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Rondo Rolls His Ankle In the Nike Air Max 360 BB Low, AGAIN!

Last night Rajon Rondo rolled his ankle while wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 360 BB Low sneakers. This model is no longer in production by Nike, however Rondo has inexplicably decided to wear this shoe the past two games. I know rolling your ankle is a common injury in the NBA, however this particular shoe was the same model that Rajon injured himself in on March 14th of 2011. . The Nike Air Max 360 BB Low features a full length Air Max cushioning system. I own a pair of these shoes and they are incredibly comfortable, however the shoe lacks ankle support and lateral stability. The 360 cushioning system does not lend itself to Rondo’s quick cutting style. Take a look at this picture of Rondo from last years All Star weekend.

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Is this a case of coincidence or is should Rondo put the BB Lows to rest?

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  • MissMD88

    Put that shoe to rest. I saw the video of his other ankle injury last night and it was the same shoes.

  • ewiz

    As soon as I heard he twisted his ankle I had a feeling he was wearing these shoes…I just wish he’s stop wearing them haha

  • Mad Bee

    This is actually the third time he has sprained his ankle while wearing the 360 bb lows. He twisted it when he wore these before he even had a pair in celtics colors actually lol, as he was wering a grey pair before they released the first time.

  • Mad Bee

    The first time Im pretty sure was december 2010, i wanna say the 16th?

    • Mad Bee

      yup against the Knicks