried 4 big ones, and Truth’s 3 of 3 on that dumb foul OKC committed late. Solid effort and hopefully they build off of this to go on a nice little run. Perk was great w/all the fans-stopped to sign autographs/say hi to everyone who approached him.

    • Joseph

      Ya I watched on TV and it looked like the Garden was rockin. Great to see people having fun, see Jeff Green smile

  • CelticsKid34

    makes me wonder how an OKC vs BOS finals would have looked last year… maybe would have took em to 7 but we woulda got our asses handed to us with how good OKC was last year…

    • Drew

      I couldn’t disagree more. We we playing out of our minds last year in the play offs.

  • Drew

    I see Jeff, show me more. What a satisfying win. Great rebounding effort.

  • Great unexpected win tonight by the C’s! Now I just hope they can keep it up & keep improving on D. Also, I really think they should sign K Mart or Chris Andersen, they’re both pretty good defenders & could hold it down when KG needs a breather, as it was the case in the 4th, once KG went to the bench OKC started their run since there was no defensive presence on the floor. I think Danny should consider one of them.

  • 17rings

    this is why no one should ever get too down on the celts.. Idgaf what happens in the regular season we’ll be a force in the playoffs and that’s all you can ask for

  • 17rings

    sick of panicking fans.. if you’re too panicky, the celtics are not the team for you to follow!!!!

  • 17 Rings, you are straight money on that…it drive me nuts that somehow everyone forgets everything they know about the C’s EVERY YEAR! 2010: “The C’s are too old. There’s something wrong with them.” End result? Game 7, NBA Finals. Last year: “They just don’t have it. The window’s closed. Danny should have traded everyone.” End result? NBA Conference Finals Game 7. Folks, we have ten players that didn’t play last year. TEN! And two of ’em had open heart surgery for sh8 sakes! Patience. Patience. Patience. If they’re sub-500 in February, you can crank up the pessimisometer to 100%, okay? But, give them a chance to gel, first.

    • Drew

      Did you just say “straight money”?

      • 17rings

        Yes he did! That’s cuz Chief is straight $ too.. It’s like our pessimistic fan base hasn’t watched a full season of the Celtics before! It’s refreshing to see another fan who understands this team like i do.

        Me n Chief don’t care about an ugly loss in Detroit in November, because we both know that no team in this league wants to see us for a playoff series come May!

        If your faint of heart or panicky or pessimistic, I advise you not to follow the Celtics.. They’ll drive you nuts.

  • Chris

    Jeff is this years Avery. I’m saying this everywhere now. That was just a taste of what he can do. I’m not saying we should expect that every night, but if he plays with that kind of energy every night, he wont be far off.

    Let people demand he be traded constantly. They’re just the same people who are now demanding that AB must be no part of a deal, yet wanted to trade him for any offer this time last year.

  • How is there no mention of Sully yet in this post?! The kid was amazing tonight, he played smart and tough and came up with big plays on both ends. I will now accept all the credit I am due for lavishing praise on him early in the season. 🙂

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      You are absolutely right. He had a couple of great sequences. I also slighted KG. Was just pressed for time.

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  • MJ

    No love for Courtney Lee? He made life miserable for Kevin Martin last night. He may not have had a great offensive output but he stopped one of the league’s best scoring punches off the bench.