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Recap: Truth’s heroics not enough in Brooklyn


This one started off as we all thought it would-C’s looked tired & sloppy and were out-hustled by the Nets. After 1Q, Brooklyn was up 31-26 and Boston had given-up 50% FG and already committed 6 turnovers.

Things then started to turn around a bit in the 2nd. Behind some fantastic play from Bass and Barbosa, who had 10 pts in the quarter, Boston pulled to within 3, 49-46 with a little over 2 minutes remaining in the half. But it was 2nd chances and rebounding that snuffed the Celtics tonight in the 1st two Q’s. Going into halftime, the Nets already had 15 offensive boards, and Joe Johnson’s three-pointer put Brooklyn up 59-50 at halftime.

The short rest halftime rest sure didn’t seem to help the Celts at first. Brooklyn opened up the 3rd Q with a heavy dose of DWill and Brook Lopez. Their combined 10 points in barely over 2 minutes had the Nets up 12, 69-57 with 7:56 to go in the 3rd. Enter Paul Pierce. The Truth buried a triple off the glass, then exploded down the lane for 2, forcing Brooklyn to call a timeout as Boston inched closer at 69-62 with 6:43 left in the 3rd. But Paul was just getting started. He ignited the C’s as they went on a 16-2 run, and his 11 points in the quarter propelled Boston to a 79-74 lead after 3Q’s. As John noted on Twitter, the Nets had ZERO offensive boards in the 3rd, and the Celtics just dug deep to fight their way into the driver’s seat.

In the 4th, tired legs began to show, but the C’s, particularly KG and Truth, would…not…quit. But major, and I mean major, scoring droughts doomed Boston tonight in the final Q. Just when it looked like they had the rebounding  “issues” under control, they could not buy a basket at times. KG hit a jumper at the 10:49 mark, making it 83-80 C’s, and the next Celtics hoop didn’t come until another KG bucket at 8:40. Then came an absolutely horrid stretch of about 4 minutes were Boston couldn’t find the net again. Rondo’s absence really hurt Boston in the 4th, as the C’s looked lost on offense at times and simply could not score. Nets go on to win tonight 102-97. DWill and Brook Lopez both notched 24 pts to co-lead all scorers.

You really have to hand it to Paul Pierce tonight. The last few seasons he has stumbled out of the gate, and some fans have called for his head, said he’s “all-done” and, well.. we all know the rest. Tonight he almost single-handedly won this game for the C’s. The Truth has quite alot of fight left in him. Just wish he would’ve hit those free-throws though..ouch.

Paul led the green with 22, but alot of talk, understandably, will be about those crucial FT’s he missed down the stretch. KG was solid as usual, shaking off a tough start to finish with 14 and also hit some huge shots late in the game. Courtney Lee had his best game in green, notching 13 points to go with 9 boards in 33 minutes. Leandro Barbosa put in 17 points starting in place of the injured Rajon Rondo.

Celtics now head back to Boston and get ready for a rare Saturday matinée at TD Garden. Tip-off against the Toronto Raptors is at 12:30pm this Saturday.




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  • Shawna

    That might be the best picture of Doc Rivers I’ve ever seen. Amazeballs.

  • LAF

    rondo’s absence didn’t hurt the team, dude. this loss is squarely on doc’s shoulders for going with bass in the fourth over jeff green or wilcox even. i don’t expect bass to make every shot so i don’t mind all his bricks in the fourth but when he kept switching on johnson eventhough pierce kept yelling at him to get back to his own man, it really hurt our defense and doc should’ve taken his ass out and kept his ass out. i keep telling you: bass makes the game harder and is a liability one way or another. the dude is just not a smart player.

    when pierce missed that layup late in the fourth, i think EVERY celtic fan saw those missed FTs coming from a mile away. great game from the captain though. remember we went like undefeated without rondo last year with the captain playing the point forward. pierce shines when he’s asked to do more and we are a much better team when pierce shoulders more load. if rondo had played, we would’ve settled for long jumper after long jumper after long jumper but tonight pierce, lee and kg all attacked. we need more of that.

    i miss bradley. can’t get him back soon enough.

    • art

      Agree with the Bass comments. Bass maybe was tired, but why didn’t Doc yank him when things were going badly? THis was a very winable game and Doc definitely did not shine as coach.

  • RHoward

    final score is 102-97* !

    • KWAPT

      Good catch! Thanks & fixed.

  • CelticsKid34

    Barbosa had a clean steal in the last minutes on williams. bad officiating again. it seems to always be against the Celtics. well next time we play we will be headed back at em with Rondo and hopefully bradley. Brooklyn = pretenders… not contenders

  • DJ Kahn

    I was at the game. Officiating was TERRIBLE. Late whistle on Barbosa against DWill was a MAJOR flop. And that flagrant was…flagrant.

    • Drew

      What is wrong with that fan base? They were chanting “Brooklyn” like it was supposed to get in our guys heads………Was that meant to be inspirational? Was it pride, taunting? Absol

      • Ryan

        Seriously. It was the same “Daaaaaa ryyyyl” chant that the OTHER teams fans used to taunt Darryl Strawberry.

