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Recap: Bench powers Celtics to win over Jazz

What a game. So much to discuss…

The Celtics beat the Jazz, 98-93, thanks to a mammoth effort from their bench. Led by Jeff Green (16 points) and Leandro Barbosa (16 points), the Celtics second unit pumped out 47 points.

The highlight of the night was Green’s monster dunk in the face of Al Jefferson. Go ahead and watch the video, repeatedly. The mild mannered Green was also T’d up for taunting. It was a beautiful sight.

Barbosa played the entire 4th quarter because Rajon Rondo (6 points, 10 assists) turned his ankle (video here) in the 3rd quarter. He limped into the locker room, but returned to the bench. According to WEEI’s Mike Petraglia, Rondo walked through the locker room after the game without tape or swelling on his ankle. He’s day-to-day, according to Celtics PR.

The Jazz absolutely demolished the Celtics on the boards (48-33). Utah had 19 offensive rebounds. They nearly got double-doubles from all three of their studs: Paul Milsap (20 pts, 12 rebounds), Jefferson (13 pts, 14 reb) and Derrick Favors (14 pts, 9 reb).

Despite wilting on the glass for much of the night, the Celtics cranked up the defense and rebounding in crunch time. They held Utah scoreless over the final 1:55, giving up only one offensive rebound.

Doc Rivers managed the minutes of Paul Pierce (13 minutes) and Kevin Garnett (12 minutes) in the 1st half and it paid off in the second half. Pierce dropped 13 of his 23 points in the third quarter. KG had 7 points and 6 rebounds while playing the ENTIRE 4th quarter.

Props to Chris Wilcox for his 7 points in 18 high energy minutes. If my memory is correct, he had two follow-up dunks and another on an alley-oop.

Jason Terry took one shot in 22 minutes. So much for my prediction that he would take advantage of Gordon Hayward.

Box score

Check out this spectacular photo of Green’s dunk. How about that expression on Jared Sullinger’s face?

And here’s the GIF…

GIF: Jeff Green Dunk on Al Jefferson (Angle 1)

courtesy Jose3030

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  • Weird game. Obviously they got destroyed on the glass, but the C’s were tough when they had to be. The bench showed up big-time too, and Green’s dunk was the best play since Avery made DWade eat a basketball. If this team truely comes together and defends like we’re used to seeing, the sky is the limit.

    Utah is a helluva team, most every guy that plays is tough- including Hayward. I feel good about this win except for the rebounding. For awhile there Milsap & Al & Cousins were simply doing whatever they wanted (Bass is gonna see Milsap in his dreams tonite and they wont be pleasant). Hopefully Rondo isn’t too bad. Barbarosa was fun to watch- Ihe’s getting comfortable out there and actually made a couple of nice passes too. Go C’s!

  • JimmyG

    The Jazz are a scrappy team who hung around. It’s not just that the Celtics won, but they preserved a lot of energy for their starters – something that could make a world of difference considering we’re playing a decent division rival in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Great game for Green (sorry for the alliteration), I don’t think this will be the last time he has a game like this. Several times tonight he was the focal point of the offense and he shined in the role. It’s hard not to feel optimistic after an effort like that.

  • Wels Catfish

    Hayward’s combination of length and quickness really bothered Terry, and he just didn’t seem comfortable shooting.

    Our defensive rebounding really fell off a cliff tonight. Granted it’s the Jazz, but wow. It’s amazing that between that and the free throws (just handing points out to Favors) we still won.

  • kweir

    if rebounding was bad tonight, tomorrow will be no better. kris humphries is a rebounding animal, not to mention brook lopez. pretty big and athletic. celtics will have their hands full. if avery was playing, i would let rondo rest, but not sure against deton williams and his back up from the bulls.

    • Mase

      Lopez can’t rebound…

  • Greeninla

    I like mean Jeff Green.

    • Drew

      You have to create a new word for how bad the Celtics were out rebounded tonight. No word in The English language does justice to what that team did to us tonight. I’d love to see a stat that lists a win/loss record when a team gets out rebounded by 15 or more. Can anyone here do that?

  • Michael

    Given enough energy, KG will always perform well at the fourth quarter. Pray for Rondo!

  • eddysamson

    I think Wilcox actually had 2 alley-oops and 1 putback

  • How about “Repounded?” As in, “The Celtics were repounded tonight, battered again and again on the glass by the Utah Jazz.”

  • Aaron

    Who gives a shit. We won and Jeff green put his nuts on big ALS chin. I will take two wins over bad rebounding

  • Aaron…the post was in response to Drew’s post about developing a new word for being grossly outrebounded. I thought his idea was pretty hilarious. But, I agree, the C’s winning is all that matters here. Win ugly…lose the boards…NBA’s best point guard rolls an ankle…a W is a W. The C’s are going to be a great team this year. Caaaan’t Wait!

    • Drew

      The point is that The Jazz failed to capitalize off all those rebounds. A good team would have buried us with all of those rebounds. That HAS TO scare a knowledgable fan. You CAN’T be level headed and pretend that you are okay with “the win.”

  • And BTW…it’s THREE wins. Go C’s!

  • Drew

    OG MY GOD Redsarmy. PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEE do an article where Ray Allen gets SHOOK by Jamal Crawford late in the 4th quarter of the Heat/Clippers game.

    • Gil305

      I second this request. Jamal had him on skates somethin’ awful last night.

  • michael

    That truly is a spectacular photo! Is that Favors next to Sully? Uncle Jeff single-handedly took on one of the strongest front courts in the game, all at the same time.

    He must be pissed that I still want to trade him for Terrence Jones… whatever gets him angry works for me!

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