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Should the Celtics make a play for Marcin Gortat?

There’s a lot of speculation about Suns center Marcin Gortat and his future in Phoenix. Gortat is unhappy with his role in the Suns offense and the team’s refusal to discuss a contract extension, according to this Polish media outlet.

ESPN Insider Joe Kaiser summarizes Gortat’s talents and possible trade partners for Phoenix:

Today, the 28-year-old Polish big man is one of the premier centers in the league, a massive 6-foot-11 interior presence that can change games on both ends of the court. And he has the numbers to back it up.

Synergy Stats Technology indicates that Gortat’s offensive points per play ranked among the best in the league in both 2010-11 (1.08 PPP ranked No. 28) and 2011-12 (1.047 PPP ranked No. 37). Consider his rebounding numbers (9.73 per game since joining Phoenix) and improving defensive skills (3.2 blocked shots per game this season ranks No. 2 behind Serge Ibaka), and Gortat’s value becomes even clearer.

Kaiser offers up Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee for Gortat:

No team makes as much sense as Boston, which badly needs a big man to pair with Kevin Garnett in the frontcourt before the window of opportunity closes in the KG/Paul Pierce era. The Celtics have as many tradeable young talents as any playoff-caliber team, and though they’ve been very reluctant to include young defensive star Avery Bradley in any deal, they may have to in order to coax Gortat out of the Suns. Bradley would be exactly what the Suns are looking for if they have to move Gortat — a young, hard-working shooting guard who can come in and fill a position of need.

Are you ready to ship Avery Bradley out of town? Because I’m not. And this proposal creates a large hole at shooting guard.

Gortat is a skilled big and his rebounding and defense will be a welcome addition to Boston. But if he’s here, then KG is back to playing power forward. Can the Celtics make that switch seamlessly? And what about Doc’s affinity for small ball?

The other scenarios involve the Bucks, Thunder, Blazers and Hornets.

We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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  • Shane

    Moving Avery Bradley for Gortat would be the end of Danny Ainge’s tenure here in Boston. Gortat is a great player and I would love to see him in green, but giving up AB just isn’t worth it. We were at our best with a starting 5 of RR, AB, PP, BB, and KG. We match up better with the Heat with that as well, and moving 2 shooting guards for a guy who doesn’t match up with the Heat just doesn’t make sense. The Heat tend to go small, and we need to be able to do the same. You’re lying if you think that we match up better against the Heat with a bigger lineup.

  • Robby C

    I wouldn’t do Lee and Bradley, but I’d move Lee and Bass.

    • LA Flake

      Or Terry and Bass as I’ve been preaching all along. Though Terry was brought in here to do what Ray supposedly couldn’t (or wouldn’t), he should be the one to go if we can get Gortat because we need to have Avery finish games and can’t have Terry taking up his minutes. Terry can score in bunches but our D sucks when he’s playing. And I want Avery playing at least 35 mpg when he gets back.

      • wil333


  • Martinez Pizarro

    For Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass? Yes, in a heartbeat, far too much inconsistency. For AB? NO

  • Cam

    You gotta give up something to get something.

    In a vacuum getting gortat for the AB and Lee seems like a pretty awesome return. Unless you are almost certain AB will be all-star level talent (which even the biggest AB supporters would have trouble with) I think its a very intriguing idea.

    How much more could you possibly expect to get in return for him?

    Id still like to wait it out a bit tho I know people are all up in arms over the team atm

    • Name*

      I agree about the AB thing. But he really doesn’t have to be ALL STAR caliber. If he can lock down defensively all he really would have to do is leak out, run the floor with RR, and make open shots

      • Cam

        Its pretty tempting to get a legit big man who can really crash the boards. He’s also an elite rim protector.

        Those are 2 things we have sorely mossed over the years.

        We have kG and that’s it. No other big time defensive rebounders and not one rim protector.

        If we don’t trade Bradley which I don’t think we will, we all are just assuming and hoping he will just jump right back in and start balling. Expectations are wayto high for a guy that played well for a quarter of a season. Not to mention the several injuries and surgeries he’s already had and confidence problems that could creep back if he starts out struggling

        • CoachBo

          I agree. Bradley’s body of quality work is relatively brief, and his shoulders are damaged.

          This is a deal I would seriously consider – if I have an answer at the 2 to bring in.

