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Enemy Chatter: Avery Johnson was afraid of another Paul Pierce pull-up 3

Paul Pierce

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Brooklyn.

“Did you see Paul Pierce hit that pull-up 3-pointer (with 24 seconds left to get them within two)?” Johnson asked reporters. “I had in my mind that he was probably gonna do it again, so I played the foul game. It’s a coaching decision. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Teams don’t normally foul in a two-possession game. So why would Johnson? Does he not trust his defense?

“It’s not about trust. It’s a strategy. You do what you gotta do to win, and that’s what we thought was the appropriate strategy,” he replied.

The strategy ended up working because Deron Williams and Joe Johnson went 7-for-8 from the charity line in the final 43 seconds to secure the win.

ESPN New York

It was Paul Pierce’s two missed free throws before that pull-up three pointer that altered the course of the game. Those makes would have kept it a one possession game.

You might think running clock is your priority when leading by 4 with less than 20 seconds remaining, but Avery Johnson was content with turning the game into a free-throw shooting contest. That’s not a risky strategy, considering Deron Williams and Joe Johnson are both career 80% FT shooters.

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    Bass missed several open jumpers he usually makes, Doc even run plays for him, but he was off, i think we lost the game there…..

    • BILL

      I think when guys start missing open jumpshots they should consider driving to the hoop to score or draw fouls and that’s what I didn’t see. This is team with talent ed players and great coaching yet they continue to make endless mistakes.

      They don’t box out or crash boards to rebound. They don’t run back on transition or rotate quickly on defense. It’s just mind boggling at the careless mistakes being made by a veteran team with title experience and title hopes. If this team is serious about getting back to the ECF and Finals they need to get it together.

      • Cam

        In hindsight you should drive more if you are missing shots but that will never happen.

        If Bass or Kg are getting wide open jumpers you take that every time. That’s their bread and butter. You take your chances with those, if you lose its tough but I don’t think they would have changed much (with those shot opportunities) and I think Doc will take those looks every time rather than trying to force some drive.

        • eddysamson

          Its true, some nights KG or Bass (or both) hit that shot over 75% It sucks none of them fell, but hindsight is 20/20 ! Each of those shots they were so freaking wide open they pretty much HAD to take it.

  • MJ

    Barbosa called out Bogans for last night. Check it out.


    • KY Celts fan

      yeah, that should definitely have been a flagrant. Not enough for a two, but I thought anything above the shoulders was supposed to be considered a flagrant 1.

    • eddysamson

      Wow seeing the pic he tweeted just ignited my “pissed off fire” again. WTF look at his god damned face he actually looks SCARED and they don’t call a god damned flagrant ARGH it makes me want to go put those idiotic refs in a god damned headlock and see how they like it.

      Worst part was I think they called it as if he was falling in to Barbosa and caught him like that so he didn’t land on him, but when you see the replay he actually goes straight up for the headlock like a fighter, its RIDICULOUS!

    • Reggie35RIP

      Flagrant 1, no doubt. He took him high in the air and ended up with his arm around his neck.

      It shouldn’t have anything to do with whether he held him up after the foul. The intent was there and the serious risk of an injury to Barbosa was there. Pathetic decision by the refs. They should have at least reviewed it.

  • Roy

    The trend I’ve notice so far is that the Celtics don’t play with an sense of urgency for 48 min. That is not a good trend and could be a recipe for disaster. They coast for the first half of games usually trailing, but decides to turn up the intensity for the second. Just don’t get it?

    I get their stll building an identity, but u wanna win games as your building chemistry. Instead the Celts are losing to teams like the Sixers without Bynum, Bucks and Nets. These are teams they should be beating without trouble. The Celts should be 6-1 not 5-4.

    Then again the Celtics like to do things the hard way. How will they approach the Raptors and Pistons this weekend, because I would not be surprise if they lose back to back. Just saying.

    • Drew

      I really hope you were stoned when you wrote this. You are a grammar and math critiques worst nightmare.

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        Why are you picking on the man? There are grammar mistakes all over the Interwebs.

      • Evan Green

        @Drew You must be a homer, because if u can’t take any sort of criticism about the Celtics, then you need not to be on this blog or any. The truth is, the Celtics should be 6-1 at this point of the season. They should not be losing to teams like the Nets, Bucks or Sixers.

        And picking on someone because of grammar errors online, tells me how simple you are. This is a blog, Roy wasn’t writing an email. Just saying.

  • CelticsKid34

    if we had Bass online from midrange we woulda pulled off the W by 5-8 points. if we had Rondo and Bass hitting we woulda won by 10-20. with Bradley, Rondo, and Bass hitting his shots we got a repeat of our 30pt domination of the nets in the preseason. i dont care that we lost. just another game closer to a 100% Celtics. we played a good game.

  • True Dat, Chuck. As long as someone is communicating effectively, why hate? Besides, Drew, what the hell is a “critiques worst nightmare?” Don’t you mean “CRITIC’S worst nightmare?” Jeez…cut your own grass before you start talking about your neighbor’s yard!

    On another note, I am proud of our green guyz. No Rondo, sh*t show of a first half, and four missed free throws and we STILL almost pulled this one off. We are definitely moving in the right direction. A little more gelling and we’re gonna be scary.

    That Leandro/Bogans fiasco of a call has me HEATED!! I wrote a stupid post about it on my blog. Check it out if you want to waste a second: “Un-Flagrante Derelecto: The Anatomy Of A Good Call Gone Bad,” http://www.greenheadzblog.blogspot.com.

    • i TOTALLY agree!! I honestly think all the players had confidence that they could still win the game, especially after Jeff hit the 3. And then the ref destroyed all of their confidence by making that ridiculous call. That was definitely the game changer in my opinion. Pierce missing the layup and free throws was basically the end, but the ref making that call changed the confidence of every Celtic player.