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All 20 of Rondo’s assists vs Toronto

The NBA’s official YouTube page gives us video of all Rajon’s assists (20) from today’s win over the Raptors.


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  • I love Rondo and all… but that one where Pierce got it at Red’s name, made 4 dribbles and scored is not an assist.

  • paul

    See, I don’t know how rigid the rules on assists are, but just in basketball terms, I’d say you are being more than a little bit legalistic, John. On the fast break you have in mind, Rondo gave the ball to Pierce in such a way that he could take his shot wherever he chose to do it. At any point along the way in that drive to the basket, he had a great shot. He chose to drive all the way to the hoop, to make the sweet hero shot amidst traffic in the paint. Great play by Pierce. But he had his shot anywhere along that drive. In basketball terms, Rondo read the defense perfectly, saw how disorganized and unfocused the transition D was, saw Pierce’s lane and his head of steam, and gave Pierce a sweet assist.

    In fact, there were several plays where the shooter chose to take an extra dribble or two for the shot, but they had the shot.

  • Reggie35RIP

    I always thought that if the guy that received the pass dribbled more than once, it didn’t count as an assist.

    I agree with John on the Pierce play. Looked to me like Pierce created his own shot and the points scored weren’t a direct result of Rondo’s pass. But I guess it’s at the stats guys discretion as to what is or isn’t an assist.