          • Cam

            Honestly Rondo, JET, and Barbosa is probably a better guard rotation than we had the past few playoff years.

            Bring in Pietrus or look elsewhere.

            Honestly JET should prob be playing 30 min at least anyway

  • Martinez Pizarro

    I honestly believe the starting 5 of RR AB PP MG KG and a and a combo of sully/milli/Wilcox w/ heavy doses of LB JET and JG would almost ASSURE an NBA Finals appearance!!!!

  • mrchumpy

    Gortat would be a great addition, I think he’s worth pursuing. AB and Lee would be taking too much depth out of the shooting guard position, but I’m sure there’s some deal that could be made.

  • 17rings

    i wouldn’t do Gortat for AB straight up. AB is a stud.

    He will be an all-star one day.. and if you don’t agree with that, he will at least be 1st-3rd team all NBA defense for a large portion of his career.

    We should try to get Varajao.. as much as i hate the guy, he has everything this team is missing.

  • RedsLoveChild

    What would be the purpose?

    Sign him…bring him here…let him rot on the bench for 3 weeks…finally let him play 10 meaningless minutes…decide he`s not the answer…get rid of him!

    How many more times must we see this same scenario play out?

    Collins…Darko…Fab…JO…Hollins…JaJuan…Krstic…Murphy…Sean W…

    • KY Celts fan

      Fab is a rookie. As for the rest, what do you see in them that makes you think they would have have been difference makers? Collins and Darko will have their chance. But they weren’t great on past teams, so I don’t expect them to suddenly become a sixth man candidate here.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Collins & Darko “weren`t great” on past teams?

        Gortat has averaged 8 PPG and 6 RPG in his career.

        You see “greatness” in that???

        • KY Celts fan

          Collins and Darko weren’t great on past teams. Darko has been the joke of the NBA since he entered it in 2003.

          And you’re looking at Gortat’s career stats. He played behind Dwight Howard for the first 3 1/2 years of his career. Since he moved to Phoenix and became a permanent starter, his stats are 13.1 ppg and 9.7 rpg. That’s not greatness, but it’s better than every other big man we’ve had since Perk.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Valid point…

            However, after watching other Eastern European “bigs” {Krstic and Milicic} recently flee Boston soon after arriving here…are you 100% sure you`d want to give up value by taking a chance on Poland native Marcin Gortat?!?

  • PierceH

    We can’t trade lee and bass until January I don’t think. But trading AB would make no sense he’s a perfect fit in the backcourt for rondo in the future

  • Nate

    Wow, they want 2 SGs? Anyways, Gortat’s contract is excellent at only about 7 million. So moving Bass and Lee isn’t possible.

    Plus, having Gortat in the starting lineup would only be useful against the Lakers and Grizzlies. He wouldn’t be happy with his role here either. I like Gortat, but this seems as improbable as a Jazz or Hawks deal.

    • Rip strawberry

      I’d do a lee + sullinger + filler + picks. If they take jeff green + picks I’m all for it though.

  • What can be better for Celtics’ fan from Poland 😀 ?

    But anyway, I also wouldn’t give Bradley for him – but Bass, Lee? Good idea for me.

  • CoachBo

    Depends a lot on what plan B would be at the 2.
    I am not married to Bradley and Lee, and Gortat could be a significant assist.
    But who the new 2 would be matters.

  • adam

    Gortat can rebound, but do the celtics like to offensivley rebound? thought they like to get back on defense instead. now defense rebounding I would love to see more of.

  • RA_PapaIrish

    If I’m going to give up Avery Bradley it has to be for a long term piece or a sure fire great player that would make us championship favorites right now, not a 28 year old Center who’s contract is about to expire. Remember to that his inability to check Al Jefferson cost the Suns a playoff spot last year.

    I like Gortat, I would be willing to part with individual pieces such as Lee, Bass, Melo, and a 1st rounder (Not all of them) for Gortat, but would definitely not include AB.

    Id much rather take a bigger chance on a guy like Demarcus Cousins where the payoff could be much greater

  • KY Celts fan

    Bass and Lee for Gortat and Dudley works. I’m not sure how important Dudley is to Phoenix so I don’t know if the Suns would be interested in this. But that trade would keep us strong as shooting guard while also giving us the big man we desperately need.

    Important to note that since Bass and Lee were FA signings, they can’t be traded til sometime in January I believe.

