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Recap: Spurs handle the Celtics inside & out in a 112-100 loss

This just in: the Spurs are REALLY good. Between their incredible chemistry and remarkable passing, it was just too much for the Celtics to handle. Whether it was the FIFTY EIGHT points inside the paint or the 8-of-16  shooting from downtown, the Spurs just showed the Celtics what a title contender looks like a 112-100 loss. Tiago Splitter led the way with 23 points on 9-of -11 shooting and was part of the early fourth quarter charge that put this game out of reach for good.

The Green:

Rajon Rondo had one of the best all around games of the season, finishing the night with 22 points & 15 assists. He extends his double-digit assist streak to 35 games but the best from him was him trying to carry the team in the fourth with 12 points in the quarter. Jason Terry started the night strong, going 4-of-5 in the first quarter, but finished the night with 12 points. All five of the Celtics starters finished in double figures.

The Gross:

There’s plenty to pick from here: The Celtics allowed 58.4% shooting from the field tonight, the highest in the KG era. The Spurs out-rebounded the Celtics 41-25 and Tim Duncan (15) out-rebounded the entire Celtics starting lineup (12). Speaking of rebounds, the Celtics has ONE offensive board, and that was a put back by Brandon Bass with 1:28 to go in the game. Splitter also outscored the entire Celtics bench, 23-17.

The Greenlights:

The Grid (quick stats):

  • Tony Parker was en fuego tonight: 26 points on 12-of-17 shooting.
  • Celtics did have a good shooting night, going 53% from the field
  • Jared Sullinger was the leading rebounder with seven.
  • Jeff Green scored five points in 16 minutes off of the bench.
  • Green only took seven shots, no one else off of the bench took more than three.

The Celtics had their biggest game since they faced Miami in the opener and they still have a lot of work to do if they want to be called legitimate title contenders. It doesn’t get any easier as Kevin Durant & the Oklahoma City Thunder come into town on Friday.

Box Score



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  • celtics33

    Embarrassing performance at home. Can’t use the tired excuse that Doc put out after the Detroit game as the Celtics had 2 days off.

    Team doesn’t play defense anymore or even try to rebound. KG had 3 rebounds in 31 minutes had Pierce had ZERO in 36 minutes!!! The Celtics almost tied an NBA record with zero offensive rebounds before Bass picked one up late.

    Jeff Green continues to be Mr. Invisible but he is hardly alone in what is wrong with this team.

    The defensive prowess of this group has disappeared, they can’t rebound and can’t score enough to keep up with better offensive teams.

    Anyone not concerned with this team after “only” 12 games isn’t paying attention…

    • Mannie

      In not concerned because Last years start was worse than this, and they barely had practice time because of the schedule but look were they ended up… Ecf. Be patient. It’s going to be a long season. Offense is there, just defense and rebounding should be worked on. Big time!

  • KY Celts fan

    It’s not looking good. Our defense is atrocious and I’m skeptical Bradley can make it that much better. Zero rebounds from Pierce. Zero from Green. Only three from Garnett. Something’s gotta change or the best we can expect to finish is .500.

    • Drew

      Our front office won’t allow this team to finish with 41 wins. The East is too good for a 500 team to squeek into the play offs.

      • LAF

        don’t know what you are all complaining about. RONDO’S STREAK IS ALIVE!!! MVP! MVP! MVP!!!

        • Drew

          You are completely retarded. If you can tie in an argument about Rondo having anything to do with our front court rebounding problems, maybe you’ll be able to convince me that Rondo is the problem with this team. Until then, we have an 8 million a year bust, a HORRIBLE back up 2 guard and no rebounds in the front court. Is that Rondos fault?

          • LAF

            uh…no, drew. the PG’s job isn’t to make anyone on the team better or find a way to win…so long as he keeps his assist streak alive. MVP! MVP! MVP!

  • Mannie

    Positive note: knicks, Philly and nets all lost their last games.

  • Embarrassing loss, in so many ways. They’re playing about as well as Scal is at doing color.

    Better get this turned around soon, until tonite, we just finished prob the easiest part of the whole schedule.

  • celtics33

    For all the Jeff Green fans —

    Andray Blatche – 17mpg 8.7 pts 5 reb –
    salary $854,000

    Jeff Green – 22mpg 8.2 pts 3 reb – salary $8.4 MILLION

    • Drew

      Like I said earlier, the most over paid NBA player by far.

    • Chris

      Jeff Green aside – I was screaming for Blatche amongst the Darko – Collins signings and Martin/Birdman discussions but was consistently attacked for backing “a knucklehead with no NBA skill”. Permission to say “i told you so” to those people?

  • Banner 18

    Tough game for any Celts fan to watch tonight. However, they are going to be fine. They have so many new players playing prominent roles (terry, lee, green, Barbosa and Sullenger). It’s going to take some time for those players to learn how to play with each other. Lebron, Wade and Bosh were 9 and 8 after the first 17 games that they played with each other (2010-2011 season).It may take another 5 or 10 games for this team to start playing well. Also, the person who said Bradley won’t make that much of a difference is dead wrong. He is there best defensive player and he will make things much easier for the Celts.

  • Tyler

    What the hell is wrong with the C’s! Its Sick! It’s Sickening! They need to get their heads outta their asses and start winning or DA is gonna blow it up.

    • Drew

      You know what, screw all this. We’ll figure this out eventually. Tomorrow is turkey day and The Cowboys are about to whoop some Redskin ass. Let’s all cheer on Americas Team, watch Romo pick apart a weak Washington backfield and drink some spiced wine. It’ll be fun, The Celtics will be fine. We’ll win 50 games and soar through the playoffs again. It’s all good. GO COWS!

      • KY Celts fan

        I can cheer that! Stampede! Go you Dallas Cowboys Go!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Jeff Green is SLOW. Pathetically slow. He tried a couple of times to drive into the paint, but he can’t dribble.

    Nobody rebounds.

    Defense is atrocious.

    Offense is stagnant.

    If Rondo is the leader of this team HE GOTTA PLAY SOME GODDAMN DEFENSE.

  • Paul

    We suck on both ends of the court right now! If something doesn’t change real fast, we won’t even make the playoffs!!! We are supposed to have the best bench and the best defense?

  • 17rings

    Offense looks good.

    Defense will key get better.

    Panic if this is happening in January.

    • Joseph

      Exactly! Plus I feel like we dd not play that poorly last night, considering how great the Spurs are.

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  • Quest

    The bench not performing…how many years is that now