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Just two more reasons to mock the Lakers and their fans

I’ll go out on a limb and say the kid with the backwards hat and sunglasses has a basketball IQ of 5. Those matching Dwight Howard t-shirts are kinda cute, though. [Update: Deadspin interviewed them both, bro]

Speaking of Mr. Howard, check out the reaction to his latest debacle at the free throw line. Air balls have never been so funny.

Paint your face, clown.

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  • Curt


  • Vin

    so this is several days old guys, get with the program….also there’s already been an interview with these guys (really actually kids, so dont go too hard on them)….they are actually pretty aware of the situation and are really taking it well and going along with the joke. But yes, this gif makes me laugh every time. its amazing.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Better late than never, right Vin?

  • RAS

    I have watched that air-ball 50 times already and it doesn’t get old.

  • eddysamson

    I personally like the reversed version of this .gif…saw it on Imgur a few days ago

  • Astarot

    Mr. Clown does it again. Air ball on FT that’s something.

  • Brick James
  • Drew

    The Howard Twin thing is unforgivable. wow

    Also, I’ve never understood wearing the jersey of the new guy on the team. You have to earn my respect 100 percent before i even consider wearing your clothing.

    • Voodoo

      Does that explain the sheer amount of UGG boots in Boston? Dorky fashion police….

  • Joseph

    Yea Dwight’s a terrible free throw shooter but he can so something that the rest of the Boston suckdic team can’t do….REBOUND!!!

  • strafalfakkus

    the celtics have some bitter fans. maybe its because they suck this year