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Sullinger’s early goal: Don’t cry because of KG

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 21, 2012 Celtics News 6 Comments on Sullinger’s early goal: Don’t cry because of KG

He braced for the worst – Garnett yelling at him, Garnett embarrassing him, Garnett cussing him out like only Garnett can.

“I was just mentally being prepared to not cry on the bench,” Sullinger said.

Turns out, Sullinger hasn’t cried (at least that he has admitted publicly), and the experience has been rewarding for him after his two years at Ohio State.

“I learned early it’s not how loud he says it, it’s what he’s saying. Thanks, Pops,” said Sullinger, whose work with Garnett is helped through the lessons learned from his dad, Satch, who coached him in high school. “I was blessed to have an angry coach.”

USA Today

Jared Sullinger… STILL nothing like Glen Davis.

Funny how those comparisons completely disappeared once people saw him play.  Go ahead and read that piece to get some good advice from Sullinger’s dad… who says, in part, don’t pay attention to how some things are being said… pay attention to what’s being said.

I love Sully’s dad already.  He’s an old-school guy who gets that, in life, people win and people lose.  Kids don’t get trophies just for showing up.  The result is a kid like Jared Sullinger, who accepts the teaching of the hardest screw ever to walk a turn in a Celtics uniform… and he does it all without shedding a tear.

…. which is more than some forwards who’ve come through here can say.

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  • Joseph

    Will be a much better player than Davis too one day, because he is a much better rebounder, with a comparable jumper, and a very good post game, and a very high basketball IQ. Couple that with his work ethic and he could be an amazing piece.

  • Jester00

    Sully is the man and a steal at 21

  • Astarot

    Great pic. And true Sullinger’s showing how mentally strong he is and that’s one of the most important things on NBA level. Dealing with KG on daly basis gotta be hard.

  • Brick James

    Really would love to see Doc let Sully guard Duncan tonight. Duncan won’t be able to muscle him and Tim’s high IQ and height would be a great challenge for the rook.

  • Jared sullinger is a mf beast … I’m glad we got him

  • Chief

    Big fan of sully, Am really happy that he’s a celtic.