    • Shawn

      Dudley has developed into a good player for Phoenix and last I knew they were high on him. Good contract for what he does and is signed for the next 6 years. I don’t see Gortat being traded for players, if he’s traded they’ll want picks and a player to match salaries. It’s what the Suns do.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Bass & Lee–for–Gortat & Dudley…interesting.

      Throw in Jeff Green…and you`ve got a deal!!

      • Jester00

        yes and yes

  • aaron

    avery bradley= Matt Cassell…


    we take this deal now except i would give cash + AB and get gortat…

  • PakkAttackk

    WAY too early for any trade rumors right now but the rebounding is starting to bother me. NO way I deal Avery Bradley though. Courtney & Bass/Fab/1st rd pick, sure.
    I know it’s hard to be patient with Courtney right now but eventually he’s gonna get it, or so I hope..I really don’t want to lose a Wade defender but then again I really think we need a big man to be a legitimate contender.
    I mean Phoenix did give away Nash for a bunch of crappy picks & they did want Courtney Lee in free agency. It’s possible & I wouldn’t mind losing a 1st rd pick, well unless Ainge starts rumors about Shabazz’s back, LOL JK.

  • Celticsfanatic

    They’d have to throw in Dragic too. Or at least Shannon Brown.

  • Jester00

    For Jeff Green and anyone not named jet RR PP KG and sully yes all day long

  • bill

    ONLY trade Bradley for Josh Smith

  • Mannie

    I’m sure Phoenix would want draft picks instead of players. If we can get him for fab, lee/bass and a couple of picks with him committed to the celtics we are set for a couple of years. Nash out of his prime made gortat a better player. Just imagine him with rondo entering his prime! This would give us an advantage over the heat because they won’t have anyone to guard him and we have someone patrolling the paint. Plus we would match up well with the lakers. If we get him without losing much, we don’t have to worry about Kg when he’s done.

    RR, AB, PP/JG, JS, Gortat.

  • Hayley

    If Danny Ainge trades Avery Bradley he will lose a lot of supporters. We must keep Avery, he is one of our best defenders. We will find out how much we missed him when he comes back, and runs the backcourt with Rondo! DON”T TRADE AVERY!

  • Trippe Doubé

    Before we start contemplating who we’re shipping out of town, shouldn’t we at least consider there’s a slightly less mobile (much larger) better passing version of ‘Tat on this roster? Whose starting to whine about the ‘ole country? Why? Cause Doc likes to go small. The league wants to go small now.
    Remember how many games Perk finished for us when he was here? Exactly. That was Posey on the floor.
    AB is a MUCH more valuable asset than Gortat will ever be. Haven’t even begun to scratch the surface with this kid yet & it would be foolish to trade him away. Which is why all of this conversation is a waste of time, no way in hell DA is considering any scenario for AB unless it involves an AllStar caliber player…..which Gortat is NOT.

  • Astarot

    I’m from Poland and that being said I’d love to see Gortat in Boston. It’s true he’s pretty good on offense good rebounder too (Cs need that badly), but he’s not that good on D (despite blocking ability) and also he’s not consistant enough (at least not yet) I know Doc would make him better player and that’s great he’s improvement is great. But well not for Bradly maybe for Lee and Terry, maybe for Bass and Terry. Boston gotta have defensive minded two guard nearly as much as they need shooter on two guard position but they also need proper player on 5 slot (in my opinion mainly defensive minded C). I know you can’t have it all. Maybe they should go for him on free agent market, extension in Phoenix is nowhere near so who knows.

  • Astarot

    One more think I’m not sure moving KG back on PF position is a great idea. I know KG is a PF he hates to be on 5 slot but as he said he’d run into the wall for Doc and remember he’s still doin’ great as C (even though he won’t be younger anymore).

  • 17rings

    I repeat, Avery Bradley is a stud. Anyone willing to trade him for Gortat doesn’t know what the F they’re talking about.

  • KY Celts fan

    I know everyone loves Avery Bradley. Though Boston is currently ranked 22nd in defensive eficiency. Avery is supposed to help our defense. But when he returns, if our defense doesn’t drastically improve, what then?

    • 17rings

      I can assure you.. our defense will drastically improve by the end of the season and AB will play a major role in making that happen.

      It’s about as sure as the sunrise tomorrow morning.

