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Celtics send Joseph, Melo, to Maine

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 14, 2012 Celtics News 8 Comments on Celtics send Joseph, Melo, to Maine

In an absolutely expected move, the Boston Celtics have assigned Kris Joseph and Fab Melo to the Maine Red Claws.

Despite what some people may have said about Fab Melo, there was never any doubt that he was destined for an extended stay in Portland.  He has some good instincts when it comes to anticipating and blocking shots, but he’s definitely a project that needs a lot of work.  He’s a lump of coal… and the C’s hope the Red Claws can start cutting it into something resembling a diamond.

Joseph is further along than Melo.  He had a pretty good summer league and he’s shown flashes of NBA-readiness in a couple of pre-season stretches.

I’d expect Melo to struggle some, even in Maine, but Joseph might just put up some numbers.  Both are there to learn, but Melo needs to be taught a lot more.  He needs to be molded.  Joseph needs to play ball and keep those skills sharp.  He’ll get plenty of minutes in Maine to do that.

One note:  Their assignments to Maine do not open up roster spots.  The NBA works differently than baseball.  So if you’re hoping the C’s can pick up a player or two to replace these guys, forget it.  The Celtics roster stands at 15 regardless of where these guys play.  If you are pining for another player, you have to figure out who gets cut first before the Celtics can add anyone.

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  • eddysamson

    I knew Fab was going, kinda surprised on Joseph ONLY because our weakest spot on the bench is the 3…its solely on JG. What if PP or JG is injured? Even if its just for a week or 2 we will be stuck with 3 guards on the floor at times I’m sure.

    I have no doubt KJ is going to put up good numbers, though. He seems good and may very well take over for PP in a few years if he sticks around as PP is his idol!

    • JBcelticsFan

      Even if PP of JG get hurt(God forbid) the Celtics can just bring back up Kris Joseph, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Correct.there’s no limit to bringing a player up and down

        • eddysamson

          Ahhh good to know, thanks!

        • KY Celts fan

          There isn’t? I thought it was a limit of three times within a season?

          • KY Celts fan

            Alright, a little research answered the question. It used to be that players could not be sent to the D-League more than three times in a season. However, that changed at the start of the current season. Now, any player with three years or less NBA experience can be sent down an unlimited number of times. Players with more than three years experience can be sent down, but only with that player’s consent. Knowledged!

  • CelticsKid34

    im gonna start watching all of the red claw games now because i want to watch Melo develope… ahahah anyone see that Royce white was put in the D-League.. good thing the rockets picked him before we did!

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