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Kid who scored 138 points is the worst teammate ever

By the end of the night, Taylor was 52-for-108 (27-for-71 from the 3-point line) and he’d established a new collegiate record.

Before his squad took the floor Tuesday night, Taylor met with a few teammates for a pregame devotional. It was the first time that Taylor, a sophomore at the Division III school, had ever read Bible verses with other players prior to tipoff.

They focused on Matthew 25, a chapter that features a parable about the value of talents.

“I gotta thank the man upstairs,” Taylor said. “I was able to multiply my talents tonight.”


If I was this kid’s teammate, I would have refused to pass him the ball or punched him in the face during a timeout.

He took 80 more shots than the rest of his teammates combined. 80!

And my favorite stat line: zero assists.

The coach should be fired. His star player logged 36 of 40 minutes in a 75 point win. At the very least, he should have put him on the bench once the record of 113 was broken.

This is hero basketball at its worst. I’m sure Red is rolling over in his grave.

UPDATE: According to Deadspin, Grinnell’s game plan was to get Taylor the record. He never got back on defense and his teammates passed up open layups to feed him the ball. Shame on everyone involved.

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  • 52 of 108? That’s just simply ridiculous. Talk about force feeding a player.

  • Steve Crowe

    Love the step-back 3s over double teams. What would of happened if they played a reverse box-and-1, put 4 guys on him and left the fifth defender under the hoop? Would he have passed then? The other team should have taken a shot clock violation every possession, would’ve killed his shot at the record.

  • But assists are a bogus stat. Scoring is all that matters!

  • I would have switched out on him… and earned my 5 fouls. I wouldn’t settle for being embarrassed like that.

    • Jester00

      John I played 4 years of D3 ball these guy are playing their butts off for nothing!!!!!!!! good for him rondo kept his streak going in garbage time come on!!!! I see what your saying about fouling him but it is still a hell of a job he made some tough shots. as a team player I would have loved feeding him the ball. think you are off on this bro. I mean the team was involved let him have moment! Hell he might working at the Waffle House like me is 3 years. i was great boost for Basketball!!!!!!!! I Loved it!!!!!! Jeff Green sucks by the way!

  • CBD

    That’s how Grinnell plays. If some kid has a chance of getting a record, they’ll start feeding him. It’s more about fun, than anything else. Cut the outrage and anger. Kids going to Grinnell know what they’re getting into. It’s a very different system – they don’t play defense. They simply let you score then start trying to heave threes. So relax, Grinnell’s a novelty. If a coach wants to get a kid a scoring record because he goes to a novelty D3 school, who cares? I think everyone getting upset about this needs to relax.

    • Bryant

      Agreed. Also, they’ve won three conference titles in the last decade — yeah, it’s D3, but that’s still reasonably impressive.

      And one of the tenets of the coach is that everyone should get to play. His rotations are insane; nobody winds up warming the bench all the time.

      Seven Seconds or Less on steroids.

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        Good to know all the kids get to play, but only one gets to shoot.

  • 413murph

    I don’t see one double team on this kid. Just the same guy guarding him getting rained on. Clearly he wasnt going to pass the ball, why not trap him?

    • 413murph

      Oh wait they did put two guys on him for like two possesions.

      • Steve Crowe

        These are only a few of the highlights, clearly there were more double-teams not shown.

  • Opposing coach should of sent some goon kid in to take him out at the knees

  • RedsLoveChild

    The real goal behind this “stunt” was to bring attention to an obscure, Div-3 school.

    The kid {Taylor} has as much chance of ever playing in an NBA game as the school`s janitor!

  • Drew

    Put a half decent d1 defender on this kid and he scores 10 points. I’ll give him credit for actually making the shots, but that’s about it.

  • Manny

    He had 58 points at half time. His teammates and coach wanted to give him a shot at the record. He said so in an interview. Geez

  • Gunner

    I obviously didn’t see the game but these highlights give the impression that he took nothing but jumpers. Granted he had to take at least 71 (ie 3 balls) but how many layups did he have? Just doing the math, he shot the ball once every 20 seconds he was in the game! If he didn’t get back on defense was he cherry-picking the whole time?

  • “Doc” Rivers

    Oh come off your high horse Chuck! Everyone on his team wanted to get his hot hand going, and once they saw the potential for a record, they wanted him to get it. Seeing a 5’10” scrawny looking kid score that many points was fun, exciting, and entertaining. Those are the three reasons people play the game: for the fans. And the fans liked it. Don’t worry, you’ll never see him sustain a career like that in the NBA, so your strong feelings and opinions will be short lived.