    • Drew

      What is wrong with that fan base? They were chanting “Brooklyn” like it was supposed to get in our guys heads………Was that meant to be inspirational? Was it pride, taunting? Can’t really blame them I guess because its such a new team. But to me, that place just looks like a hipster fashion show. It’s like they don’t quite have the guts yet to get jerseys and hats, because they don’t want to look like they are riding a bandwagon. So in the mean time, they just wear very fashionable black and dark colored attire to kind of fit the theme of the building and the jerseys. It’d be a safe bet to look into that crowd and pick up fashion advice if you’re trying to look like a complete hipster/tool bag.

  • Collins

    So much went wrong in this game and not the officating though it played a role. This Celtics team is simply a horrific rebounding that no longer values rebounding, and that is disturbing and sad. They don’t box out or position themselves against opponents for offensive or defensive rebounds.

    So far this season just as last, the Celtics play sluggish during the first and second half. They don’t play with an urge or consistency until the third or fourth quarter which usually results in climbing for wins or losing close games like tonight.

    Doc, I feel has gotten a pass at times with his coaching especially this season. Personally I think he’s done a subpar job in coaching this season’s roster. He continues with small line ups when other teams go big. Also continues to use bad rotations. The unit of Pierce, Terry, Wilcox, Lee and Garnett help the Celtics limb back and take the lead, then Doc takes them out?

    I just don’t get? I’m very curious to see how this team looks the next couple of months. Tonight was a game they could of won without Rondo. Instead the Celts as usual choose the difficult route by not being consistent, rebounding, getting stops or executing.

  • Stuff

    “A lot” is two words.

    • KWAPT

      Shhhh…stop that-you trying to get me fired?

  • Even though they didnt get the W and probably should have, they worked hard and showed some swagger. The C’s missed Rondo a lot more than they missed Wallace- the C’s would kill this team in a playoff series. Courtney Lee played his best game of the year.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    I noticed that no one said anything about us going almost 7mins w/out scoring a point…. What’s that about????? I do agree that Doc’s subing was not on point at all and yes I know we have a tight schedule this wk, I still think that if he’d let KG and Paul stay in while P was hot we would have won this game even with us being out rebouned. All things considered it could have been way worse…….you think?????

  • JR99

    Yeah, yeah. Cs had some problems in this game. But it is still true that the if not for the two blatantly horrible calls in the last minute, they could have still pulled out the win. But not when the refs decide to decide the game like that. So that sucked. There will always be some games that can’t be won because the refs have predetermined the outcome. This could have been one of them.

    • Drew

      Barbosa pushed D Will out of bounds with his right forearm. Take your homer goggles off and look at the replay. We have to stop bitching about officiating as a fan base unless officiating is 100 percent the reason for us losing(see game 5 of last years ECF).

      • BILL

        @Drew I thought the ECF went 7 games? LOL

        • Drew

          I actually meant game 2. When Wade slapped rondo on the head and there was a no call.

  • Mr Curet

    What’s the point of this team signing centers if they’re gonna have them buried on the bench? Doc has fallen in so much love with the small ball this season & it’s killing the Celtics. I’m not saying that Darko & Collins (even though he played a few min) are all stars but they’re big bodies who can at least make opposing players think twice before going to the paint. Lopez had a field day tonight & Doc didn’t put his 7 footers out there so they could at least distract him. I don’t get it!

    • Chris

      I’m with you. I hate small ball. This obsession with it is a joke. We should be playing to our strengths, not attempting to match other teams at theirs.

  • JG

    Agree about small ball so far and changing rotation. This team is so far from the team that won the title now in both the way they are built, their toughness, and lack of identity (probably has something to do with the rotation. I know guys are new but that’s making it worse).

    More importantly, where is that guy on here who was worried about pierce getting old after that bucks game where he played bad ONCE? is he still looking aged lately?

  • JG


  • Sometimes your 80% free throw shooters miss four in a row in crunch time. Variance is a bitch.

  • Gil305

    Shouldve gave Darko a shot when Lopez was in.

  • W2.

    “Variance is a bitch”

    Most excellent. I love this team. Gutty play minus Rondo. Good TV.

  • 17rings

    We easily win this game if bass knocks down his money shot in the 4th quarter. And the refs put a stop to our comeback, not the nets.

    I like what I saw in the second half, first time I’ve ever noticed celtics players actually boxing out on rebounds. The first half was so woefully bad on the defensive glass that maybe the coaches will finally drill it into the players heads that they need to box out.

    If the celts start rebounding like they were in the 3rd/4th, this team will be tough to beat.

    Too bad Rondo was out.. National TV game under the Spotlights of the Barclays.. probably would have been his 1st triple double of the season.

  • Chris H

    Darko could have cashed in his “murder” chip last night and easily slowed their bigs down. They were handing out flagrants and such, so why not now. Show us what you came here for Darko.

    The league might not value bigs nowadays, but this game clearly could have benefitted from some time with the bigs in.

  • aaron

    paul pierce lost the game for us by missing free throws too… same with JET. no excuses for Vets in final minutes of a game like this

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