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Your Morning Dump…Where Rondo has taken his game to a whole new level

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“He works hard at his craft,” Pierce said. “It’s developing nicely over the years. I feel that with me, Kevin (Garnett) being around here, I’ve been a part of that. It’s beautiful to watch him finally come into his own. I consider him the best point guard in the league. The things he’s able to do out there, and with him scoring the ball like that . . . you already know what he can do as far passing and rebounding. He’s just unstoppable.”

CSNNE: Rondo at the top of his game early on

Over the past two seasons, Celtics fans have often questioned when Rajon Rondo will finally have complete control of this team. The critics of Rondo often felt that he couldn’t be a leader until he developed a more reliable offensive game. Well, the time has come. Rajon Rondo has flat out carried the Celtics early on in the 2012-13 season. No longer do we have the uncomfortable feeling every time he takes the elbow jumper, heck even at the line he has been somewhat reliable. His FG% is at 52% (up from 44%) and his 3PT% is at 30% (up from 23%) while his scoring, steals, assists and rebounding averages are all up from previous seasons and on pace for career highs in each.

The Rondo we have seen thus far is exactly what Celtics fans have begged out of their star point guard for the past few seasons. He is aggressive, he is taking over games, he is aggressive AND taking over games late in the game, and most of all he has been consistent. It is that which will determine how we see the 2012-13 version of Rajon Rondo. In seasons past we have seen bursts like this from Rondo, where he is unquestionably the best guard in the league for that given period of time, but then he typically reverts back to the turnover prone, tentative, and inconsistent scorer that frustrates Celtics fans as much as his promise excites them. It will be in the coming weeks that we finally see whether Rondo has finally turned the corner to become consistently great, or if we will go back to good old Rondo.

We have waited for Rondo to take over and his performance on the court thus far has gained him recognition across the league. While it may be early on, as A. Sherrod Blakely points out, Rondo is making the case not only for being the best Point Guard in the league, but as a legitimate MVP candidate; the only question left is will it last?


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  • Tim

    I don’t really agree with this post. I haven’t watched the Chicago game yet but the Rondo I’ve seen so far has still been very inconsistent in the way he wants to play each game and he has over passed it in the games I’ve watched. He is putting up nice numbers though. I just feel as though he’s capable of putting up 20ppg.

    • Larry Legend

      I really don’t agree with this post. I’m a rondo fan. But he’s got holes in his game. 1) still turns it over too much, many of them careless and lazy. 2). Not a reliable shooter. He’s better but not good. 3). He doesn’t play defense. Yes he comes up with some steals but that’s because he gambles. He also puts his teammates in tough spots when his gambles don’t pay off. 4). He’s still not fully mature.
      Again I like him. He does some great things. His rebounding is unreal for a guy his size. His court vision is special. He’s competitive as hell. Seems to play his best in the biggest games…which I love. See with Rondo you take the good with the bad. I still love having him but he csn frustrate the hell out of you. That’s who he is. And he ain’t changing.

  • RedsLoveChild

    RR is playing more minutes than he has in the past….otherwise, he looks like the same player to me.

  • Mike

    It was great to see him bounce back with his best game of the year against Chicago after what I thought were sub par performances against the Sixers and Bucks. Yes, I know he had 20 assists in the Sixer game but overall I thought it was a poor game for him.

    The one obvious improvement so far has been his confidence in his jumper. He no longer hesitates and looks smooth taking that jumper.

    I do think this write up was a little over zealous. He has still been inconsistent at times in my opinion, but if he’s putting up 15 and 13 on 50+% you will certainly take that.

    As John mentions, his FT shooting remains a problem however. I truly believe his poor performance at the line brings his game down more than his hesitant jump shot ever did. I will never expect RR to score 20 a game, but if he was more willing to get to the line a few more times a game we could see that PPG # hit 17 or 18 which I dont think is unreasonable.

    17 and 11 on 50% shooting and a top 2 seed could certainly garner MVP consideration.

    • Drew

      There’s just absolutely no way Rondo can give LeBron a run in the MVP race. The guy is sure to average AT LEAST 25/7/6. That’s being reasonable. Something like 28/9/8 wouldn’t shock anyone this year. The only way I ever see Rondo being in the MVP race is if he averages a triple double. And that’s just impossible with how he lays down all the time. Rondo needs to go 20/9/12 with almost 4 steals a game if he’s going to challenge LeBron.

      • Mike

        I agree. I think LeBron pretty much has the award locked up for the next 3-4 years, but basketball writers and voters get bored. They get caught up in sensation, i.e. Rose winning when Dwight was the clear winner. So it wouldnt surprise me if LeBron doesnt win out or sheer boredom from the voters.

    • Chulinho

      The only player that can unseat LeBron as MVP is Kevin Durant. Unfortunately for him, he has a point guard problem.

  • classless

    Yeah…he’s been up and down. Same Rondo i’ve watched for the last 2 years. Still great, but not in the way you described.

  • cez

    I hate to say it but you’re not doing him any favors with the ‘critics’ by overhyping him like this 7(!) games into the season.
    There’s more hype than analysis if your body of work consists of 10% of a season. The 1st 10% at that.
    So uh…pump the breaks.

