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Caption contest: Doc Rivers gets overly excited

This picture surfaced on Twitter a few days ago… and I just had to throw it to our readers.

“The Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni?”

(via YourManDevine)

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  • Marc Henderson


  • Curt

    I didn’t think Docs could write their own prescriptions.

  • screaming jay

    Doc: “The Lakers hired D’Antoni? Now, THAT’S a boner!”

  • terlo

    “oh.. nickerboxers..”

  • mzdreamcakes

    “I can do the Kobe Death Stare! “

  • Joe

    Doc Rivers watching Coach’s Porn!

    • Mark, I had heard they should have been out last Friday, but they still are not ptesod. The admin preview ought to be out this week as well. We’ll all keep watching. (I did try modifying the Summer 07 URLs to get at it if they just hadn’t ptesod links yet, but unfortunately, that didn’t work.)

  • RedsLoveChild


    Was this a morning shoot-around?

  • Mikey

    “And 1!”

  • KY Celts fan

    This is what happens when practice for the Celtics dancers runs over.

  • Luis_Eswar

    “Wow, look at those tight shorts’ – Doc referring to Bradley in old school Celtics in practice