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Celtics won’t rush to fill Darko’s spot

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 20, 2012 Celtics News, Darko Milicic 22 Comments on Celtics won’t rush to fill Darko’s spot

Darko Milicic hasn’t made up his mind whether he’s staying or going yet.  But if he leaves, the Celtics don’t seem to be in any rush to fill his spot.

“I don’t think we are in any rush to [fill the spot],” said Rivers. “If we see somebody out there that we think could help us, if Darko leaves, then yes. If not, patience usually helps in our league, especially after the All-Star break [when] guys get released, or other guys become available. I think we’ll be patient.”

That goes along with what Adrian Wojnarowki wrote about the team yesterday, when the news of Darko potentially leaving broke.

The Celtics had considered signing free-agent forward Kenyon Martin this offseason, but ultimately chose Collins, Chris Wilcox and Milicic over him. Some Celtics’ veterans have been pushing for the team to sign Martin.

Boston hasn’t completely ruled out an eventual conversation with Martin about a role on the team, but the most likely scenario would be for the Celtics to hold onto the roster spot and see who else might become available in the next couple of months.

I can’t tell you how many people ask me about Kenyon Martin.  I don’t think it’s going to happen…. at least not yet.  The C’s clearly seem to be holding off until March to do anything.

And, again, that all hinges on whether Darko leaves.


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  • JBcelticsFan

    Celtics won’t rush and they don’t need to. Its not like the Celtics have gone that deep in the roation anyways. The group the Cs have now are capable of rebounding, they just don’t do it. They don’t box out and don’t attack the glass aggressively. Also, there arent many bigs out there that the Cs have to worry about. Hopefully they don;t trade anybody because then we’ll be back at square one trying to develop chemistry. Leave the team how it is.

  • Chris H

    I rarely think Doc makes a bad call, but I have to say this is just dumb. Doc needs to just play the guy. It would probably relieve some of the stress of being away from his family and his ill mother. In garbage time the other night, that would have been ideal.

    I have no idea why Doc gets a bug up his ass about certain players and then just shuts down to them entirely. We have seen that with several players in his tenure, where he just decides on his rotation, then rides and dies with them. Mostly dies. It’s like he is too stuborn to help himself. Having a healthy 7 footer who can do some things for you just riding pine, after you wooed him talking about all the time he would get, it’s just dumb and it’s something I really don’t like about Doc.

    • KB

      @Chris H.

      I’m agree. I don’t understand Doc’s logic especially this season. I feel sometimes us fans give Doc pass, but he needs to be called out. And right now I don’t understand his logic and the way he’s coaching this current Celtics roaster. This small-ball line-up is driving me insane, because it’s just not working.

      It worked in the 2011 playoffs, because Philly and Miami were both small. Against the Hawks until Horford returned, but the C’s executed their offense well they won the series. Why not try big line ups C-F w/Darko/KG or Collins/KG? Instead Doc is trying these bogus line ups w/ Bass, Wilcox or Sully at 4 or 5.

      Doc is trying too hard to emulate the Heat and that’s a recipe for disaster, because Bosh and James are younger, quicker and more athletic than Garnett and Pierce at this stage of their careers.

  • KB

    Holding off until Feb for what? There’s no quality big men in the league or on the market. What is it the Celtics organization can’t see, that Celtics fans like myself can. Right now this team is getting destroyed defensively and on the boards, not sure if has to do with lack of effort on the C’s end or Doc’s small ball line-up. I think both.

    Since Perkins was traded, Shaq retired and Kristic left for Europe, the Celtics have not attempted to bring in an adequate big, to help KG, Bass and Wilcox. I don’t understand Ainge’s or Doc’s logic in not trying to knowledge or fix the flaws(REBOUNDING, SHOT BLOCKING) of the previous two seasons.

    So if Darko decides to leave, then Wilcox, Sullinger and Collins will back up KG, are Celtics fans really comfortable with that idea? If Darko stays why not give the guy p/t, what’s the worst that can happen, because right now Doc’s small ball obsession is not working. The past 2 seasons Ainge has done a poor job addressing the flaws of this team, which is rebouning and shot blocking.

    If some of the vets are telling Ainge to get Kevin Martin, then maybe it’s time to start listening. This team is heading down the road for trouble.

    • KB

      If some of the vets are telling Ainge to get Kenyon Martin, then maybe it’s time to start listening. This team is heading down the road for trouble.

    • RedsLoveChild

      You have every right to question Doc`s mindset and thought process.

      However, the real questions are : Why has Doc Rivers and his methods been given “sacred cow” status? Why is he above criticism? Why is a coach, who is so delusional that he thinks it`s ok for his team to get punished each night on the boards, so revered?

      The answer is : KG is happy with Rivers, and Ainge must keep KG happy in order to keep his job.

