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Your Morning Dump… Where the “‘Rondo for MVP’ Campaign has Begun”

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“I’ve always looked at someone as the MVP as someone who makes his player not only better, but is able to dictate the game from different stat-wise, is able to get rebounds, does multiple things for his team. That’s personnel. That’s preference. Obviously, I’m going to be biased, because I play with him, and I see his growth and I see how hard he works, but when it comes to his presence on the game, that’s hard. That’s up there with the modern day Kobe [Bryant]s and LeBron [James]es and all that, so I think he gets his knock, because he doesn’t score the ball and all that stuff. But when you look at the overall package, it’s unbelievable what he’s doing.” Kevin Garnett Puts Rajon Rondo on the same Level as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

As with judging anything this early in the season it’s wise not to go to extremes on either side of the spectrum.  Rajon Rondo has been playing fantastic overall to start the season, but the team is still struggling to remain consistent.  They finally put together their first blowout win at home, against the Raptors and Rondo’s teammates have already begun the MVP campaign.  Maybe it was because something as small as a one game absence was highlighted with a 20-assist return might have got the thought process going, but either way it speaks volumes at how much his teammates value him.

Does Rondo have a shot at MVP?  If he keeps up at this pace and helps lead the Celtics to a good record and a top 2-3 seed, he’ll be in the conversation for sure.  But just as it’s a little early to declare a New York Knicks vs Memphis Grizzlies NBA Finals matchup, it’s early to declare Rondo as MVP.  It is great though, to see just how much respect his teammates have for him and how important they say he is.

Doc’s quote from Chris Forsberg’s link below is fantastic when describing he and other coaches sitting down to discuss how to defend Rondo:

“[Rondo’s game is] an offense in itself,” Rivers said. “We’ve always said that about him. We have an offense, and then he creates another offense at times. He’s a tough one. I sit with a lot of [opposing] coaches and we brainstorm about how to guard him, and I love hearing them, because I know the wrong ones. I don’t ever say much. But it’s hard because he’s so smart.”

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  • Brick James

    I don’t think Rondo will be a legitimate MVP candidate until he can make 80%+ of his free throws.

    • MJ

      You’re right. I mean has anyone ever been a candidate for MVP or even won MVP despite his awful free throw shooting? That just seems so impossible! Especially for a mammoth center who was one of the most dominant offensive forces the league had ever seen who ripped through post defenses with little difficulty who won 4 championships in his career. He never came close to an MVP award.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Chamberlain won the MVP with a FT% of .380% in 1968
        Russell won the MVP with a FT% of .519% in 1958
        Shaq won the MVP with a FT% of .524% in 2000

        It can be done…if you are by far the most dominant player in the NBA, and lead your team to a championship.

        In other words, Rondo has no shot…ever!

        • Brick James

          What do those three guys have in common that Rondo doesn’t?

          • RedsLoveChild

            They were dominant, legendary, Hall Of Fame centers.

      • Brick James

        When Rondo grows a foot, can score 100 points in game, breaks a backboard, and singlehandedly dominates the game defensively for a full season, I’ll retract my statement about his FT percentage.

  • Celticai

    I don’t mean to spoil the party – But I counted only 13 assists.

  • Larry Legend

    Listen I like Rondo. Guy has unique skills man. But enough with the MVP talk. 1). It’s waaay too early. 2). He isn’t on Lebron James’ Kevin Durants’ level yet. 3). I hope he cares a lot more about winning a title than he does about winning MVP. 4). Its a distraction. He doesn’t need that and neither do the Celts. Just keep collecting wins and getting more cohesive as a team. If celts win 56-58 games and are a 1-2 seed in East rondo will be in contention for MVP. But let it go for now

  • Larry Legend

    Btw…I love what Wilcox is bringing to this team. A high energy big who runs and can finish at the rim. He has great repoir with Rondo. He does get lost on defense at times, but I think that’ll improve. The biggest concern I have is his health. The guy has had trouble staying healthy. But damn if he can he’s a huge piece to this team. Guy knows his role and plays hard man

  • MJ

    Here’s the thing about MVP voting: The voters get sick of voting for the same guy. It’s why Karl Malone won it in 1997 and why Derrick Rose won it in 2011. Both are superb players but come on people we all knew who the best players in the league really were at those times.

    That’s why Rondo’s got a shot. Lebron has been the NBA”s alpha male for quite some time, but as long as we’ve got voters who always want someone new, the MVP will definitely be up for grabs for the next several years.

  • 17rings

    The MVP is all created by media hype.. So long as u keep hearing rondos name in the discussion on espn he has a chance.

  • TommyPoints

    FIRST THING..I’ve already been defending why Rondo should be considered for MVP starting last week but I agree that it is ridiculous to make a case for MVP so early in the season. SECOND…I can’t stand some of the arguments against why Rondo should not be in consideration. Free-Throw %? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a marginal stat in comparison to what else he does…plus the argument was made that what I believe “MJ” was referring to that Shaq never won an MVP..UUHHHH he won in 99-’00 there’s the proof that we can’t keep Rondo out of consideration just because he sometimes blows it at the charity stripe.

    • MJ

      I was joking TommyPoints. I thought I was making my sarcasm pretty clear. In fact if Shaq hadn’t mailed in regular seasons he should have won multiple MVP’s. Not to mention he definitely should have won it in 2005 over Nash.

      Plus, if you look down a little further, you’ll see that I firmly believe Rondo has a chance at the MVP.

    • Brick James

      For the record, if you read into what I am saying with the FT%, he won’t win MVP until he can overcome the most serious flaw he has – going to the hole late in the game without fear of being sent to the line.

      He’s not Shaq, he can’t compensate for this flaw in other areas.


    I’d rather win games then awards.