  • Love the “huge hole at shooting guard comment”. We have about 6 guys on our roster who can play shooting guard at the moment, there’s an absolute logjam there. All decent players too. Lee, Jet, Barbosa and Bradley are all going to have to split minutes there, it’s bad enough now, one of them probably has to go, although I don’t think AB will be up to much this year and Barbosa is only on a 1 yr so by the time AB is properly back next year it’ll just be the 3 of them there which is fine, although I quite like what Barbosa gives us.
    Either way, we’d have to give up too much to get Gortat.

  • Cal

    I think either a trade, waive or pick will happen before the trade deadline. This teams has looked awful on both ends of the floor so far. They either can’t or won’t defend for 48 mins, which is mind-stratching for a team that prides it’s self on defense.

    They don’t box out or rebound against opponents and more. Right now the Celts look like a teams that’s not even trying to compete. We accquired Lee, Terry, Green, Bass, Darko, Collins, and they haven’t been much of a factor as of yet. These guys play good in spurts not consistently.

    Garnett, looks like he’s dead after 24 mins which is very concerning, but just my opinion. Adding guys like K-Mart and Gortat would be key, I think.

  • Mjb

    Big Al>Gortat

  • Nick Sannicandro

    Gortat’s nose is worth at least 2.3 blocks per game


    Peeps are acting like AB is the second f–king coming when he ain’t. He’s good, but not that good. Get Gortat most def…

    • 17rings

      well, that’s because he will make the Celtics the #1 Defense.. and he shoots 40% from 3 and plays well with Rondo.

      You can say the sample from last year was too small and that’s fine for his offense.. but his stifling D is not a fluke.

  • quantumtheory

    i second the comment – only AB for josh smith.

    im fine with parting with bass/lee/sully picks or any of the other rookies for gortat but no one else

    the way this team is built now, i just can’t see kg going back to power forward – i think the team would take a huge step back if that happened. he wouldn’t be able to keep up, and starting another big would clog the paint for rondo’s penetration, which is when our offense is at its best

    josh smith would be a PERFECT fit in this system. he is like a KG clone but younger…he can run, play D, and has improved his jumper, which is huge while playing with rondo – that is why bass is a starter, he spreads the floor (although recently can’t hit a broad side of a barn) and why i think danny traded perk – perk could not hit anything outside 5 feet and hence clogged the lane

    ab is a stud and the rest of the nba got a glimpse last year – the only way u trade him is for an all star (josh smith) not an above avergae center that isn’t a great fit in our system…although id love to see him come off the bench for us when kg gets his break…lee/sully and picks would be ideal

  • aaron

    guys, you need to be realistic. first of all, from just a financial standpoint AB for Josh Smith doesnt work…..
    i want to win the lottery too…will i? likely not.
    seriously. google how the salary cap works.

    next- avery bradley had literally less than 20 good/decent games in a short season. he is talented but who knows how he will be after having MAJOR surgery in both shoulders. what we do, is TRADE HIM NOW while his value is high. he is OVERVALUED in the market. tony allen is a “lock down defender” too… LOL.
    come on fellas…
    we should be THRILLED to get rid of bradley and cash for gortat.

    • 17rings

      this coming from the guy who says Avery Bradley = Matt Cassel.. whatever that means.

      The guys D is INFECTIOUS.. watch a couple of those 20 games.. he arguably has a bigger impact on Defense than KG.. and that’s saying a lot.

      You’re downright insane if you think getting Gortat for Bradley means bradley is OVERvalued. How can he be overvalued if the player we get in return isn’t as good??

    • quantumtheory

      u sir are a moron…in this league it’s all about potential and upside, and ab just scratched surface of what he’s capable of.

      you guys are so soon to forget that when ab was “forced” to start because of ray’s injury last year, it changed the whole season, and was the main reason we were playing the best basketball in the league

      i understand the injury aspect, but to give up potential like that for a known commodity that has already hit his upside is just plain moronic…it’s all about upside

      i understand the salary cap, but unlike you i also understand value – and currently ab’s value is on par of a player like josh smith (i apologize, i know it’s not a plausible trade, i am just borderline obsessed with josh smith coming to the celtics)

      • 17rings

        i agree… value would be getting Josh Smith in return, not Gortat.

        I can’t believe I even have to argue that Gortat for AB is just plain stupid.. I expect more from Red’s Army’s fans.. RA fans should have an ELITE knowledge of the Boston Celtics… if not, please do not comment.

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