  • LAF

    i have a question all you blowhards. how come, with so much speed and athleticism on the roster this year, we have yet to see rondo connect with lee or green on the break this year? and why does rondo more often than not set green up for. 3-pointer as his FIRST shot as soon as he enters the game?

    if rondo is to be ever considered an elite player, he has to elevate lee’s game, green’s, sully’s and anyone else who doesn’t handle the ball much. the way jason kidd raised kmart, jefferson, kittles and all those guys when he was with the nets. do you blowhards see rondo doing that?

    • JG

      Wait, are you reading these posts? We are all disagreeing about rondo being that good…who are you talking to?

  • JG

    Yeah, I’m not exactly sure where this is all coming from. Didnt Brandon Jennings, jrue Holliday, and even Mario chalmers to some extent absolutely torch the celtics? Who was guarding those guys? I understand that he plays a ton of minutes, but so do other stars, and they still play D. That’s not an excuse if you’re going to be elite.

    I also think that we have continued to see the same inconsistent play that we have always seen. He can only take a game over when it’s 1. On national tv or 2.if his shot happens to be falling. What about the other nights? Yea he puts up good NUMBERS, but he always has. This overbought business has to stop with rondo, because I think that has something to do with why he hasn’t actually taken the big step into the great ones.

    He’s not underrated. If anything, probably slightly overrated. There’s a young PG out in Cleveland that I’d probably even rather have. At least he always plays hard.

    • CelticsKid34

      i think it is because the major peices on the Celtics are only focused on one thing and that is miami. we score 100 on miami defense and then go to the bucks and loose scoring 88… cmon. doc is still messing with rotations and we still have a long season to go. yes i do admit Rondo has a self righteous attitude about him but rightfully so. you know damn well he will give us 150% in the playoffs so why complain. we arent loosing games because of him. we are loosing games because of lack of bench production from our so called “really deep, super talented, young, and athletic” bench. oh yeah RR >K.Irving

      • Drew

        Right this minute I’d Say Rondo is better. But if Kyrie keeps it up, who knows. I mean, did you remember what that kid did to us last year when there were 2 minutes left and we had a 10 point lead? Did you see what he did last night? The kid is crafty. Watch out.

  • Brick James

    I’m as big a Rondo fan as anyone. I’ve been saying since his rookie year that I thought he’s the best point guard in the league (yes, I’ve been duly ridiculed).

    That said there is no way he’s going to win MVP. Top 5, maybe. Best PG in the league, yes. But he’s still inconsistent and turnover prone from what I’ve seen so far this season. He’s getting too cute with the ball to amuse himself. Needs to take a page out of JKidd’s book and just stick to basics.

  • CelticsKid34

    You guys are retarded. tellin people “oh Rondo is lazy on defense, he is lazy bringing up the ball” blah blah blah the only person you can blame for that is Doc. Rondo is averaging the most minutes per game. il give each of you a year of conditioning and you couldnt even walk 24 minutes in Rondo’s shoes so shut up.Rondo’s game is such a complete and perfect package. heres why. when you get a new guy on your team fresh from draft night, what is the first thing you want him to do?… shoot, you want him to shoot consistently and be reliable on offense. well Rondo has found a way to have consistent offense but still hasnt developed his jumpshot. Rondo’s game will not only last but he will continue to get better this year and years to come.

    • Drew

      You act as if we are begging Doc to put US in the game for Rondo because of our complaints. That’s what fans do, we complain. Pulling the “you guys couldn’t do it” card is ridiculous.

  • Chulinho

    What I’m gathering from these comments: Rondo fills the stat sheet and produces overrated numbers, but his effort has been lackluster for someone that’s supposed to lead the team to a title.

    You all are entertaining.

    • TommyPoints

      I can’t believe there are as many critics as there are on a website that is supposed to be home of the biggest Celtics supporters. Rondo is without question the best PG in the league and already has been. The man will contine to get better and he resembles everything you would want in a PG. What he is able to achieve at his height and his weight are almost unfathomable. The biggest reason he should be considered for an MVP candidate is because he plays the most make or break position in the game of Basketball;PG. Nevermind the numbers he puts up, but at his position those numbers are incredibly revered and there is no doubt that the team is now his and we can only hope he will take on this leadership role with maturity. If he does and he continues to put up big numbers, do his job, and hopefully lead us towards the direction of a championship there is NO WAY you couldn’t consider him for a TOP MVP candidate….big deal if he can’t shoot free-throws..Wilt Chamberlain used to shoot them like a fairy and he was still looked upon like a god. Rondo does everything you could ask him for and more. HE’S A MUTANT!

      • Drew

        You aren’t understanding how the MVP voting works. Either you put up MONSTER numbers, or you don’t win MVP. Voters could care less about a guy leading his team. It’s just the way it is.

        • Jim

          Yo can keep MVP awards, it’s titles we want. Anyone know who the last PG was who won an MVP award ?

          • TommyPoints

            The last PG to ever win was D-Rose during the 2010-11 season and before that it was Nash back in ’05-’06 and ’04-’05. I understand the credentials most MVP candidates need but in this case numbers are deceiving and it shouldn’t be a case of “numbers don’t lie.” The whole concept of MVP I suppose would leave the window open for discrepencies in who is chosen because many players standout as the most valued for their teams. All I know is without Rondo I would not want to imagine what this team would be like…Rondo’s game is flawed like anyone else’s in some way, but I find it baffling how even some could argue that he doesn’t deserve to be included in the race for MVP…I agree though..F MVP’s let’s capture TITLES!!!