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Heat fall apart defensively with Ray Allen on the court

Ray Allen may be dropping game winning three-pointers for the Heat, but his defense has been awful. His lack of lateral movement was exposed last night by Jamal Crawford.

ESPN’s True Hoop analyzed the Heat’s drop in defensive productivity (ranked 25th in the league). Here’s reason #3:

3. The Heat have fallen apart defensively with Ray Allen on the court.
When Allen has been on the floor this season, the Heat have surrendered 109.0 points per 100 possessions. When Allen’s on the bench? 97.7 points per 100 possessions, or right about where they were last season.

An 11-point disparity is a signal to dig deeper. Why does the Heat’s defense fall apart when Allen takes the floor? First, and probably most important, he’s new. Acclimating himself with the Heat’s system will take time (just ask Bosh or Battier).

Secondly, Allen will never be mistaken for Tony Allen out there as a stopper. It has spelled trouble when Allen is asked to keep up with point guards in the second unit (game film showing what Andre Miller did to Allen should be rated “R” for graphic content). All the small-sample-size caveats apply, but it’s no surprise that Allen ranks 161st among 165 players in points allowed per play, according to Synergy Sports (min. 50 plays defended).

Ouch. Those are some ugly numbers. In Ray’s defense, he’s not in Miami to play defense. He’s there to drain jumpers.

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  • Larry Legend

    Again, I cannot tell you how happy I am that Ray is gone. You can have him Miami. Always a great shooter, but his defense is non existent. Andre Miller and Jamal Crawford have busted his ass! And I for one love it!!

  • Drew

    Thanks Redsarmy!!!

  • JBcelticsFan

    And I’m sure as the season goes on and he gets more wear and tear on those ankles, its only gonna get worse. lol Go Celtics

  • Rayray

    Crawford is nice… His crossover jukes most nba players

    The heat give up an extra 11 per 100 possessions with ray on the floor… Wow…. How much more do they score with him on the floor?…. 7?

    Ray and heat will kill Boston whenever they meet in the playoffs… Hopefully in the ecf

    • Drew

      Ray and the Heat? If anyone kills Boston in the play offs it’s going to be LeBron and the Heat. You can’t headline a bench player that’s been reduced to a spot up 3 shooter when talking about that team. I can’t imagine how bad his ankles will be come play off time.

    • WinstonSalems

      I agree, this stat can be a bit misleading. For what he lacks on the defensive end, he makes up for on the offensive end. Make no mistake, Ray is a scorer, not a defender. That’s what he’s always been and will continue to be. He fits well with Miami. Also, Miami doesn’t need Ray to be Tony Allen. They can score better than anyone in the league and when they try really hard to play D, they are a hard team to beat. All that being said, it will always be LeBron’s team. The success of the Heat will not come down to Ray Allen’s ankles. As much as us Celtic fans want nothing more than the Heat to lose because of Ray Allen, in reality, its wishful thinking.

      btw, Jamal Crawford’s crossover is one of the best ever on an NBA court. Gotta give him props. There might be 2-3 guys in the league that could guard him, when he starts dancing with the ball.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    That was a nice move…….lol

  • RedsLoveChild

    Still Very Hard To Believe :

    Many Celtic fans were pissed over Ray signing with Miami.

    “Baldy” did us an enormous favor!

    • vivek

      if you ever try to clean up your house,trying to reduce clutter, you will find it is difficult to throw away some clothes or boxes and stuff though you really don’t need them. but if you have to or someone asks you just give it away to charity or something.

      I felt the same way I would have felt bad if we had to cut Ray but when he left by his own will, I didn’t blink an eye. I said good bye Ray. It made me less emotional.

      I knew we need to get younger and the stats showed Avery was saving a lot of points when he is on the floor. Points saved is point scored.

  • Did you see Ray get absolutely soul-crushingly blocked on the breakaway the other night? That made my celtics heart warm as well. I can’t remember the opposition it may have been vs Memphis.

    And in his defense, that crossover was disgusting – I think it would have juked 95% of the league.

  • eddysamson

    I dont think it was Memphis…they are on a 6 game winning streak and I thought the Heat have only lost to the Knicks and Clips?

    • It was Memphis, and here’s the link. They lost that game.


      • eddysamson

        Hahaha and that is why Ray Allen should never attempt a fast break

      • Larry Legend

        Thanks Simon!! That video just warmed my heart. I mean that is classic Ray on a break if I’ve ever seen it. Here’s an idea Ray, this guy LeBron James is trailing on the play you might wanna just dish it and get the fuck outta his way. Just a suggestion…but you just keep doing you Ray. Keep doing you…

      • CelticsKid34


  • Stephanie

    Seems like Heat fans are starting to see the pros/cons of Ray Allen. Here’s a comment by one:

    “I know I’ll catch it for this but Ray is a liability. He gives up more than he can score. I cringe when Wade sits and he comes in because our d goes down the toilet”

    That’s saying a lot.

  • JG

    It’s funny how everyone lashes out on Ray Allen when he brings up the Boston situation yet bloggers in Boston continue to post about him. Just let it go. If you were so legitimately happy the guy is gone you wouldn’t feel the need to post this. Furthermore, the celtics defense (or offense for that matter) has not been exactly stifling yet. Let’s just focus on the celtics please and stop being hypocritical.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Why can’t we post about Ray Allen? He spent 5 years here. I think it’s ok to be curious…

    • stephanie

      Difference is we’re fans we can be a hypocritical as we want because we don’t actually know these players, it’s all for fun. Besides Ray is fair game, we talk about any other NBA player when they get posterized or doing bad. And he’s definitely not an exception.

      Ray is a professional and just like anything you do professional it’s always bad taste to trash the previous job you worked at publicly while you’re at your new job.

      • JG

        Lol well if you wanna look at it that way, then all right. Fair enough. I just think time would be better spent figuring out why the celtics are losing and not that ray Allen makes the heat worse on one side of the floor.

        • JG

          Also, I never said you COULDN’T post about him. I just think it shows that deep down you are upset that he’s gone. I’ll admit that I am. I lost a ton of respect for a guy who goes to a team that he lost to the year before in the ECF, but I have to say I think Boston would be better with him here. I think with a 5-4 record so far that’s not a ridiculous statement. It’s obviously early but some ray Allen “haters” definitely feel that.

  • JoshA

    As multiple people have noted, last year the C’s were 23-23 with Ray, and 16-4 without him.

    And that was before his shooting collapsed in the playoffs.

    He’s too much of a liability defensively and slows the offense too much to be worth it despite his still-great shooting IMHO.