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Why Jeff Green’s “F-You” dunk speaks volumes about his situation

He’s too nice to say it in these words, but this was Green’s fuck-you dunk, a giant middle finger extended in the direction of everyone who has called him out for his lethargic play at times this season. Everyone that is, including Green himself.

“It felt great,” he said. “I mean, I have been playing a little lackadaisical as far as the effort before the prior few games or so. It boosted your confidence up and it gets you going a little bit, so it felt good to get that to go down.”

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That dunk was all kinds of spectacular.  You could see it develop as soon as he caught it.

On the catch…. Millsap’s momentum was going the wrong way.
After one dribble… so much space
After the steps… he isn’t.

Holy shit… he did.

What ensued was an explosion of emotion from everyone that tells you so much about who Jeff Green is and what the Celtics want him to be.  Specifically KG.

“I can’t tell you (what he said). Use your imagination,” Green said. “Just say, it was explicit. He said it to me the other day, what I need to be. That was basically what he said.”

Let’s just go to :22 of that video and see what KG explicitly said.  Looks to me like he said “That’s that [expletive] I’m talkin’ about.”  Which is probably a much more explicit, on-court way to say Green needs to be more of an asshole.

And when you read the quotes… Doc saying “Those are little plays that will just keep him going,” or Chris Wilcox saying “Yeah, we gassed him up. But at the end of the day, it was great, seeing him come through,”  and even Green talking about getting his confidence up and how good the dunk made him feel…. the pieces all start (or continue) to come together.

Jeff Green is a nice, quiet guy.  Which is great when he’s not playing basketball.  So in come KG to remind him that on the court, you need to be the asshole, or the [expletive], or however KG wants to put it where Green throws caution to the wind, and just draws every ounce of talent out of his body.

And the rest of the team knows it, because every time he does something great like this, they talk about how great it is to finally see him doing it.  The entire team is just like us… waiting (patiently, or otherwise) for Green to reach that level consistently.  Let’s just hope this is the beginning.

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  • That dunk was cathartic. Jeff Green, after a slow start, is the most intriguing player on the Celtics to me. I might be catching him at Barclay’s tonight. Looking forward to it.

  • I am sooooooo proud of Jeff. So many people have questioned why Boston put this type of money into Jeff, well this is why, Jeff is super talented, Jeff could easily be Boston’s Lebron James, or pretty close, Doc and Danny see this in Jeff, now its time for Jeff to see it and own it, I have no dout that its coming, Just wait and see, Jeff Green is going to be a household name!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh and BTW, I think i like the look he gave Jefferson after the dunk, more than I like the dunk, I have seen Jeff dunk before but that swag after the dunk is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That swag was saying “Get the f… outta here”!

    • G4L


  • Mannie

    What don’t his critics show up when he has a good game. You only hear them after a sub-par performance.

    • eddysamson

      Well thats what happens when a player with a question mark over his head has such a big contract.

    • Drew

      Why don’t we criticize a player after a good performance? Is that a serious question?

  • G4L

    Max is hilarious!

  • RedsLoveChild

    If Green has to be “angered” in order to be effective…fine with me!

    Just stay angry!

  • OlSkool

    Green with a big F-U to John Hollinger and the rest of the critics.

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  • CelticsKid34

    i have watched it like 10 times and cant get enough… the nba is retarded. A TECH FOR STARING OHHH MY GOD!!! WHATS NEXT TECH FOR FARTING ON THE COURT!!! its called people having “primal instinct”. you get caught up in the moment. cant wait till david stern resigns and we can turn NBA basketball back into a MANS GAME!!!

    • totally agree with you!

      • Garnett’s Grl

        Yep…..I LOVE the emotions players show after a big play, imagine football w/o a good touchdown dance, it would be so boring. Way to go Jeff, Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    • Mike

      I don’t know if it was completely intended to be a stare – I think Big Al was saying (in some form of words) “you got me” because you see Big Al’s arm come in and nudge Green on the arm…good sign of sportsmanship. I did like Green’s handling of the fact that “you can’t look at anybody anymore”, but I guess it helps when your teammates pay the fine…

  • Brick James

    I love how Rondo hobbles up off the bench before the dunk even happens. Just proves that he sees things before they happen. Great stuff.