      KG came here in `07…happy to escape dreary Minny…he liked Rivers…they immediately won a title…he`s been grateful ever since

      Rondo and Pierce would play hard for any coach…KG would just as soon retire than play for anyone other than Doc!

      We need KG…therefore, we need Doc. Doc knows this.

      Meanwhile, have you ever heard any other NBA star express his desire to play for Doc?

      LeBron? Howard? D-Williams? No!

      Instead, Doc attracts FA`s who are aging vets/non-impact players, who are just happy to grab a paycheck anywhere…Terry, Lee, Collins, Darko represents this year`s “harvest”.

      • eddysamson

        Thats because those big names are looking more for the mass media markets than the coaches.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Boston is a bigger market than Miami, let alone the New England metropolitan area as a whole.

          D-Will chose Brooklyn, which will always be #2 in NY to the Knicks. D-Howard`s first choice was also Brooklyn.

          It`s clear—KG {at age 36!} is the only big name NBA player who has even the slightest desire to play for Rivers.

          • Joez

            @ Redslovexhild

            understand today’s generation of NBA stars are different than the Garnett’s, Kobe’s, Duncan’s, Nash’s or Dirk’s. Today’s stars like James, Melo, Williams, Howard or Paul, are more focused on marketing and self-promotion. Lebron is the exception, because I believe he wants to win more than anything.

            If it wasn’t for KG guys like Wallace, Shaq, Jermaine, West, Wilcox, Dooling, Bass, Posey, House, Brown, Finely, Cassell, Terry, Hollins, Pietrus or Lee would not of stepped foot in Boston. The Celts need stop playing crap, that’s basically the problem.

          • eddysamson

            Boston is also generally regarded as the “least cool” mass media market…I mean dude MIAMI, LA, NYC, SF in comparison…

          • RedsLoveChild

            Doesn`t seem to hurt Tom Brady

          • eddysamson

            Thats because they signed him when NO ONE wanted him and he looked like a skinny nerd and stayed there the WHOLE TIME. Apples and oranges.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Was Larry Bird`s super-stardom held back by playing in Boston?

            I noticed you did not include Chicago as a “glamor” city for jocks….was Michael Jordan held back by playing there?

            Fact is…if you`re a great athlete, and lead your team to titles, it doesn`t matter what town you call home. You will receive more attention/commercial opportunities than you can handle!

  • Drew

    If Perkins was less shy, he’d grab a microphone and start rapping “You couldn’t do it with out Danny. Danny, Danny, couldn’t do it without me, Danny.”

  • Doc has fallen in so much love with the small lineup, & it’s just killing the team in rebounds & dribble penetration, he’s trying to match Miami’s style of play instead of playing to his strength. Just because the small lineup works for them it doesn’t mean that the rest of the league is gonna be successful with it. Miami struggles against teams with size (i.e. Grizzlies & Clippers) & the Celtics have been successful playing with true centers. I remember 2 yrs ago when Doc said that you need bigs to win in the league, well, now he has two 7 footers & he doesn’t even play them. Smh! I just don’t get it.

  • Jester00

    K Martin will not help the C’s if any thing it will hurt Sully’s play

    P.S. Jeff Green Sucks

  • Chris H

    Why would they try to fill his spot either? It seems to me like a “leave of absence” would work better, if the rules allow it. Your not going to find healthy 7 foot centers just laying around, with numbers that work for you, all over the place late in the season.

    They will be stuck in the same position as the last few years, trying to pull workable scrap off the heap for short money. And coming up short.

    Why not either play the guy or let him take a month or two off?

    If it’s so severe ending his season make sense, then Godspeed Darko. If not, give him a break and save him for later in the season, when guys are hurt and he can be an impact player.

    That would require Doc to change his thinking though.

  • Tyler

    Considering how much JEff Green has meant to the Celtics since DA traded away the 2011 Title, DA should have just spent the money wasted on Green on Perkins. What a waste.

  • charlie

    I thought Darko was hurt and only rest and time would heal him. This team is too stuck and mired in “their style of play” – can’t they think outside the box? They don’t rebound because they don’t want to rebound and don’t even think about it. Some of the rebounds they get just fall into their hands, lots of time they aren’t even looking for it. They don’t care about rebounds or about getting the ball up the court in a timely fashion.

    • ProBaller

      That’s why they’re currently 6-5. Until the players, coaching staff, Rivers and Ainge acknowledges this Celtics team’s flaws, they’ll continue to struggle all season. Charlie, everything u listed in your post is part of the Celts struggle.

  • greenjim

    they don’t rebound because they’re directed to get back and stop a fast break. Bass and KG are outside shooters, they don’t position themselves to get offensive rebounds. Nor Pierce. Only Wilcox, tho Sullinger some.

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