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Celtics waive Darko Milicic

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 21, 2012 Celtics News, Darko Milicic 10 Comments on Celtics waive Darko Milicic

The team announced today that they have waived Darko Milicic.  Darko’s mother is ill, and he has decided to go home to spend time with her and his family.

“Darko has asked us to release him so he could deal with a personal matter,” said Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. “The whole Celtics family wishes Darko and his family well.”

Doc has said that they noticed a drop in Darko’s performance when he heard about his mom’s declining health.  Today on CSNNE.com, Jessica Camerato has a nice piece on Darko and how he’s lived his life to help his family.

We all know what the Darko era in the NBA has been.  Now’s not the time to rehash that or mock it.  We wish Darko and his family well.  We will afford him the respect he deserves as a human being dealing with a difficult issue.

Basketball-wise, the Celtics have said they won’t rush to fill his spot.  Cap-wise, because Darko was on a minimum deal, there is relatively little damage done.  The league pays a portion of all minimum deals, so this doesn’t affect the Celtics ability to offer another player a minimum deal as well.  The Celtics also have the bi-annual exception, which means they can offer any portion up to $1.9 million to a player… but that puts them VERY close to the $74 million hard cap… which was imposed the minute they chose to give Jason Terry the full mid-level exception.

It’s not likely that they’ll use that, though, because the veteran minimum for player with 10+ years experience is $1.3 million.  Remember, the league pays a portion of that minimum deal… so the cap hit is about half that.  The league pays none of the bi-annual.  So there’s really very little incentive for the Celtics to use it unless they feel they REALLY need a player and they’re bidding against a team that can only offer the minimum.

Again, we wish Darko and his family well.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Kenyon Martin, come on down!

  • terlo

    shame, i was very hopeful beginning of the season. we finally had a true big man under the board and he did not fit in. plus his family developments..


    The NBA and Darko stars will never align.

  • Brick James

    Get well Mrs. Milicic.

    It’s too bad, would’ve liked to see Darko get a legitimate chance here. Hope everything turns out OK for him for making the right move and putting family first.

  • Bill

    Gluck in your future endeavors Darko and our thoughts are with you and your family. Jizz on!!!

  • I think he’ll have a better career over there anyways and wish him luck.

    K Mart would be an excellent p/u.

    Watching Tony Parker slice through our defense is painful.

  • It really is unfortunate. I was definitely one of the people who believed that Darko – if he could stay healthy – could be an important player for the C’s. Big, solid 7-footer with skills (rarely tapped skills, mind you, but…) Ahh, well. I posted a story about the speculation around a replacement and I linked back to Redsarmy.com’s insightful post about Avery Bradley. Check it out…www.greenheadzblog.blogspot.com.

  • KG21

    We lost again…we need a reliable big man! Go for Gortat! Splitter scored 23 pts?! Wow!

  • Caring

    We need to get rid of Green he is awful. Start there.

  • Greens

    Am I the only one that thinks Doc Rivers is overrated? The lineups he’s been putting out on the floor are subpar at best. This team is too talented to be this bad.