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Report: Darko considering leaving C’s

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 19, 2012 Celtics News, Darko Milicic 11 Comments on Report: Darko considering leaving C’s

Darko was not with the team last night for personal reasons, and it appears those personal reasons have to do with the health of his mother.

First and foremost, we want to wish Darko and his family well.  Personal matters like this are extremely difficult, and we would support any player, from Darko to KG, who felt the need to be with a seriously ill relative.

From a strictly basketball perspective, Darko’s departure would free up a roster spot for the Celtics to pursue a big man who can be productive.  I think once we saw that he wasn’t playing in a blowout win, he wasn’t going to play at all.  I know people will point to Kenyon Martin (he’s a popular name), as someone who is still available.

But I repeat, these are not the circumstances under which anyone wanted Darko gone.  We wish him and his family well, if that’s indeed what he chooses.

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  • I hope Darko’s mom is ok.

    Having said that, K Mart is willing to play for the vet min, and can still rebound and play D. (And he changed the color of his “lips” tattoo from red to black.)

    • me

      If he really changed the color of that tattoo, I say sign him!

  • That’s a shame, I was rooting for Darko to get some playing time. Was hoping KG could mold him into an effective role player.

  • Johnnyrose

    First off and most important I want to wish Dario’s mother good health and thoughts for his family. Now, why the hell is Collins playing over him? Breaking: Collins sucks, always has. Couldn’t break a hawks rotation even when zaza was out last year. No reason he plays over Darko other than darkos not healthy and bothered by mothers illness.also, the gortat trade rumors are cute but were 9 games in. I guess Jet has been so spectacular that he’s made Bradley and lee expendable….tighten tf up celtics! Type of moves I’d expect from Jordan or khan not the world famous celtics.

  • Johnnyrose

    Darko* auto correct is the worst invention made

  • eddysamson

    I was really pulling for Darko to put up some good numbers this year and prove his worth… he seemed excited to be on the Cs and play his role.

    Too bad he didnt get to play much probably due to his hand/wrist before this all happened =/

  • 17rings

    i think K mart would fit nicely on this team.. anyone know what other bigs are available?

  • Mike

    Birdman is available

  • RedsLoveChild

    Milicic is bringing back memories of Krstic.

    Put them in a Celtic uniform….then watch them make their “escape” back to Eastern Europe ASAP!

  • Mr Curet

    That’s messed up! Best wishes to him & his family. I was pulling for him & hoping the C’s could start him at center, with KG back at pf, & have Bass come from the bench & cut some of Sullinger’s minutes since he’s not helping that much. They only way Darko was gonna get better is with playing time, & playing alongside KG helps. Not saying he was gonna avg 20 & 10 but he could’ve help on defense. But Doc has fallen in so much love with the small ball anyway, probably thinking he can match the Heat, & that has been killing them, especially in rebounds & dribble penetration. I think he forgot the C’s are at their best when they go big.

    • TommyPoints

      I wish Darko and his mother well…it is upsetting he needs to leave under these circumstances. The poor dude hasn’t really been given a chance after the beginning blunder years of his career but I think he would have provided for us A LOT more than Collins. Darko is the defensive center we need…so far this season we mind as well have a chicken fresh out of the coop playing post D besides KG.